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APMAs Blackstar Artist Lounge: JOAN JETT and Laura Jane Grace interview
from: Alternative Press

Roger Daltrey & JOAN JETT - Summertime Blues - Kimmel Center, Philadelphia 7/28/14

A Concert For Teen Cancer America, to benefit The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Verizon Hall, Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA, July 28, 2014.

JOAN JETT rocks the N.J. Festival of Ballooning in Hunterdon

low resolution image Not Enlargeable READINGTON TWP. -- JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS took the stage this afternoon as the final big act of this year's QuickChek N.J. Festival of Ballooning. The hard rocker has been called "The Godmother of Punk," and her most famous hit is "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."

She opened with her 1980 number "Bad Reputation," and told an appreciative audience she is glad to be here and that she's from "just across the river" in New York.

The three-day festival takes place at Solberg Airport in Readington Township and features mass hot-air balloon ascensions at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. There are also rides and scores of vendor booths, whose wares include clothing, novelties, home improvements and food. Many manufacturers were there giving away free samples.

Jett flies high at balloon festival

READINGTON -- She helped turn the rock world upside down and now JOAN JETT will be taking it to new heights as she becomes the first female performer to headline the 32nd annual Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning.

The New Jersey Lottery presents JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS in association with NJ101.5 on Sunday at 3 p.m. Other festival headliners are America tonight, Hot Chelle Rae on Saturday and 3 Doors Down, also on Saturday.

"We're thrilled to have the dynamic JOAN JETT as our first female headliner," said Festival Executive Producer Howard Freeman. "Her music connects with our attendees, from the parents who grew up listening to her in the late ‘70s to their children who enjoy her music today across so many platforms."


Slash Joins JOAN JETT to Perform a 'Dirty' Rolling Stones Song at the Alternative Press Awards

JOAN JETT and Slash teamed up at the first annual Alternative Press Music Awards last night to perform the raunchy Rolling Stones classic 'Star Star' (also known as 'Starfâ€"er'). Earlier in the four and a half hour long show, each of these rock heroes also received lifetime achievement awards: Slash for being a guitar legend, Jett for being an all-around icon.

Another old-school star â€" Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry â€" turned up at the otherwise youth-dominated event to present Slash with his award. "He came up in a generation after mine," Perry said of his younger peer and current touring partner, "but he always had a great respect for the musicians who came on before him. To his own generation he became a superstar, and deservedly so. Now, to all generations he has become a model of great guitar playing and an icon in his own right."

Slash kept his acceptance speech brief, saying the award was "very humbling" and that he "didn't even know exactly what to say." He did manage to dryly note that this award "officially means I've been doing this for a long fâ€"ing time."

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! gave a touching tribute to Jett during her induction speech, remembering their first meeting as tour mates. "There she was, a total fâ€"ing legend, and she was hanging out with the rest of us Warped tour wannabes. She wasn't hidden on her bus, off limits and out of touch, she was real. And that translates into the music."

After lowing the microphone stand considerably ("I'm shrinking"), Jett noted that "it always shocks me to hear what people have to say about me, you a positive way. It's very humbling and virtually brings me to tears."

And then the two somewhat reluctant speech-givers got the chance to do what they really love. Jett performed scorching renditions of 'Bad Reputation' and 'Soulmates to Strangers' (the latter from her new 'Unvarnished' album). She then brought out the former Guns N' Roses star to help tackle the Stones' naughty 1973 groupie anthem (which she previously covered on her 1983 album named, whaddya know.... 'Album.')

For much more on the Alternative Press Music Awards â€" or as I call it, the night I realized I'm not a kid anymore â€" be sure to head over to Loudwire.

“Being the first is kind of dirty, and it’s great” - JOAN JETT accepts the Icon Award at the APMAs

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Monday night, at our inaugural APMAs, we presented the legendary JOAN JETT with our first-ever Icon Award. With a career spanning nearly four decades, first with The RUNAWAYS, then as a solo artist, and, subsequently, as part of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, Joan has truly earned the status of "icon," not just for her role in helping popularize punk in an uncompromising way, but also for her empowerment of women in music.

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace introduced Jett, delivering a heartfelt speech and recounting Joan's influence on her own musical upbringing.

"I cannot begin to express how honored I am to give this Icon Award, presented by Blackstar Amps, to one of my heroes: the one and only JOAN JETT," stated Grace, visibly giddy to be presenting.

