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JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Join Aerosmith in Western Canada

AEROSMITH, America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band is set to come to Western Canada with its ‘Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock’ tour. Tickets go ON SALE THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010 at 10:00am local time in ALL markets and can be purchased through 5 Spectacular Shows Beginning on September 8, 2010 in Winnipeg, MB will bring the ‘Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock’ tour to Western Canada.

Following the triumphant 7 South American and 11 European ‘Cocked, Locked, Ready To Rock’ tour dates, America’s Number One rock and roll band is all warmed up and ready to kick off their 18 city US Tour starting on July 23rd in Oakland, California and ending with the 5 city Western Canadian tour.

The Bad Boys of Boston are back, and will be arriving in Western Canada for what will surely be THE concert event of the Fall. Their recently announced hometown Fenway Park date SOLD OUT in a record breaking 23 minutes.

With Very Special Guest, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS the night is sure to be one to ROCK the hardest of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL fans. As the leader of the hard-rocking BLACKHEARTS, JETT’S had eight platinum and gold albums and nine Top 40 singles, including the classics "Bad Reputation," "I Love Rock 'N' Roll," "I Hate Myself For Loving You," and "Crimson and Clover." JETT was even one of only two women named to Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 greatest guitar players of all time. JETT says, "I have one goal and one goal only—rocking the hell out of every listener I can reach."

AEROSMITH will be celebrating their 40th anniversary as America’s most enduring and thrilling band in rock history. They are Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, recipients of countless awards including 4 Grammy’s, 8 American Music Awards, 6 Billboard Awards, 12 MTV Video Music Awards. They have sold over 150 million albums, earned scores of multi platinum albums and maintain a large army of millions of fans.

AEROSMITH continues to perform electrifying sold-out concerts around the world and remain one of the most beloved bands on the planet.

Strong storm, JOAN JETT rock RidgeFest

For die-hard fans of JOAN JETT, pouring rain and lightning couldn't stop them from seeing the legendary rocker at RidgeFest 2010.

A storm closed the festival grounds for about an hour Friday evening, but the gates reopened about 7:30 p.m, two hours before Jett and the BLACKHEARTS took the stage.

The four-day festival, which concludes Sunday, is at Freedom Park, Freedom Street and Oak Avenue in Chicago Ridge. RidgeFest has the usual summer festival attractions - carnival rides and games, a beer tent, food and trinket vendors and bands - as well as pony rides and a petting zoo for the kids.

But that's not what drew many of the guests Friday night. Mike Churillia and his daughter, Lindsay, drove all the way from Pennsylvania to see Jett and her band.

Churillia said he got home after work about 1 a.m. Friday and decided to hit the road for Chicago Ridge to see Jett perform.


Virgin Mobile FreeFest concert to feature M.I.A., JOAN JETT, Ludacris

Virgin Mobile FreeFest has announced a lineup that's sure to delight both pop-omnivores and text message enthusiasts. M.I.A.! LCD! T.I.! OMG!

The region's leading annual pop-music festival takes place at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Sept. 25, offering the most refreshing line-up in its five-year history: Pop polyglot M.I.A., disco-rock troupe LCD Soundsystem, Georgia rap hero T.I., reunited indie gods Pavement, hype-surfers Sleigh Bells and a dozen other acts are scheduled to perform.

And like last year's concert, this one will cost fans a whole lotta zilch. Tickets are free and will be given away online at Ticketfly on Saturday at 10 a.m.

"We really took the approach of turning people on to who we thought were the coolest bands out there," says Seth Hurwitz, FreeFest producer and chairman of concert promotion powerhouse I.M.P. "We don't have the pressure of having to sell tickets, so who do you pick? You pick the bands you think are going to [offer] the best music."

While FreeFest is billed as a free concert, that designation comes with a $125 asterisk. For that price, fans can purchase a premium ticket that guarantees pavilion seating, with an unspecified portion of the proceeds going to homeless youth charities. The premium ticket is available for purchase online Friday at 10 a.m. Hurwitz declined to say how many of those will be sold, but said "well over 30,000" tickets will be given away.


