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The Really Big Show 2016 starting JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS - Big Brothers Big Sisters of FSW

Saturday, November 5, 2016
The Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, New York
Join us for an evening of music, humor and dazzling entertainment to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Family Services of Westchester in the spirit of the variety shows of the sixties!

Christina Bianco, Brandon "Taz" Niederauer of Broadway's "School of Rock", George Porter Jr., The 3 Painters, Carrissa Blu, Candace Benson, Talina Toscano, Kat Pace, Jazz House Kids and more!
Be Part of Something Big
Big Brothers Big Sisters is guided by the principle that every child carries an inherent ability to succeed and thrive in life. For more than 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has served as the nation's oldest and largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network. Big Brothers Big Sisters makes meaningful matches between adult volunteers ("bigs") and children ("littles"). We provide at-risk children with strong, positive and enduring one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. Family Services of Westchester (FSW), the umbrella organization, offers a broad range of mental health and social services throughout Westchester County including adoption and foster care, Head Start and Pre-K programs, social support for the elderly and assistance to veterans.

JOAN JETT 2016 09-22 Tampa Florida - Joan's Birthday Show

JOAN JETT & The Blacjerats Live on 2016 09-22 in Tampa Florida -at The MidFlorida Amphitheater - Joan's Birthday Show

See Joan's Surprise 13:51

JOAN JETT's 1988 Song is Perfect for 2016 Orioles Fans
low resolution image Not Enlargeable One of the more heralded Orioles fans in the rock and roll world is Rockville native JOAN JETT. She made no secret of her loyalty a few years ago when she revealed how she would check her iPhone for scores while performing a concert during an Orioles' playoff push. She's performed the National Anthem and proudly cheered from the stands during games -- in the regular season and playoffs, alike -- in the 1980s and '90s.

One of her big hits “I Hate Myself For Loving You," could also double as an anthem for fellow Orioles fans as they try to make sense of the team's dive in the A.L. East standings while they try to salvage the finale of a key four-game home series with the division-leading Red Sox tonight. Any jilted lover can relate to the frustration.

... “I hate myself for loving you. Can't break free from the things that you do. I wanna walk but I run back to you. That's why I hate myself for loving you."

The 1988 hit -- ironically released the same season the Orioles got off to their infamous 0-21 start -- has applied to Orioles fans in more ways than just this week's stumbles:

The heartbreak of the Cinderella O's falling oh-so-short of the playoffs in the 1989 season when they challenged the Blue Jays right to the end. ... The wire-to-wire 1997 A.L. East champions that were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs. ... The 14 consecutive losing seasons that began in 1998. ... Getting swept out of the 2014 postseason by the Royals in four games -- three were by one run, and the other was lost in extra innings -- after the team's first division title in 17 years while they were without the services of the suspended Chris Davis and the injured Manny Machado.

... “I'm over being angry 'bout the hell you put me through. Hey, man, bet you can treat me right." ...

They Orioles have spent more time this season in first place than out of it, and this week's disappointment with the Red Sox -- and their many, many fans in attendance -- doesn't even come close on the “collapse" scale that we all suffered through in 2005.

Remember that one? A couple of the old gang from the success of the '90s were back in B.J. Surhoff and Rafael Palmeiro, and they bolstered the lineup that already had Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Sammy Sosa, and Javy Lopez to support a couple promising pitchers in Erik Bedard, Daniel Cabrera and Sidney Ponson. Everything looked wonderful about halfway through the season: The losing streak was only at seven seasons and the Orioles were sitting at 41-27 on June 19 and were enjoying a three-game lead. They were unseated at the top and fell back to the pack, but trailed by just a game or so when Palmeiro collected his 3,000th career hit on July 15.

That game, a 6-3 road win in Seattle was the beginning of the end, though, as the Orioles then proceeded to lose a dizzying 16 of their next 18 games. By the time it was over, they were 10 ½ game back. They staggered to the end of the season and finished at 74-88 and in fourth place, 21 games off the pace.

And the losing streak was just the least of their worries. About halfway through the slump, on Aug. 1, it was announced that a PED test was administered on Palmeiro, the slugger had come back “dirty," and he was suspended. No one knew what to think of the Orioles anymore, and their loyalties were shaken with the memories of Palmeiro and Sosa proclaiming their integrity before Congress just a few months earlier.