"I was looking back through some old journals recently, and found an entry from 2006. My band was out on the Warped Tour, and so were JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS. I had just got done playing, and was sitting on the side of this trailer stage, covered in sweat, panting and out of breath. Joan walks up and asks if I need a can of water. 'Holy fucking shit, JOAN JETT is so cool,' I wrote down in my journal that night. There she was, a total fucking legend, and she was hanging out with the rest of us Warped Tour wannabes. She wasn’t hidden on her bus, off limits and out of touch. She was real, and that translates into the music. As a parent of a four year old little girl who wants to be a drummer when she grows up, I can’t think Joan enough for the path that she cleared through rock and roll, refusing to recognize any pre-established gender roles."

Grace continued, "She didn’t knock on the door and ask to be let into the boy’s club; she kicked the fucking door down, and she did so with a [Gibson] double cutaway. But it’s not about gender, it’s the sound; that four on the floor rawness, the shred of her guitar, and the growl in her voice. The sound is androgynous, and it’s so right on. She doesn’t need me to tell you who she is: she’s Joan fucking Jett, and this [award] is for her."


15 female icons of the New Wave era: Go-Go's, JOAN JETT

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Before the Go-Go's made their way to No. 1 on Billboard's album chart with "Beauty and the Beat" in 1982, no group made up entirely of women writing their own songs and playing their own instruments had ever topped that chart. But those were revolutionary times for female artists, then playing a pivotal role in the changing of the guard that was the New Wave era.

Here's a look back at a handful of the more iconic female artists of that era, from the Go-Go's to the great Pretender, Chrissie Hynde.

Chrissie Hynde
Whether talking tough on "Tattooed Love Boys," laying out her plans for world domination on the sexy "Brass in Pocket" or turning surprisingly tender on the wistful "Kid," Hynde's vocals on that first Pretenders' album more than made good on her vow to make you notice. Even Madonna was paying attention, telling Q, the British music mag, "I thought, 'Yeah, she's got balls. It gave me courage, inspiration, to see a woman with that kind of confidence in a man's world." By the time they'd dropped their next big single three years later, a bittersweet rocker called "Back on the Chain Gang," the Pretenders had lost two key members - guitarist James Honeyman-Scott and bassist Pete Farndon - to drug-related deaths. But Hynde would soldier on without them, changing members frequently, which founding member Martin Chambers says has helped them keep the sound fresh through a 30-year career that's spawned such classic hits as "Brass in Pocket," "Middle of the Road" and "Show Me."

Debbie Harry
Early ads insisted "Blondie is a group." But it was kind of hard to focus on the other members of the group with Debbie Harry out front purring "One way or another, I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna gitcha, gitcha, gitcha, gitcha." Having come up through the CBGB punk scene, Harry had to have been voted Girl Most Likely to Succeed in that class. And she did, producing four chart-topping singles in a two-year winning streak - the disco-flavored "Heart of Glass" and "Call Me," an upbeat cover of an old rocksteady song, "The Tide is High" and hip-hop's first chart-topping single, "Rapture."

Patti Smith
If Debbie Harry brought the old-school sex appeal to CBGB's gritty underworld, Patti Smith brought the brainy bohemian flavor to the party. Having made the punk explosion safe for Baudelaire and Burroughs with "Horses," one of rock and roll's most striking first acts ever, Smith enjoyed one brief flirtation with the pop charts after she co-wrote a song with Bruce Springsteen, the anthemic "Because the Night." But she's still out there raising hell, still sneering the opening line to the opening song of the album that made her a legend - "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" - at the helm of a band that still includes guitarist Lenny Kaye and drummer Jay Dee Daugherty, both of whom appear on "Horses."

Exene Cervenka
The queen of California punk was clearly closer to the Patti Smith side of the tracks than most, swapping vocals with bassist John Doe at the helm of X, whose classic first release "Los Angeles," brought rockabilly, cowpunk and Beat poetry together in a truly awe-inspiring slam dance. It starts with "Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not," the most impressive punk-rock imitation of an Eddie Cochran riff since the Sex Pistols called it a day, with Exene calling out some worthless man who won't pick up the phone. And she sounds even better on the Doors' "Soul Kitchen," declaring "I wouldn't want to stay here all night" with a yelp of conviction.


JOAN JETT receives the AP Icon Award, presented by Laura Jane Grace
from: Alternative Press

Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! introduces AP Icon Award recipient, the legendary JOAN JETT. Watch Jett's award acceptance speech.