JOAN JETT to Rock Coconut Creek

low resolution image Not Enlargeable

JOAN JETT was just 16 when she swaggered into rock and roll, but the doe-eyed tomboy already had the quiet self-assurance of a young Keith Richards. Despite entering the scene at a time when female musicians were defined by saccharine pop tunes or the melodic folk of Stevie Nicks, Jett was determined to play hard-edged rock. "I was sitting in Hollywood wanting to play guitar and thinking 'I can't be the only girl in Hollywood, in Los Angeles, California, who wants to play rock 'n' roll,'" she says. "There have to be other girls out there like me."Jett began learning the guitar at 13 after receiving the instrument as a birthday present from her father. When her family moved to Los Angeles she would go see gigs and, having developed an obsession with Suzi Quatro, hang out at the singer's concerts and in her hotel lobby. It was a bit too Single White Female for Quatro's liking, and she has since said "It was quite spooky at times." Around this time Jett met music producer and all-round Svengali Kim Fowley in a bar and told him about her ambition to create an all-girl rock group. He put her in touch with drummer Sandy West and three bandmates later The RUNAWAYS were born.

Between '75 and '79 The RUNAWAYS toured with The Ramones, released five albums and achieved popularity of Beatles proportions in Japan, but their success in the US was limited. Their young age and singer Cherie Currie's provocative outfits saw them dismissed as "jailbait rock" and a combo of constant touring, exhaustion, drugs and jealousy eventually tore the band apart. Currie also claims they were ripped off and abused by manager Kim Fowley, who by his own account would hurl insults and rubbish at the band to prepare them for live gigs. When The RUNAWAYS broke up Jett set out on her own and released her first solo album in 1980. After being rejected by more than 20 major labels in the US, Jett and her producer started their own label using his daughter's college fund, selling the album out of the trunk of a Cadillac. As with all rock 'n' roll folklore, the gamble paid off and Joan shot to stardom as the frontwoman of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS. Her cover of "I love Rock 'n' Roll" made it to #1 on the US charts.

Since then she has also dabbled in acting and continues to play and produce music. She is a vegan, campaigns for gay marriage and recently served as Executive Producer on a biopic about The RUNAWAYS. After 35 years in music Jett knows a thing or two about being in the industry. Her words of wisdom? "If there's something you want to do, don't let other people dictate your life. Make your own mistakes, have your own victories." Well, that and "Girls have got balls. They're just a little higher up, that's all."

Jett turns on the afterburner Bad-girl rocker plays to record crowd at Clarkston event

low resolution image Not Enlargeable July 18--Kim McCallum once got caught by her mother in her bedroom, pretending her hairbrush was a microphone and belting out JOAN JETT's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" to a cassette on headphones.

McCallum's aunt, Stacy Goucher, remembers hearing Jett on the radio at a time when Pat Benatar and Blondie were among the few other female rockers. Goucher's friend, Heidi Krause, saw Jett when she played in Pullman, probably in 1984. Her memories of the show are as much about the music as they are about it being a concert that was out of town and her parents let her go.

The three Clarkston residents were among what was estimated by law enforcement to be close to 4,000 fans who converged at Gateway Golf, the driving range turned concert venue, to see JOAN JETT play Rockin' on the River. The crowd was a record for the event, which is in its ninth year.

Dressed in a tight black vest and jeans, with tattoos showing on her arms and chest, Jett took the stage around dusk, delivering "Bad Reputation," in her distinct, gravelly voice.

Many watching, like McCallum, Goucher and Krause, have been familiar with Jett's music since she became popular in the early 1980s.

Jett was the reason Debra Alm of Grangeville came to Rockin' on the River for the first time, bringing four friends.

She and her friend used to visit the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley to do karaoke. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" was their favorite. "I like her music and she seems to be a pretty nice person from what I can tell," Alm said.


She loves rock 'n' roll: Collaborator sings praises of rock pioneer JOAN JETT

July 16--It's 1980. You're a woman with a guitar. You want to ROCK.

The problem is, it's 1980, you're a woman with a guitar and you want to rock.

Every major and minor label in the United States rejected the woman who spawned the iconic rock anthem, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."

"Warner Brothers, they didn't get it," says JOAN JETT's longtime collaborator KENNY LAGUNA.

"The head of Atlantic Records said, 'Maybe if she'd hide behind the guitar and rock out like Pat Benatar.' "

Others said she couldn't sing, that her voice was horrible. Then there was the famous sound engineer who told Laguna, "Rock 'n' roll is a stag scene."