Happy 58th Birthday, JOAN JETT! Celebrate With Our Top 5 Favorite Songs From Her!
low resolution image Not Enlargeable 5. "Do You Want To Touch Me?"
We'll kick off the list with Joan's 1973 classic "Do You Want To Touch Me?" The song strays away from Joan's badass look and sways to a sexier side of the rock n' roller. The song's meaning sort of speaks for itself, so we'll go ahead and let you interpret it on your own, but this tune is for sure one of Ms. Jett's classics, and does an excellent job of showcasing both sides of her image and reputation.

4. "Cherry Bomb"
Originally written in 1976 when she was with The RUNAWAYS, Joan later rerecorded the song with the BLACKHEARTS in 1984 and included it on their album Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth. "Cherry Bomb" has become a benchmark song in rock n' roll history as it was one of 'the first punk/hard rock n' roll songs written and performed by an all girl band. It is one of Jett's signature songs, and this list would be complete without it!

3. "I Hate Myself For Loving You"
Another song Jett recorded with the BLACKHEARTS was this 1988 gem. Keeping with Joan's rugged badass theme, the song details the events of falling in love with someone who you had no intentions of ever being with. Not a lot of people know this, but Jett and the BLACKHEARTS received a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Performance by a Group for this song! A rendition of "I Hate Myself For Loving You" was used as the theme for NBC's Sunday Night Football up until the 2016-17 NFL season. P!nk was the original performer of the song, but after a year she was replaced by Faith Hill, who was then replaced by Carrie Underwood in 2013. The song lyrics were changed from "I hate myself for loving you" to "I've been waiting all day for Sunday night."

2. "Bad Reputation"
If one thing's for sure, JOAN JETT does not give a damn about her bad reputation. She wanted people to realize this so much, that she wrote an entire song about it, and the song became one of her biggest hits ever. The tune shows off the edgy side of the rock n' roll queen. It's fast-paced, gritty and straight-up badass! We've come to realize sonething about this tune, however. It is literally impossible to listen to without head banging. And if you're in the car, it's impossible not to listen to this with the windows rolled all the way down, pedal to the floor and this song blaring on the stereo! It would be a crime against humanity not to mention this song on our list!

1. "I Love Rock N' Roll"
Yes, we know this is a cover of an Arrows song. But, do you really think this list would be legitimate at all without this song sitting at #1 or 2? Exactly. JOAN JETT's cover of this song is the reason we do what we do. We love rock n' roll, and JOAN JETT makes the world know she does as well with this tune. It's an anthem, a love letter to the genre that has given us so many legends including Jett herself, and it's almost impossible to go to a karaoke bar and not hear this song performed by a drunk person at least once during the night.

low resolution image Not Enlargeable If there was anything to come away with from last weekend's Heart/JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS/Cheap Trick triple bill out at Jiffy Lube Live (other than they raised the damn beer prices again), it's that the heart of rock and roll is still alive and well and beating hard in three bands who were all FM radio darlings of the 70's and 80's. One thing that connects them is they were all recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame (Heart in 2013, and the other two last year), thus the cute "Rock Hall Three For All" label on the tour.

But the more deep-seeded connection is that when all is said and done, when these bands are long gone, they'll say that all three always delivered damn good rock and roll music. They may have different modes of delivery for said R & R, but this common thread was never more evident on this balmy yet comfortable late summer evening. From the first chords of Cheap Trick's opening song "Hello There" ("Hello there ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rock?") to the last notes of Heart's epic cover of the rock-anthem-to-beat-all-rock anthems, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven," good ol' rock and roll was the name of the game on this night, and all three bands came, saw and conquered because they fell right into the rock and roll wheelhouse that has kept each of them going for decades.

If anyone has a standard rock and roll type repertoire, it's opener Cheap Trick, and their set was rife with classic rock riffs, lyrics and postures. Amidst a couple of their 80's power ballads like "Tonight It's You" and "The Flame" and a cool Velvet Underground cover, the Illinois-bred band steamed through a short set comprised mostly of true hard rockers, from the short "Hello There" opener to "Baby Loves To Rock" to their live Budokan staple "I Want You To Want Me" to their ode to teen survival, "Surrender." Between the textbook rock posing (complete with top hat) from lead singer Robin Zander, to the wild guitar God persona of Rick Nielsen, Cheap Trick reminded us why legendary Beatles' producer George Martin produced one of their early 80's records: because he knows what good old fashioned rock and roll sounds like. And when these guys really get down to it, even decades in, they can still hang with alot of great rock and roll bands.