AP Music Awards enjoy stars above and on Voinovich Park behind Rock Hall

low resolution image Not Enlargeable CLEVELAND, Ohio -- No surprise, really, judging from the screams piercing the ears of those those who sweated on the red carpet at Monday's inaugural Alternative Press Music Awards: Fall Out Boy is the fan favorite.

The band from the suburbs of Chicago won the coveted artist of the year award at the ceremony held at Voinovich Park behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Ice-T has the rules for the inaugural AP Music Awards: Dance, keep the speeches short, hold up the award and buy his *&^%# album.

The actor-rapper was the "official'' security for the gig at Voinovich Park behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on a brilliant, sunlit afternoon that segued into a starlit night -- and his entry onto the stage, accompanied by his bulldogs and band Body Count, set a perfect, lighthearted tone for the evening. Oh, and his *&^%# was not the only one in a show peppered with language saucy enough to make a Marine blush, with an underline from his own rockin' performance later in the show.

It was an evening that began with a marathon red carpet, packed with screaming fans reminiscent of the Beatles' onslaught of Public Hall back in the '60s. And really, the comparison isn't that far afield.

Aerosmith's Joe Perry, who was one in line in that carpet, spoke about the continuity of rock.

"We all go back to Robert Johnson and the blues,'' Perry said. "They all learn from each other. We're only one link in the chain. It's all about playing live.

"It's primal, and it's in our DNA,'' he said.

Brendan Urie of Panic! at the Disco, dressed to kill in a gold jacket that would have been perfect for 1950s Vegas, delivered what host Mark Hoppus of blink-182, host of the event, said was a sample of why the 6,000 on the lawn should "expect the unexpected'': a medley of Frank Sinatra songs, accompanied by the Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra.


JOAN JETT teams with Roger Daltrey at the Kimmel to help fight teen cancer

low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS took the Stanislaus County Fair's Bud Light Free Variety Stage by storm Saturday night, driving people wild and also showing a little softer side.

Towards the beginning of the band's set, JOAN JETT addressed the crowd asking them, "I mentioned earlier we're from New York right?" talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and what it's like to see disaster at home instead of on the news.

When you see it on television you say, "Man I feel so terrible for those people," Jett explained. "But until you experience it you don't really know."

The crowd listened quietly to the rocker's meaningful words as she went onto explain the potential for rising after tragedy.

At first everyone is shell shocked she said, but then something turns in people and everyone is saying, "Let's get this going!"

Jett explained that when it comes down to it, we as people want to help each other, and that's what gives her chills.

The band then performed her dedication song to the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, "Make it Back."


JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Draw Masses, Fair-goers Love Rock 'N' Roll

low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS took the Stanislaus County Fair's Bud Light Free Variety Stage by storm Saturday night, driving people wild and also showing a little softer side.

Towards the beginning of the band's set, JOAN JETT addressed the crowd asking them, "I mentioned earlier we're from New York right?" talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and what it's like to see disaster at home instead of on the news.

When you see it on television you say, "Man I feel so terrible for those people," Jett explained. "But until you experience it you don't really know."

The crowd listened quietly to the rocker's meaningful words as she went onto explain the potential for rising after tragedy.

At first everyone is shell shocked she said, but then something turns in people and everyone is saying, "Let's get this going!"

Jett explained that when it comes down to it, we as people want to help each other, and that's what gives her chills.

The band then performed her dedication song to the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy, "Make it Back."


Journey announces Nashville show

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Journey's Jonathan Cain, a Nashville-area resident, will get to sleep in his own bed at least one night on the band's tour.

The multi-platinum-selling "Don't Stop Believin'" singers will headline Bridgestone Arena Sept. 12. JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS will open the show.

Journey, whose career has spanned five decades, has had 19 Top 40 songs and 25 gold and platinum albums.

"'Don't Stop Believin' has become this national anthem, world anthem," said guitarist Neal Schon in a statement. "It's really wild. If somebody plays it, no matter where, everybody sings it."

Tickets to Journey's Sept. 12 show at Bridgestone Arena go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, July 25, and can be purchased at, Bridgestone Arena's box office, all Ticketmaster locations or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

JOAN JETT visits Sacramento for charity, State Fair performance

Before taking the stage at Cal Expo Friday night, iconic rock star JOAN JETT made a stop at The Plum Café on K Street for an afternoon meet-and-greet benefit.

Jett, a vegetarian, was there for two hours to support Farm Animal Sanctuary, a group dedicated to the humane treatment of farm animals.

