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Converse Launches Global Spring 2008 ''Connectivity'' Advertising Campaign to Celebrate a Century in Music, Art, Sports and Fashion

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Campaign Launches in Over 75 Countries Across EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas and Features James Dean, Sid Vicious, Hunter S. Thompson, Dwyane Wade, Billie Joe Armstrong, Common, M.I.A., JOAN JETT and many more N. ANDOVER, Mass. Ñ In 2008 Converse Inc. will commemorate its centennial year as one of the world's most coveted, iconic brands with the global launch of a new advertising campaign entitled "Connectivity." This new campaign celebrates 100 years of disrupting the status quo and features legendary icons from the worlds of music, art, sports and fashion. Rolling out around the world from February 2008, "Connectivity" is a striking artistic showcase of true originals who define the essence of the Converse brand since 1908. The advertising visually 'connects' past and present Converse icons brought together by their optimistic rebellion and homage to the Chuck Taylor(R) All Star(R) shoe.

Legendary icons featured in the global campaign include the ultimate 20th Century rebel, James Dean; gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson; and Sex Pistols bassist and original punk idol, Sid Vicious. These cultural heroes from the past are shown 'connecting' with today's influencers including female rocker, JOAN JETT; eclectic urban music star, M.I.A; Green Day's infamous Grammy award winning front man, Billie Joe Armstrong; Grammy award winning hip hop star and actor, Common; basketball player and Converse athlete Dwyane Wade; and lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Karen O. Additional regional icons include Ian Curtis (UK), Jefferson Hack (UK), Carlos Diez Diez (Spain), Jane Birkin (France), Nina Hagen (Germany), Kim, Jung Man (Korea), Cui Jian (China), Darren Cordeux (Australia), Jose Fernando Emilio (Mexico) and Sandro (Argentina). "Converse is the footwear company that was first in sports and first in rock 'n' roll. We are extremely proud of our history and excited about our journey into the next century. Connectivity is an exceptional global campaign that fully captures our spirit and brand ethos celebrating true originals. The campaign is bold and iconic saluting those people - past and present - who push the boundaries of creativity, who inspire originality and who embody the values of the brand." said Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer, Converse.

The global advertising campaign will be unveiled in over 75 countries across the EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas via a mix of impactful print and outdoor, digital and integrated brand marketing executions. Regional adaptations of "Connectivity" will roll out locally throughout Spring 2008 with country specific Converse icons joining the campaign and legendary line-up.


"I'm Fcking Ben Affleck"

Joan is in the new video "I'm Fcking Ben Affleck."

Check it out - it's a RIOT!!!

Long Island Woman March 2008

low resolution image Not Enlargeable HereÕs what youÕll see in the March 2008 issue of Long Island Woman

Feature This month, meet a real powerhouse Long Island woman Ð JOAN JETT. From the time she was a teenager, she knew she wanted to be a rock star É and all these years later, she is still putting out new music. But there is much more to JOAN JETT that you might not know. Find out what things as diverse as Broadway, philosophy and Howard DeanÕs infamous scream have to do with the tough girl in leather. I think you can be tough and still be a nice person, be giving and connected; just being who you are is whatÕs important and not letting society do what it tends to do (especially in show business) Ð that Òsheep thingÓ where everyone is being led in the same direction. I try to do my own thing and be my own person.

Fitness Are you working out and looking better than ever Ð but you still canÕt sit on the floor because youÕre not sure youÕll ever get back up? Read about functional fitness and how it is being incorporated into exercise repertoires to fantastic benefit.


Rebel with a cause: JOAN JETT champions women in music industry

Click to enlarge In some ways, JOAN JETT has lived three rock and roll lifetimes. In the '70s, she was a guitarist in the RUNAWAYS, one of the first all-women hard rock bands in the world. Then in the '80s, she was a pop music star with nine Top 40 hits and eight gold or platinum albums. Now she's both a live attraction, label owner and a legit DJ, on the other side of the "turntables" for a show on Sirius Radio.

Jett and her longtime backing band, the BLACKHEARTS, play a show Feb. 23 at Harrah's Lake Tahoe. Her last CD was "SINNER," released in 2006, and since its release sheÕs been headlining both her own tours as well as playing on the popular punk-oriented Warped Tour and sharing a bill with Alice Cooper and Motorhead in England.

That latest gig on satellite radio is for "JOAN JETTÕs Radio Revolution," one of the shows on Little Steven's Underground Garage channel on Sirius which was created by Bruce Springsteen guitarist "Little Steven" Van Zandt.


Tickets on sale Feb. 22 for Cheap Trick, JOAN JETT concert
from: Rockford Register Star (

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Cheap Trick and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS will play in a March 29 concert at Northern Illinois University Convocation Center in DeKalb.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, Feb. 22, at, Ticketmaster outlets and by phone at 312-559-1212. They cost $39.50.

