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Kristen Stewart Hangs With JOAN JETT, Preps For ÔRUNAWAYSÕ Biopic

Last month, "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart made big news with the announcement that she'd soon be portraying another headstrong, no-nonsense tough girl with a disarming beauty and a wicked attitude: the one and only JOAN JETT. Recently we caught up with KStew at Sundance to get her thoughts on "New Moon" her upcoming film "Adventureland" and the biopic that will soon have her putting another dime in the jukebox, baby.

"I'm, like, vibrating," grinned Stewart when we asked about "The RUNAWAYS," a 1970's-era flick about the influential all-girl rock band fronted by Jett and Lita Ford. "I'm just so excited about that movie."

"I'm really, exceedingly, more excited than normal," she laughed. Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the flick will tell the story of the teenage band who were brought together and thrown into leather and lace, performing such sneer-filled songs as "Cherry Bomb." Although they barely lasted four years and only put out a handful of albums, the band was able to overcome their sleazy "jailbait" gimmick to become an influential punk band that would eventually help birth such successors as The Breeders, L7 and The Donnas.

The Making of the JOAN JETT Gibson Melody Maker

JOAN JETT to play Downtown Live

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Ever wanted to see a bunch of people singing along to "I Love Rock N Roll?" You'll have your chance on July 11 when JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS play Raleigh Downtown Live. We normally have some smart ass things to say about the Downtown Live performers, but I don't have anything on this one. JOAN JETT is pretty damn cool.

Here's the updated schedule:
05.30.09 - Candlebox
06.13.09 - Filter
07.25.09 - The Charlie Daniels Band

How to Capture JOAN JETTÕs Guitar Tone The next in a series of step-by-step guides to home recording

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Attitude.

That one word sums up JOAN JETT and her raw, heart-thumping brand of rock and roll. From her early days leading the "RUNAWAYS" to the iconic "I Love Rock 'N Roll" and on to modern times, Jett always brought attitude to her music. Jett began her rock career as the guitarist and later the vocalist of the first all-female band The RUNAWAYS. While the music industry may have dismissed the early music of the band, Jett would not let go of her dreams.

The RUNAWAYS did have at least one memorable hit for the masses in "Cherry Bomb," but musical differences between Jett and future heavy metal guitarist Lita Ford led to the band's breakup in 1979. This put Joan on the path to greatness when she started her solo career and formed The BLACKHEARTS.

In 1982 JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS recorded "I Love Rock N' Roll," which gets fans pumped to this day. Like most singles, the song was overplayed on the radio and at clubs, which inevitably led to dislike for the tune, but there can be no denying the song's - or Joan's - place in history.


Friday Vegan Spotlight.
from: The Informed Vegan

low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT is a tough vegan badass rocker icon that defies all stereotypes. She burst onto the music scene and proved that women could write, produce, and perform rock music better than most men. She is an advocate for a vegan diet which keeps her strong, healthy, and looking like she hasn't aged a single day since 1980.

In a wonderful interview she gave recently she was asked about people who say that vegans/vegetarians are weak and her response was perfect:

"People who say things like that are the weak ones for eating animals when it is completely unnecessary to do so in order to sustain life. To give [in to] the urge to eat flesh just because you can--now that's weak! It's like eating your dog or cat. It may take something like bird flu or mad cow disease to convince people to stop killing animals for food."


10 Thoughts on VH1's 100 Greatest "Hard Rock" Songs
from: Terrible Swift Word

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Ó After surveying their viewers, VH1 has compiled another 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs list. When it comes to list shows, I think VH1 does a pretty good job, and while I had some issues this was a pretty good one. So, my 10 thoughts on VH1's 100 including awards within the awards...

1. You Really Need to Define "Hard Rock" First: Same complaint as the last time VH1 did this. How do you compare Journey, Night Ranger and Pat Benetar to Kiss, Metallica and Korn?

2. My What a Big Catalog You Have: Most groups hit the countdown with just one song. For those that had a huge body of work, I found it interesting which one song was selected. Some were logical. Ted Nugent with Cat Scratch Fever. His first and biggest hit. Ditto Quiet Riot's Cum on Feel the Noize.


VH1 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs

JOAN JETT has two songs in VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs, including the song she wrote for Cherie Currie, "Cherry Bomb."

29. JOAN JETT - "Bad Reputation"
52. THE RUNAWAYS - "Cherry Bomb"

Here's the complete 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs:



low resolution image Not Enlargeable Twenty years is a long time by anybody's standard, no two ways about it. Twenty years ago, cell phone technology was in its infancy; those few who had them paid thousands for them, and had to cope with the fact that the things more closely resembled a WW2-era army field radio than the slim, modern conveniences we carry around in our pockets today. Twenty years ago, the Internet was still text-only, no pictures, no YouTube, no porn -- and no -email spam either. Twenty years ago you could still get a Big Twin for around seven grand, and a Sportster for four (I got the first of my long, beloved series of Sportsters in '82, a shiny new 1983 model with the Super Glide tank). No matter how you slice it, the neighborhood of a quarter-century ago is a pretty venerable and respectable neighborhood to reside in.

And twenty years ago, rock and roll wild child JOAN JETT was featured on the cover of this here mag.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


5 best gay concerts of 2008

Ó low resolution image Not Enlargeable Even though Madonna didn't stop in Big D, we got an ear full of music this year. George Michael finally performed for his neighbors. And that gay Woodstock, True Colors, came back during Pride month. Here are a handful of live touring gigs that made an indelible impression on queer listeners.

1. George Michael
American Airlines Center, July 13.
America doesn't love George Michael enough, and we've suffered dearly for it. After the phenomenal success of "Faith," his career in the U.S. never quite reached the same heights. And it's no surprise his most loyal fans are in Europe. This year was the first time many North Texans had seen him in the flesh in Dallas Ñ a city he and partner Kenny Goss sometimes call home. At times, the music was so infectiously disco-happy Ñ like the rump-shaker "I'm Your Man" Ñ Michael would often run out of breath while dashing across the stage and thrusting his pelvis. But when he sat on a stool to belt out "Father Figure," the audience just melted with every flutter of his pipes.

2. TRUE COLORS TOUR Center, June 22.
Oh, to be young enough to consider Cyndi Lauper, the B-52's, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS and Andy Bell of Erasure "retro acts."


J-pop prepares an assault on the West in '09

I wouldn't want to shout about it (since it might upset your New Year's hangover), but 2009 might just be the year that J-pop goes global. Several heavy hitters have set their sights on Western domination this year, and more than ever, their chances seem good.

Let's start with one of Japan's biggest-selling artists of all time: Hikaru Utada.

Before she actually tried it, foreign industry insiders and artists from Elton John to Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes predicted for some years that if any Japanese artist had a chance at truly cracking the West, it was Utada. It wasn't simply about numbers; although she boasts the No. 1, 4 and 8 biggest-selling albums in Japanese history, with more than 10 million sales of her 1999 debut album, "First Love," what really marked Utada out for international stardom was that she is fully bilingual, a product of her New York upbringing, and has a truly unique voice.

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