"I think they do great work," Jett said. "It's a unique niche".

Jett first learned of the group as she watched members of the sanctuary rescuing stranded cows and pigs during the 2008 Midwest floods. She makes trips to the New York sanctuary and now supports the efforts of the two California sanctuaries as well.

Fans of all ages at the benefit were more eager to talk music instead of animals and brought guitars and album covers to be signed while enjoying a vegetarian buffet.

Jett called the multi-generational fan base "beautiful" and said she's grateful for the support of so many fans for so many years.

"I'm not sure what that speaks to, maybe an independence that people sense in me. I fought my fight," Jett said. "The powers that be said, 'no, we're not ready for you' and I said, 'maybe you're not ready, but he public is ready for me.'"

Hundreds of fans made that clear Friday night at the Golden 1 stage of the California State Fair, where once again, Jett belted out the hits that keep her fans coming back for more.

JOAN JETT Greets Fans at Farm Sanctuary Benefit

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Fans queued outside The Plum Cafe Friday afternoon to meet rock and roll mega-star JOAN JETT. Jett hosted a benefit for Farm Sanctuary, a leading farm animal protection and rescue organization in America. While there, guests and supporters were able to enjoy a vegetarian buffet, as well as a meet and greet with the legendary musician.

News 10 had a chance to speak with Jett about her involvement with Farm Sanctuary. "I think what they do is good work -- it's a unique niche." Jett discovered the Sanctuary while they were on a rescue mission. "There was terrible flooding on the Mississippi. I read about cattle being stranded on high ground and Farm Sanctuary sent trucks to pick all those animals up."

Jett has had a long career in the music industry and continues to perform for die-hard fans from multiple generations. She calls the range of ages in her fans "beautiful". "I'm not sure what that speaks to--maybe an independence that people sense from me, that I've fought my fight."

Jett has made several appearances in Sacramento, surprising the audiences of the Radio 94.7 2013 Electric Christmas and being the highlighted performer at the 2013 California State Fair. As News 10 anchor Cristina Mendonsa and I, functioning as camera crew for the afternoon, left The Plum Cafe and viewed fans holding everything from records, to guitars, to JOAN JETT action figures, one thing was for sure--Sacramento can't get enough of JOAN JETT.

Jett will be playing Friday July 18th at the California State Fair on the Main Stage.

The Joy of the Guitar Riff â€" TV review

low resolution image Not Enlargeable I know what a riff is. It's the short, repeated, recognisable part of a song, usually played on a guitar, right? How the hell are they going to get an hour of television out of that? Dun-nuuunn dun-nunn, for example (that's a blues riff, obviously). There it is. End of story.

Waaaaah! (That's a "wrong" buzzer noise.) Because, according to The Joy of the Guitar Riff (BBC4), a riff is actually "the DNA of rock'n'roll, a double helix of repetitive simplicity and fiendish complexity on which the history of rock'n'roll has been built". OK?

The history begins with Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode (dur-nur-nur-di-di-di ... etc), carries on through the decades of rock, metal, funk and pop, right up to thousands of football fans chanting DUN ... duh-duh-duh-duh DUH ... DUH (White Stripes' Seven Nation Army, clearly) from the terraces.

The story is told not by the usual clip-show music journalists and comedians you've never heard of, but by Brian May, Johnny Marr, Tony Iommi and Nile Rodgers, and even a sprinkling (I think that's the correct collective noun) of women, JOAN JETT and Nancy Wilson among them. They're not a bad bunch of history teachers, many of whom have their own axes with them, ready to grab and show you what they mean. Duh-duh-DAAHH duh-dur-DA-NAAH (got that? Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water). Interestingly, but not surprisingly, none of them can do Johnny B Goode as well as Chuck Berry could.

Of course, it's not only about a few repeated simple notes and chords. It's about the people who made those notes and chords, and their stories, and how their stories fit into the story of rock'n'roll, and into history itself. The double helix of complexity and simplicity and whatever the hell it was â€" with some fabulous footage, of course. I don't have a guitar of any description to watch along with; I couldn't even find an old squash racket. So, after checking the curtains were properly drawn, I had to make do with air. Yeah, that works. DUH-duh dadadadada-duh DUH-duh dadadadada-duh ... Easy, no? Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS at Cal Expo (California State Fair) | Sacramento, California | 7/18/2014 (Concert Review)

low resolution image Not Enlargeable "When it hits the fan, people usually show up for each other..." JOAN JETT of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, talking about surviving tragedy, and how real life experiences inspired their latest album, Unvarnished. It was really quite inspiring to hear the punk icon with roots in music -- in her teens -- going back to the 70s, today crafting music that is informed by a fascinating and full life. Yet regardless of her growth as an individual and as an artist, she still has that counter culture swagger and joy with a guitar strapped around her and a mic stand before her... she can still rock it unlike any other, and she certainly made that clear at their appearance at the California State Fair at Cal Expo last night. Whatever it is that she's had since her formative years, that motor still drives her today. A real rock and roll legend.