Cheap TrickÕs latest album is titled "Rockford" in honor of its hometown. Since the 1970s, the band has blended pop and rock in catchy tunes. Hits include "I Want You to Want Me" and "Surrender." The band has sold more than 20 million records.

Jett's biggest claim to fame is her 1981 album and title track, "I Love Rock n' Roll." Her next Top Ten hit came in 1988, with "I Hate Myself for Loving You."

Rock & Roll Hall of FameÕs Riot Girl & Rebel

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Eliza Wing, chief executive of, joined musician JOAN JETT and music industry executive Barbara Carr as honorary "Riot Girls" of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in a ceremony at the InterContinental Hotel Wednesday night.

Rock Hall honors 3 women with 'Riot Girl' awards

Eliza Wing, chief executive of, joined musician JOAN JETT and music industry executive Barbara Carr as honorary "Riot Girls" of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in a ceremony at the InterContinental Hotel Wednesday night.

Though Carr and Jett, who performed at the ceremony, knew about the award in advance, Wing was announced at the event. They were each handed pink vinyl records with the words "Rock Hall Riot Girl."

"We wanted to honor outstanding women with a unique edge," said Rock Hall spokeswoman Margaret Thresher.

The Rock Hall plans to honor a music industry executive, a musician and a local person every other year.

Jett, who scored hits in the 1980s with her backing band The BLACKHEARTS, played a concert right after the ceremony.

Carr is a partner in Landau Management, and previously worked for Atlantic and ABC records and for Champion Entertainment.

Wing was one of the founders of the early incarnations of, which started in 1996, and now serves as its CEO. She had previously been editor of New York Woman magazine and a writer and researcher at Rolling Stone.

JOAN JETT ROCKS! Or my rekindled love affair with the Queen of rock and punk

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Last night I finally got to see the Queen of rock 'n roll, JOAN JETT, LIVE! I grew up with her songs and lived by them through nearly every stage of my life leaving a lasting impression - I mean I've been part of the bad reputation nation longer then any friendship I know today! She is by far the one artist whom I have the most albums - 11 in total - and it looks like she's not stopping anytime soon. Her latest critically acclaimed album, SINNER, released in 2006, continues her growth lyrically as they become both outspoken and personal while the music remains classic JOAN JETT all the way once again keeping her promise to always be true to herself and her fans.

This woman knows how to rock and really can play some awesome guitar riffs to put most of the so called 'rockers' of today to shame. Her skills were good enough to land her onto Rolling Stone's list of Top 100 Greatest Guitar Players of all time at 87, one of only 2 woman on the entire list (the other Joni Mitchell) though I think she deserved to be placed higher then some of the others on the list. Another cool fact about JOAN JETT is she was the first woman and rocker to start her own label, a decision she was forced to do when she was trying to sell her debut record and was turned down by 28 major labels! She's gone on to sell millions of albums world wide [source]. Her move not only proved to the gender-biased industry that women can play guitar and rock out as good or even better then the male counterparts of the time but also that an artist can make it on their own without the help of a record company. She has also been the inspiration for many of the hit-making girl rock bands over the years such as the Go-Go's and the Bangles.

But back to the live concert - she sounds awesome live, slick and gritty guitar playing with pure attitude - and she looks damn fine for someone who on September 22 will be turning - get ready for it - 50! I mean just look at the picture - the girl looks amazing and I can only wonder if her vegan lifestyle helps to keep her looking so good and lean - those pipes could kick my ass in a heartbeat! The rest of her band mates, the BLACKHEARTS composed of Dougie on lead guitar, Thommy on Drums, and Kasim on Bass, and long time keyboards/producer/co-song wirter/friend KENNY LAGUNA are all just as talented and proved themselves throughout the show.


Varvatos makes 'McSteamy' feel old

We hope it isn't every day that Eric Dane gets a complex about his looks, but a visit backstage at the John Varvatos collection left "McSteamy," who's only 35, insecure about aging. "I feel old here," deadpanned Dane, who plays pompous plastic surgeon Mark Sloan on "Grey's Anatomy."

The source of Dane's despair? Varvatos had filled 7 World Trade Center with a band of hunky, 20-something male models who were instructed in their notes to strut and swagger down the runway "as if they owned the street."

There was champagne and beer backstage, and Varvatos encouraged his catwalk crew to drink up before working the unfinished space on the 45th floor. Dane thought the imbibing was beneficial, because it would help the models stave off stage fright. "I can't just do that," he said, gesturing to one of the boys practicing his walk. "I have to have something to say."


Betsey Johnson's Errant Shoe Puts JOAN JETT in Danger

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Usually by this point in Fashion Week, we're so tired that we start hallucinating celebrities everywhere we look. While this would be divine if we were having visions of Matt Damon, instead there was a split second in which we were convinced we saw Kenneth Branagh wandering around aimlessly in a full-length man mink (strike one), and we thought this one short dude at Carolina Herrera was Lucy Liu (strike two, and we're sorry about that gender mix-up, Lucy). Strike three came right before Betsey Johnson's show began, when we could've sworn we spied America Ferrera coming down the stairs. Thank goodness it wasn't, though, because otherwise we'd have had to take the poor girl to task for wearing leggings.