As for JOAN JETT, she has proudly carried the tattered rock and roll flag ever since her early days with groundbreaking all-girl band The RUNAWAYS, and so many shows later, she and her BLACKHEARTS haven't really missed a beat. Her strong set would have been just as good, or maybe better, in a dark, beer-soaked basement rock club, but it was still cool to see her still get down and dirty even with high-tech screens and high-end lighting blaring around her four-piece rock and roll steam engine. And rock she did, through a swath of her biggest hits, pounding through pump-your-fist tunes like (what else) "I Love Rock and Roll," "I Hate Myself For Loving You," "Do You Wanna Touch" and her popular cover of Tommy James' "Crimson and Clover." The pinnacle was the Bruce Springsteen-penned "Light Of Day" which roared good and loud amidst clips of the film of the same name that Jett and Michael J. Fox starred in 1987. Jett finally got her just due with her recent HOF induction, but to see her play such a formidable and solid set 40-plus years after her RUNAWAYS blasted into the picture was a testimony to her status as a true rocker.

Headlining the night was Heart, and after a long and sometimes meandering career since their heyday, the Wilson sisters and company showed up and delivered an excellent rock and roll power punch to close the night. In a set that also featured 80's power ditties ("These Dreams", "Alone" and "What About Love" had women throughout singing aloud), Heart churned more than admirably through some of their biggest radio rockers like "Barracuda," "Even It Up," "Magic Man," and an especially good "Crazy On You" preceded by Nancy's stellar acoustic intro. Ann's vocals were even stronger than expected and she impressed throughout the set, and Nancy looked and played as delicious as ever handling her various axes. But their lasting rock and roll brand was never more evident than in the encore, when the world's greatest Zeppelin cover band rolled an impressive finishing double shot of "Immigrant Song" and "Stairway to Heaven." Not a bad twofer to end with.

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Tickets on sale: Friday, September 16th at 10:00am
Vets Rock 2016 with performances by Dropkick Murphys, Godsmack, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS and Madison Rising with Master of Ceremonies, Tony Orlando

Come celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th at Mohegan Sun with a day for our veterans and a night of rockin' entertainment. At Vets Rock 2016, veterans can take advantage of daytime activities exclusively for them, then join us all as we rock out with a night of performances by Dropkick Murphys, Godsmack and Madison Rising, all hosted by Master of Ceremonies, Tony Orlando.

Review: Heart, JOAN JETT and Cheap Trick tour is absolute perfection
low resolution image Not Enlargeable The Rock Hall Three for All tour featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Heart, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS and Cheap Trick rolled into Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, VA on Sept. 11 with spectacular performances by all three bands. Cheap Trick kicked off the party thrilling fans with some deep cuts as well as all the hits folks know and love so well. "California Man." "Dream Police" and "I Want You To Want Me" had everyone off their feet and dancing along. During "Surrender" people erupted with delight. The enthusiasm of the band was contagious and they guys really got people rocking. Time hasn't touched lead singer Robin Zander, he still looks and sounds great.

JOAN JETT took the stage next and blew everyone away. What a treat it was to hear her sing "Bad Reputation" "Do You Want To Touch" and "Cherry Bomb" live. Her set was pure rock and roll at its finest. Joan certainly seemed like she was having a good time as well, shimmying to and joking with the crowd. The songs "I Love Rock & Roll" and "I Hate Myself For Loving You" had fans at Jiffy Lube Live singing at the top of their lungs. There was a palpable joyousness to her performance. Her energy on stage is undeniableâ€"a true talent indeed.

Just when fans thought things couldn't possibly get any better, Heart took the stage and delivered an extraordinarily powerful performance. Once hearing the fantastic renditions of "Wild Child," "What About Love" and "Even It Up," fans quickly realized it was going to be a very special night. "Magic Man," "Straight On" and "Kick It Out" completely cranked. The ladies also played "Beautiful Broken," the title track off their new album. Ann spoke of how the song was written about a friend who she described as a fabulous disaster, because even though she was beautifully put together on the outside, in her head, this person was broken. Ann sang tenderly sweet rendition of "Alone" and Nancy jammed on her guitar during "Crazy On You." To close down this phenomenal night of music Heart played "The Immigrant Song" and "Stairway To Heaven, doing justice to those Led Zeppelin classics as only they can.

The Rock Hall Three for All tour continues throughout the fall. This tour should not be missed. A complete list of tour dates and ticket information is available here. VIP packages are also available. Visit the Jiffy Lube Live event calendar to check out upcoming concerts.