"It was pretty dramatic," says Laguna, who plays in Jett's band the BLACKHEARTS. "They didn't want a woman in what they considered a traditional male role."

Laguna met Jett as her high-school girl band, the RUNAWAYS, disintegrated in 1979. Laguna's wife had read about Jett and encouraged him to take her on as Jett embarked on a solo career.

He recalled the first time he heard Jett sing.


Kristen Stewart's Jett is a Runaway success

low resolution image Not Enlargeable American singer JOAN JETT remembers the moment she realised Hollywood's hottest young female star was the perfect person to play her part in the rock bio-pic The RUNAWAYS.

It was all down to the haircut. Kristen Stewart, heroine of the hugely successful Twilight series, agreed to chop her flowing locks into the short, shaggy style made famous by Jett.

'I was curious about Kristen's commitment, so I asked if she'd be cutting her hair,' says Joan. 'She was still filming Eclipse, the third Twilight movie, so I'd have understood if she wanted to keep her hair long.

'But she was unequivocal. The hair came off, and she got into my character. The way she moved and talked was just like me.'

The RUNAWAYS tells the story of the world's first all-female teenage rock band, five girls from the Los Angeles suburbs who blazed a chaotic trail through the Seventies. And Jett - who went on to forge a solo career with million-selling singles, and has just released a Greatest Hits album - is full of praise for 20-year-old Stewart.

'I spent hours telling her the intimate details about the RUNAWAYS,' she continues.

'I dumped everything on her. I gave her live tapes from 1976 and tapes of me speaking when I was 14 to help with the accent. I wanted her to understand me as a musician, but I wanted her to get me as a person, too. And she nailed it. When my family saw the movie, they thought it was footage of me!'

JOAN JETT is the real deal. Now 51, she holds the anti-corporate ideals of the Seventies dear, but is shrewd enough to run her own record label. As executive producer, she oversaw the making of The RUNAWAYS film.

Sitting in a London hotel, dressed in black and with that shaggy haircut intact, she is every inch the tough rocker. Despite her teenage years in California, Jett's accent retains an East Coast twang.


At 51, JOAN JETT still tears it up: Rock legend to appear at Chopper Fest in Martin

low resolution image Not Enlargeable MARTIN -- Though she's 51, JOAN JETT can still be a "Cherry Bomb."

Did you see her and the BLACKHEARTS tear through "Bad Reputation" in classic punk rock style on "Late Night with David Letterman" last March?

It was like a preemptive strike against the image of her as a cute teen star Kristen Stewart, who played Jett in "The RUNAWAYS," released in April.

Jett, who was not made available for an interview, still snarls while rocking and wearing skin-tight leather, though she's a grandma's age -- it's obvious she really doesn't give a damn about her bad reputation.

Which is the perfect attitude for Chopper Fest '10.

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS will play the opening night of the fest July 22, at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park in Martin.

JOAN JETT's Bad Reputation
Born: Joan Marie Larkin, Wynnewood, Penn., Sept. 22, 1958 Glam-rock: When she was a teen, her family moved to suburban Los Angeles, where she learned guitar and idolized female rocker Suzi Quatro, of Detroit. She was also a fan of the hard-edged, sexually androgynous glam-rock, and hung out at L.A. clubs. The RUNAWAYS: At 15, Jett was already playing in an all-female band. Record producer and infamous sengali Kim Fowley discovered them in 1975, and renamed the teens The RUNAWAYS. Their self-titled 1976 debut was a hit, but with teen girls doing sexually-charged songs, the act was accused of being exploitive. Jett had some hand in this image, at least in the suggestive song "Cherry Bomb." When Cherie Currie auditioned to be lead singer, Jett and Fowley wrote the song on the spot for her to sing.

Blackheart: The RUNAWAYS became bigger in Japan than in the U.S., and Jett took over leadership as the band disintegrated in 1978. Jett went solo in '79, and recorded punk-influenced album, "Bad Reputation," in 1980. She formed the BLACKHEARTS to do 1981's "I Love Rock n' Roll," leading to hits including the title track and her cover of "Crimson and Clover."



low resolution image Not Enlargeable Show Date: July 1, 2010
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Venue: Summerfest 2010
Ê Each year thousands of people roll into Milwaukee, WI for food, drinks, and good music at the popular 10-day long Summerfest extravaganza. One of the major highlights of this year's Summerfest was the performance by JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS.