And yet for some reason, we instantly recognized reality-show D-lister Brittny Gastineau, who led Chudney Ross by the hand through the crowd. This does not speak highly of our taste, although it does mean we kick ass at the pink category in Trivial Pursuit, especially if it had visual aids.

Nigel Barker, the male Sophia Bush in terms of sheer ubiquity, sat suavely in a suit in Betsey's front row, made up as usual of tiny tables for four. Nigel talked animatedly with a smiling Bobbie Thomas until Miss Tyra Banks swanned in, at which point he gallantly shifted over to a different chair and gave Ty-Ty Baby the one pointed more fully toward the catwalk. This might have delighted model/actress Irina Pantaeva, if she had ever noticed she was suddenly in a position to drop her program and then oh-so-accidentally brush Nigel's leg while picking it up. Tragically, we don't think she paid any attention, and considering she showed up wearing shoes in two different colors, it's possible Irina's head was somewhere else entirely. Like, where the unicorns are.


Fashion Week

Click to enlarge Downtown Julie Brown, left, a former MTV VJ, and singer JOAN JETT attend the Fall 2008 collection of Nicole Miller during Fashion Week in New York, Friday, Feb. 1, 2008.

Nifty, nifty! Look who's 50! Music

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Pop's three biggest solo stars of the '80s are headed for AARP membership. It may come as a shock to the MTV generation, but Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson all turn 50 in 2008.

They're not the only '80s icons reaching the half-century mark this year: JOAN JETT, Duran Duran's Simon LeBon, Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx and a pair of Go-Go's (Belinda Carlisle and Jane Wiedlin) all can plan 50th birthday parties. Decades ago, the big Five-Oh would have been cause for panic, or at least denial, for most pop stars. But as baby boomers continue to redefine age (Is 60 the new 45 or the new 40?), celebrity culture seems more likely to celebrate seniority than hide from it. Elton John, for one, made a concert event of his 60th birthday last year, then marketed it on CD and DVD.

So what can we expect from the singing, dancing triumvirate as they hit the half-century mark?


Stars aren't all in alignment

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It's time again for the annual gridiron spectacle. No, not the Super Bowl, but the 19th Scripps Howard Celebrity Super Bowl Poll. The rich and famous from movies, television, sports, politics and pop culture predict the winner of Sunday's Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

JACK NICKLAUS, golfer: I just feel the Patriots are a little too strong.

JOAN JETT, rock musician: Giants 35-21. New York is on a roll.


Permanence Tattoo Portraits

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Permanence Tattoo Portraits By Kip Fulbeck (Foreword by Horitaka)

Ê "Tattoos, for better or worse, reflect the human experience. Our successes, our joys, mistakes, and failures are all recorded on our skins. And just like life itself, sometimes they aren't perfect. Sometimes they're even tragic. But they are real. A tattoo is just ink in is up to the bearer to ascribe a meaning or value to it." - Horitaka

Once a fringe phenomenon, tattooing in now a full-blown cultural fact. More than 40 million people in the U.S. alone have tattoos, all with unique stories about why they chose to indelibly mark their bodies. PERMANENCE is the first book of its kind to combine photographic tattoo portraits with the stories behind them. Featuring people from all walks of life Ð from college students to rock stars, suburban moms to Hells Angels, gangbangers to CEO's to pornstars Ð their stories are told in the subjects' own words and handwriting.

Kip Fulbeck brings together young and old of all races, religions, and political persuasions in this visually arresting and identity-exploring book. His work explores the power of individuality, utilizing tattoos as a starting point. "Tattooing is everywhere," Fulbeck says. "This book deals with all facets of it...from absolute masterpieces to drunken mistakes, rites of passage and celebration to horrors of war. This book is about who we are."

With a foreword by renowned tattooer Horitaka (senior apprentice to Horiyoshi III) and interviews with celebrity tattooers Kat Von D (LA Ink) and Oliver Peck (Elm Street Tattoo), and hardcore music legend Evan Seinfeld, PERMANENCE features images of:
Margaret Cho (Comedian, author)
Slash (Velvet Revolver, Guns N Roses)
Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Scott Weiland (Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots)
Paul Stanley (KISS)
Tera Patrick (Adult Film Star)
Chuck Liddell (UFC Hall of Fame Fighter
Johnny Winter (Blues legend)
Nikole Lowe (London Ink)
Chris Garver (Miami Ink)
Jeffrey Sebelia (Project Runway)
and many others

From joyful to tragic, and impulsive to profound, PERMANENCE presents the myriad voices, emotions, and faces that make up the stories of the tattooed population today.

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