JOAN JETT 9/8/16: 10 - I Love Rock'N'Roll - SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY

JOAN JETT playing benefit at the Cap after Heart/Cheap Trick tour
JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS are currently on tour with Heart and Cheap Trick, hitting NJ's PNC Bank Arts Center on Saturday (9/10) (tickets) and continuing for another two weeks. (If you haven't, read our review of the Bethel Woods show.) After that tour, Joan has a couple other appearances scheduled.

One is a return to the NYC-area for a benefit show on November 5 at the Capitol Theatre. The show benefits the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Family Services of Westchester and also features Christina Bianco, George Porter Jr., Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, and more to be announced. Since it's a benefit show, tickets are pretty expensive, starting at $125. The other is the Melissa Etheridge Cruise, which sets sail from Key West. All dates are listed below.

Sep 10 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ*^
Sep 11 Jiffy Lube Live Bristow, VA*^
Sep 13 Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater at Virginia Beach Virginia Beach, VA*^
Sep 14 Walnut Creek Amphitheatre Raleigh, NC*^
Sep 16 PNC MUSIC PAVILLION Charlotte, NC*^
Sep 17 Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood Atlanta, GA*^
Sep 19 Ascend Amphitheatre Nashville, TN*^
Sep 20 Oak Mountain Amphitheatre Pelham, AL*^
Sep 22 MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre at the FL State Fairgrounds Tampa, FL*^
Sep 23 Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre West Palm Beach, FL*^
Nov 01 Melissa Etheridge Cruise 2016 â€" Port Performance Key West, FL
Nov 05 Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Family Services of Westchester benefit)
^* â€" w/ Cheap Trick and Heart

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Live - I hate myself for loving you - The Woodlands, TX 8-19-16

Billie Joe Armstrong-Led Movie Gets Title Change + Release Date
low resolution image Not Enlargeable Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstrong is a "geezer" no more! The rocker, who has expanded his acting credits in recent years, was set to take on the lead role in a film that has been called Geezer for much of the past year, but now has a new title -- Ordinary World -- and a fresh release date -- Oct. 14.

Though Armstrong has made guest appearances on TV shows and turned up on the big screen, Ordinary World will mark the first time he's been the lead in a film. According to Deadline, he appears as Perry, an aging former punk rocker turned family man who gets the bug to revisit his youthful passion when his brother (Chris Messina) gives him the money to throw a huge 40th birthday rockstar bash to help get his past out of his system. But the experience allows Perry's punk past to clash with his current middle-age reality. The Lee Kirk-directed film also stars Judy Greer, Selma Blair, Dallas Roberts, Fred Armisen, Brian Baumgartner and Kevin Corrigan and includes music by Billie Joe Armstrong as well.

The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April, with Armstrong playing a post-screening concert with special guest JOAN JETT. As for the October release, it will be a "day-and-date" release, meaning that the movie will be available from retailers and in select theaters on the same day (Oct. 14).

Armstrong's past movie credits include the Judd Apatow film This Is 40 and the Leighton Meester-starring Like Sunday, Like Rain. He also had a multi-episode stint on the Showtime series Nurse Jackie.

Billie Joe will also get back to music this fall, as Green Day's latest album, Revolution Radio, is set to drop Oct. 7 via Reprise Records. It should also be noted that a song called "Ordinary World" is the closing track on the upcoming disc.

Seattle Stop for Rock Hall for Three Tour with Heart, JOAN JETT and Cheap Trick
low resolution image Not Enlargeable Last Friday night, August 26, 2016, Heart came home to the Seattle area to perform on their Rock Hall for Three tour with guests, JOAN JETT and Cheap Trick. Some fans showed up earlier for meet and greets with the bands whilst others wanted to secure their spot in line so as to not miss the start of the first set of the night, Cheap Trick.

As the sun started to slowly shift toward setting, Cheap Trick took to the stage and started the show off with "Hello There". Robin Zander took to the stage in a lightly colored suit, cut up white t-shirt and a feathered hat. Rick Nielsen, a black suit, sunglasess and signature baseball cap. Tom Petersson was the only hold out to dawn blue jeans, a button up top, hat and sunglasses. One mic stand was completely covered in multiple rows of brightly colored custom guitar picks. Fans on the main floor who've seen the band perform live before knew to gather quickly down in front as it was guitarist Rick Nielsen's mic stand and he throws picks out to the fans by the handfuls. This time was no different. The band performed many of their smash hits and interacted with audience members. The end of their set was met with some Seattle flair as Mike McCready (guitarist, Pearl Jam) took to the stage to perform the last two songs of Cheap Tricks set, "Surrender" and "Goodnight".