Venue: The Golden1 Stage at Cal Expo
Where: Sacramento, California
Promoter: California State Fair
When: July 18, 2014
Seating: Section C, Row A, Seat 15 (front row, center section; also photo pass from seat only)
This show was part of the concert series for the California State Fair this year (running July 11-27), which is being held at Cal Expo in Sacramento as has been tradition.

Cal Expo used to be a real fixture in rock concerts when I was growing up -- pre-Arco Arena (now Sleep Train Arena), it hosted the bigger shows that came through the capital city in California. My own first concert I attended back in 1987 (Run-D.M.C. with Beastie Boys and Ice-T) was at the (at the time) larger outdoor concert area at Arco Arena.

Last night's JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS concert was "an evening with..." style event with no opener or supporting artists. It began fairly promptly around 8:00 and ran somewhere around an hour and fifteen minutes or so, including one encore.

The Golden1 Stage itself is fairly large and raised over water, with sections of reserved seating in front and some general admission seating behind that.

JOAN JETT (vocals, guitar)
Acey Slade (bass guitar)
DOUGIE NEEDLES (lead guitar)
KENNY LAGUNA (keyboards, backing vocals)

JOAN JETT is, of course, a rock and roll legend, going back to her teenage years. A great synopsis of her beginnings with rock and roll is the 2010 Floria Sigismondi film, The RUNAWAYS, which chronicles the ups and downs of her first all-girl rock band in the 70s. Jett was also an executive producer on the film which featured Kristen Stewart playing the younger version of herself.


Billy Corgan and JOAN JETT to be honored at the Alternative Press Music Awards

On Monday, July 21, Alternative Press will present the inaugural edition of the AP Music Awards to celebrate rock music and the influential artists who often go unmentioned at mainstream awards shows. The ceremony is taking place at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and will air live on AXS TV. Blink 182's charismatic bassist Mark Hoppus will be hosting the event.

During the ceremony, Smashing Pumpkins mastermind Billy Corgan will be honored with the Alternative Press Vanguard Award for being a "musical trailblazer who has changed the landscape of modern music." Since first defining the alternative music sound with the 1991 album Gish, Corgan went on to release eight additional studio albums with the Pumpkins, with two more albums expected in 2015. He also fronted the all too short-lived side project Zwan and he continues to create innovative solo material. "I'm honored and thrilled to be AP's first Vanguard Award recipient, as the magazine continues to be a standard bearer for all independent music artists," Corgan said of receiving the honor.

The 2014 AP Awards will also bestow the AP Icon Award to the queen of punk rock, JOAN JETT. As a songwriter, guitarist and singer, Jett has been a fearless ambassador of raw rock music for decades. Her catalog of hits, including the classic "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" and the RUNAWAYS' single "Cherry Bomb," acts as a timeless playlist of rebellious anthems. Jett will be performing at the awards show, as will the Misfits, A Day To Remember, Fall Out Boy and many more. Korn, Ice-T & Coco, Machine Gun Kelly and Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace are all confirmed to make special appearances throughout the night.

Fans get a voice in who will win at the AP Music Awards. Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and 10 additional honors are being determined by an online ballot. Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold and twenty one pilots are amongst the artists who are nominated in multiple categories.

Since first releasing its debut issue in 1985, Alternative Press magazine has provided readers with engaging stories about music and artists that matter, outside of the constraints of Top 40 radio. In recent years, AP has expanded to sponsor radio shows, podcasts and live events, including Warped Tour.

Don't miss the AP Music Awards live on AXS TV on July 21 at 8 p.m. EST. Click here to purchase tickets to the event, which is being hosted at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

Feast Q&A: JOAN JETT to host Sacramento benefit for Farm Sanctuary animal-rights group

low resolution image Not Enlargeable There's a pig in upstate New York that does not care one whit about its reputation. Because that pig, which resides in muck provided by the farm-animal rescue and advocacy group Farm Sanctuary, is named "JOAN JETT," after one of the baddest performers in rock 'n' roll.