2010 has been quite a year for the music icon. Joan's movie The RUNAWAYS (that she co-produced and is based on her first band) hit theatres early in the year and is now available on DVD. She has also just released a double CD set of her greatest hits, published a photo book with her story, and was honored by Mattel Toys with a Barbie doll in her image.

As JOAN JETT took stage the crowd of thousands got to their feet to start pumping their fists to her song "Bad Reputation". JOAN JETT and her band also performed other hits like "Crimson And Clover", "I Hate Myself For Loving You", "A.C.D.C.", "Light Of Day", and her mega-hit "I Love Rock 'N' Roll". She did have a few surprises during the night as she performed some deep cuts like "The French Song" and "Backlash". Then she took a step back in time and performed The RUNAWAYS songs "Cherry Bomb", "You Drive Me Wild", "I Love Playing With Fire", and the crowd sing-a-long of "School Days".

At the end of the night she thanked Milwaukee for their enthusiasm and told them to love this great world we live in.

JOAN JETT concert now free at Chopperfest

The Davidson Express' Chopper Fest on Thursday, July 22, was already going to offer musical guest JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS--now that concert is free.

Organizer Larry Davidson announced the change Tuesday, July 6.

"I have 4,000 free tickets to give away," Davidson said, noting that he'd already refunded those who had purchased tickets.

"This is a national event now and when you have a national event, people want a national act," Davidson said. "JOAN JETT is also someone we can book and keep the price reasonable."

Chopperfest will start on Thursday, July 22, at the US-131 Motorsports Park in Martin Township, with an Antique Thursday bike-building competition and the JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS performance that evening.

The fest will continue through Sunday, including a bike building competition on Saturday.


JOAN JETT and Black Tie Dynasty at Que Fest (July 3)

low resolution image Not Enlargeable ROWLETT -- When the Fourth of July rolls around every year, cities surrounding the Dallas area pull out all the stops when it comes to putting on a good festival to celebrate the freedom that our country holds dear. From the looks of it, each suburb tries to out-do one another with spectacular fireworks displays and live acts that have the potential to draw thousands of residents.

This year, the standout suburb with the best and biggest act has to be Rowlett, a small town of about 54,000 just 20 miles east of the Big D on I-30. Usually, this tiny town has random country acts that have fallen from favor. But this year, the Rowlett Exchange Club (using a park just along Lake Ray Hubbard) has proven that it has the ability to draw one of the most famous females in rock: JOAN JETT.

Along with her backup band known as The BLACKHEARTS, Jett truly rocked Que Fest. Standing at a smallish 5 feet, 5 1/2 inches, Jett commands the stage as if she were 10 feet tall. And why wouldn't she? As a woman in the business, she has to be able to talk the talk and walk the walk to earn the proper respect.

Decked out in black skintight spandex and her signature Chucks, Jett ruled the stage as if she were still in her twenties. At 51, it is amazing she started the now-infamous all girl band The RUNAWAYS 35 years ago.

Her interaction with the crowd in between hits like "Bad Reputation," "Cherry Bomb," and "I Love Rock and Roll" was refreshing and well done. She may be a seasoned veteran, but she knows that talking to the crowd is what gets the fans excited and ready to clap, dance, and sing along as loudly as they can, unlike most of the newer acts out in the business today. Even though the rain may have kept quite a few people away from the show, Jett was there to entertain. It's the signature of a true musician.

One of the most standout attributes of the show had to be Jett's panther-like growl, which seemed to grow with every song. Even after 35 years of rocking almost continuously, Jett still has the same sexy growl and voice, which seems to still be riddled with teenage angst. Most acts who have come out of the same era as Jett have fallen victim to drug and alcohol abuse and have lost the spark that had made them famous -- but not Jett. She refuses to let go, which is admirable since she can still kick you in the face with her guitar skills, which has landed her in Rolling Stone's top 100 guitarists of all time (one of two females). She rocks the youthful, go-eff-yourself attitude.

In coming to perform in a sleepy town like Rowlett, hopefully a little bit of Jett's rockstar cool will rub off. It would be impressive if next year's Que Fest could top Jett, but it is unlikely the city could get a better performer.

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