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JOAN JETT to rock the house at November ball in Miami

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Put another dime in the jukebox baby, because JOAN JETT is coming to town. The rocker will definitely add some edge this year to The Make-A-Wish Ball at the Intercontinental Hotel Nov. 5. Jett, 53, plans to do about six songs, surely among them such hits as I Love Rock N Roll, Crimson and Clover and Bad Reputation. We spoke to the hardcore hit maker from her beachfront home in Long Island, N.Y., about why she's involved with the charity, her recent nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall and what she does in her down time (you'll never guess).

How did you get involved in Make-A-Wish Foundation?
I find it to be really moving; hopefully we can inspire some of the kids that are ill. We try to honor any requests that any child might have, whether it's wanting to hang out backstage or seeing the show from a perspective they don't usually get to. If I do anything to help, that's humbling. It's about giving back and making a connection. That's what music is about for me.

What kind of generations are you seeing in your audience these days?
I think parents are more willing to let their kids see rock Ôn' roll than before. It's crazy. I see all ages, from the little kids to the 10-year-olds to the teens to the 30-year-olds to the parents, even the grandparents. If I do something like a state fair it's even more diverse.

You're pretty recognizable. What do fans say when they see you?
People give me peace for the most part, unless it's people I know. If they want to come up to say hi, that's fine.

You look great. What do you do to stay in such shape?
I really don't do that much. I take two days a week and do just a half-hour of basic core work. I try to stay on top of it when I can. But it's mostly being out on the road, walking miles through the airports and carrying bags Ñ it's like lifting weights. That stuff's not light, so it's hard work. Then you go do a gig. That's another workout in itself.

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