The human Jett, 55, is a vegetarian and animal advocate who believes in feeding loose change to jukeboxes and meatless meals to people. She will address most or all of these topics Friday in Sacramento.

Jett and her band, the BLACKHEARTS, will perform at the California State Fair. Before the show, Jett will host a lunch benefit at midtown's Plum Cafe and Bakery for Farm Sanctuary, which has rescue sites in Orland, as well as Acton (Southern California) and Watkins Glen, N.Y.

Reached by phone last week, Jett -- her unmistakable rock rasp as strong in her speaking as in her singing voice -- discussed her activism and diet.

Why did you become involved with Farm Sanctuary?
There were some disasters that happened several years ago....The Mississippi flooded up in the area of Iowa, and there were a whole lot of stranded farm animals. I heard that this organization Farm Sanctuary sent a bunch of trucks out to pick up the animals and took them to their farms.


AXS TV's programming highlights July 21

low resolution image Not Enlargeable

TV Picks: AXS TV's programming highlights from July 21 to July 27 include Tom Green, tons of great music and serious news analysis from Dan Rather. Highlights for the next week are as follows:


Monday, July 21 â€" 8pE/5pP â€" Don't miss the first-ever GIBSON BRANDS AP MUSIC AWARDS, broadcasting live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. Blink-182's very own Mark Hoppus hosts this unprecedented event featuring exclusive performances from JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, the MISFITS, Fall Out Boy, and more. Rock pioneer JOAN JETT will be honored with the AP Icon Award, while Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan will receive the AP Vanguard Award.

JOAN JETT Performing at State Fair and Hosting Meet and Greet to Benefit Farm Sanctuary

low resolution image Not Enlargeable

JOAN JETT is coming to perform at the California State Fair July 18th, but earlier in the day she'll be making a stop at the Plum Cafe for Farm Sanctuary.

Joan joined Kitty for an interview this afternoon.

Learn more about the Meet and Greet to Benefit Farm Sanctuary and Joan's performance at the State Fair.

Dave Matthews, JOAN JETT and Berlin play their hits at Summerfest

low resolution image Not Enlargeable On Wednesday July 2 at Summerfest the weather took a funky turn back to the cold and damp conditions that plagued the first few days of the festival. Despite the cool weather some big names were on hand to perform as headliners and the crowds showed up in droves later in the day for Dave Matthews at the Marcus Amphitheater and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, Bonnie Raitt and Ludacris who all played on the grounds stages. Matthews played two sets for his fans, an acoustic first set and an electric second set.

Berlin played early in the day but was a huge draw to the Uline Warehouse as fans sought out the hit makers to play for them nostalgic songs such as, "No More Words," and "Take My Breath Away." Singer Teri Nunn expressed her joy at being in Milwaukee once again for the largest music festival in the world and thanked the fans for supporting live music.

Despite a little bit of rain during WAMI singer-songwriter of the year Nora Collins' second set of the day, nothing could dampen her spirit. Collins appeared to up her game in spite of lousy weather and gave her crowd what was perhaps one of her best renditions of her new song, "I'll Be Gone," and gave a goosebump-inducing performance of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."

Matthews and his band were bathed in one of the best light shows of the festival so far. The crowd appeared to hang on every note Matthews played, entranced by the moment. A large area up in front of the stage was standing room only, giving the fans some space to freely enjoy the tunes and dance the night away.


US stars want payment for charity gig - Daltrey

low resolution image Not Enlargeable The Who rocker Roger Daltrey is struggling to find American icons to join him for his latest cancer charity benefit - because they all expect to be paid to perform. The 'Won't Get Fooled Again' singer attracts the cream of British music to his annual charity shows in London, but he's having a problem persuading big names to play his upcoming concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In a webchat on Tuesday, Daltrey wrote, "I could do with more support from some of that side of the business. And I don't mind saying so, because your country baffles me. In Britain, any kind of charity work is unconditional. In America they kind of expect to get paid for it, I find that extraordinary.

"One of the things we're struggling with is getting more Americans involved, more American entertainers like myself, the backbone of the music industry was this age group, and I feel like if you've been successful and you've made it, just by donating a bit of your time, a bit of your energy, even if it's just talking about what we are trying to achieve now..."

But he has secured JOAN JETT and can't wait to perform with her: "I've known JOAN JETT obviously for years. She's a real rocker and she still cuts it, really cuts it." The July 28 gig is a fundraiser to build a cancer space at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

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