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JOAN JETT to drive Scottsdale wild

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Has it really been thirty years since JOAN JETT asked us to put another dime in the jukebox baby because she loved rock and roll? Thirty six years since she ran away and told the world she was a ch-ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb? On Friday, July 6, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. at the Talking Stick Resort Ballroom in Scottsdale, fans can determine for themselves whether JOAN JETT still maintains her bad reputation. The "Godmother of Punk" will appear with her band the BLACKHEARTS that evening and perform songs from a career that has spawned eight platinum and gold albums and nine top 40 singles.

At age fifteen, Jett, along with drummer Sandy West and later joined by main stays Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, formed the all-girl punk band The RUNAWAYS. While achieving some success in the United States, it was in Japan where The RUNAWAYS hit it big, at one time trailing only ABBA, Kiss and Led Zeppelin in terms of album sales and popularity.

With their success, The RUNAWAYS helped kick down the door for female artists in the hard rock genre. Recently the Runaway's signature song, "Cherry Bomb," was performed in the season five premiere of the HBO series "True Blood" in a scene featuring party goers playing that song on "Guitar Hero."


Women Who Rock: Greatest Breakthrough Moments

low resolution image Not Enlargeable low resolution image Not Enlargeable

#33: 1979 JOAN JETT quits the RUNAWAYS to go solo

She loves rock & roll, and rock & roll definitely loves her back. She's worn the same black leather jacket ever since.

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JOAN JETT Rocks the San Diego County Fair

low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT, the original baby-faced, bad girl rock star, has been called the godmother of punk. She now has gained status as the darling of the 2012 San Diego County Fair. Rocking the night away with the BLACKHEARTS on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, Jett blew the California crowd away with her renditions of "Bad Reputation" and "Cherry Bomb," among others.

Not only did her vibrant vocals sound great, but the rock legend looked fantastic, too. Named one of the 50 most beautiful women over age 50 by StyleBistro, Jett didn't even appear three weeks older than she did when she first performed with the BLACKHEARTS in 1980. More than 30 years later, the singer still sported her signature black shaggy haircut. As seen in this YouTube video, she teamed her 'do with a black, cropped jacket over a glittery charcoal gray jumpsuit. The tight-fitting suit showcased the brunette beauty's enviable svelte figure, as did a black belt cinched around her tiny waist. Her low-cut top showed off her chest tattoo and youthful neckline. Black combat boots, a black choker, a pendant necklace, and a wrist lined with bracelets completed the look.

As for makeup, the kohl-eyed Jett wore a shimmery white eye shadow on her lids that made her big beautiful brown eyes even more expressive. What's really amazing about this 54-year-old rock legend is her flawless, wrinkle-free complexion. No wonder calls her a beauty icon.

So how does JOAN JETT keep her fit figure and youthful appearance? Avoiding the sun and eating right might help. At the end of the day, though, the real secret to staying young and fabulous may very well be from the inside out.

JOAN JETT making wishes come true

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Put another dime in the jukebox baby, because JOAN JETT is returning to the San Diego County Fair for a performance June 19.

Jett, 53, is known for such chart-toppers as "I Love Rock 'n Roll," "Crimson and Clover" and "Bad Reputation." We spoke to the rocker from her beachfront home in Long Island, N.Y., about why she's involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, her recent nomination with her band, the BLACKHEARTS, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and what she does in her down time (you'll never guess).

Question: How did you get involved in Make-A-Wish Foundation?
I find it to be really moving; hopefully, we can inspire some of the kids that are ill. We try to honor any requests that any child might have, whether it's wanting to hang out backstage or seeing the show from a perspective they don't usually get to. If I do anything to help, that's humbling. It's about giving back and making a connection. That's what music is about for me.

Q: What kind of generations are you seeing in your audience these days?
I think parents are more willing to let their kids see rock 'n' roll than before. It's crazy. I see all ages, from the little kids to the 10-year-olds to the teens to the 30-year-olds to the parents, even the grandparents. If I do something like a state fair, it's even more diverse.

Q: You're pretty recognizable. What do fans say when they see you?
People give me peace for the most part, unless it's people I know. If they want to come up to say hi, that's fine.


JOAN JETT Joins Against Me! Onstage in New York
Sings Replacements' 'Androgynous' with Laura Jane Grace


JOAN JETT took the stage with Against Me! last night at Terminal 5, joining singer Laura Jane Grace for a cover of the Replacements' 1984 track, "Androgynous." Grace, who came out as transgender to Rolling Stone last month, made her live debut under her new name two weeks ago in San Diego. Jett's 2006 album SINNER features a cover of the same song, whose lyrics celebrate changing gender images: "Same hair, revolution / Unisex, evolution / Tomorrow whoÕs gonna fuss."

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