JOAN JETT took to the stage in a shimmering, bright red body suit. Jett started her set off with one of the crowd favorites "Bad Reputation". The crowd quickly jumped to their feet and remained up throughout her set. Time has not changed this rocker away from her roots of going against the norm or playing great rock n roll. She played many of her hits, but also stopped for a moment and talked about a few heartfelt things, one was Hurricane Sandy. About the devastation it caused and how it changed where she'd spent so much time, Long Beach. Jett then went on to continue the rest of her set. Her set ended with "Everyday People".

The show of the night no doubt was one of Seattle's most beloved bands, Heart. Growing up on Heart I got exposed to some of the most amazing rock music and powerhouse vocals in my childhood years and as a teen and adult I try to never miss a live Heart show I am near. This band is undeniably in the elite group of most influential rock bands and with the pipes of vocalist and front woman Anne Wilson it will always remain there.

As Heart took to the stage with "Wild Child" even myself, a seasoned professional photographer and writer, had to fight back the urge to go into full fan mode in order to start shooting and keep shooting the show. As Anne Wilson looked over the edge of the stage during "Magic Man" and made momentary eye contact with a few of us photographers who were singing along while shooting, I do admit that I had to pause momentarily to take it all in. You simply can't be in their presence and not do it. Even my job has the some surreal fan moments when shooting a band you've been a lifetime fan of. With that said, the show was packed with a few great surprises. Not only did we have the powerhouse Heart performing at their always amazing level, at one point in the show Anne Wilson invited Cheap Trick up on stage to perform with them. Watching Anne and Robin singing along with each other to "Love Hurts" whilst Nancy and Rick teamed up on guitar and of course Tom on bass with Heart bassist Dan Rothchild was an awesome moment.

When you thought you'd seen the big surprise of the night, oh no, Heart waits until "Crazy On You" to invite Mike McCready (guitarist, Pearl Jam) to come out and jam with them. So not only did fans get a triple dose of legendary Hall of Fame bands on this lineup, but a double dose of legends on the stage to include Hall of Famers and Seattle legends too! You never know who's going to show up at a Heart show in Seattle! They wrapped the show up with their awesome Led Zeppelin cover of "Stairway to Heaven". This was an amazing show! I have to tell you, as a music lover myself, if you've never seen Heart before, you simply must. If you have, keep seeing them. It's never the same performance so you will enjoy every show and you will never get a bad performance from them.

Review: Heart shows all that glitters is gold at end of Rock Hall Three For All
low resolution image Not Enlargeable Every once in a while, there is an opportunity that pops up in front of you and you must immediately say yes to it. Details such as when and where really don't matter when a golden moment appears before you. It's time for a command decision and you need to just go with it.

This is where I found myself when asked whether I wanted to head on out to the White River Amphitheatre and cover what was billed as the "Rock Hall Three-For-All" tour.

The lineup was an absolute scorcher. Heart, Cheap Trick and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS were coming to the area and not only was each band a fixture within my own musical foundation, but surprisingly enough they were acts that I had never witnessed live and in person. When it was all said and done, I would leave the event a changed man and absolutely fulfilled.

At the moment I am having difficulty remembering the last time I ever saw three bands take the stage and bring it the way it went down on Friday, Aug. 26. Not only did each act hold up to their legendary status as performers, but it was genuinely inspiring to see these musicians exude so much love for their fans and deliver so much energy as they entered the final month of a long national tour together.

With a 6:30 p.m. start time for the show, it was going to take a bit of magic to get out to White River and catch the beginning of Cheap Trick's opening set. In retrospect, taking the courtesy buses out of Auburn was probably not a solid idea, as the ride took over an hour to cover a distance of probably 10 miles. Following the sweltering yellow school bus ride, we hit the pavement to hear the sounds of Cheap Trick's regular opener "Hello There." My heart began to pound a little stronger with anticipation and I couldn't have been more relieved knowing that my wife Jolene and I hadn't missed much of the show at all.

Cheap Trick's "Live at Budokon" was among a suitcase full of cassettes that my brother left with me when he headed off for the Marine Corps. I played it to death and without really knowing anything about them at the age of seven, I was a fan. Who knew that it would take around 35 years for me to actually see them live?
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