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JOAN JETT, Jag Star and Lifehouse rock Knox at U.S. Cellular bash

Click to enlarge You only turn 21 once.

So U.S. Cellular decided to celebrate the company's 21st birthday with a free rock concert Saturday at World's Fair Park. The U.S. Cellular Rox Knox concert included rock veterans JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, Knoxville-based band Jag Star and popular rock band Lifehouse.

The company decided to host the event because it "wanted to celebrate with the community that helped us become so successful," said U.S. Cellular regional vice president Tom Catani. "This is a very changing industry, but one thing that hasn't changed is U.S. Cellular and this town."

Although the gates were not scheduled to open until 2:30 p.m., some music fans got in line as early as 7 a.m., said Scott Brooks, account executive with Moxley Carmichael. By the time the gates opened, the line wrapped from World's Fair Park along 11th Street all the way up Cumberland Avenue toward Henley Street.

Stephanie Hatcher said she was worried she would not be able to get in. Hatcher said she grew up listening to JOAN JETT, and when she heard about the free concert, she "went right away" to get tickets for herself and her mother-in-law, Diane Hatcher, who is also a Jett fan. Decked out in Jett T-shirts, they parked themselves early in front of the stage and decided to "make a day of it," Diane Hatcher said.

Vicki Galyon of Maryville got in line at 11 a.m. Saturday with her daughters, Kelley Quiett, 18, and Jessie Quiett, 16. As soon as the gates opened, the trio claimed their spot in the front row.

"JOAN JETT is the only person I came here for. I've been a JOAN JETT fan since I was 13," said Galyon, now 36. Her daughters grew up listening to Jett, said Galyon, and Jessie Quiett has been "waiting on (the concert) since (U.S. Cellular) first announced it."


Film could be a RUNAWAYS success

It may finally be time for The RUNAWAYS to get their close-up. JOAN JETT and longtime manager-producer KENNY LAGUNA will executive-produce a new film on the '70s all-girl teenage rock band.

"Neon Angels," based on RUNAWAYS singer Cherie Currie's unpublished memoir, will be written and directed by Floria Sigismondi, best known for directing music videos from Bj"rk, David Bowie and The White Stripes, as well as her photography.

The story will focus on the band - which included Currie, Jett, guitarist Lita Ford, bassist Jackie Fox and the late Sandy West, who played drums - and their struggle to be taken seriously as musicians.


JOAN JETT is rock solid
Influential artist doesn't have to rely just on hits to make an impact


When JOAN JETT burst on the scene in the early 1980s, she had goals other than just having hits.

"I just wanted to make it OK for girls to play rock 'n' roll," says Jett over the phone. "A girl playing really sweaty rock 'n' roll is still looked on as weird."

At the time, it didn't seem as weird as it was revelatory. Only a handful of female-fronted acts (most notably The Pretenders, led by Chrissie Hynde) had managed to have solid rock 'n' roll hits. Jett swaggered on to MTV in 1982 with a cover of a song by the British band The Arrows called "I Love Rock 'N Roll" and created an anthem. The song was No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 for seven weeks and became one of MTV's most popular videos.


I Love Rock N’ Roll

Click to enlarge Today Steve Berkowitz, the Senior Vice President of Microsoft’s Online Services Group led the discussion of Microsoft’s vision and goal to become the leader in the online space. The Ex-CEO of discussed the innovative ways Microsoft will deliver the best products and services to our customers. Berkowitz was also the keynote speaker at this year’s Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference in New York earlier this month. Excited about the upcoming vision the executive panel answered pressing questions from the audience. Being an analyst it was exciting to hear Berkowitz discuss the data. As a former accountant Berkowitz understands that the truth is in the numbers.

Of course in Microsoft tradition we work hard and also play hard. After the group meeting we were escorted to a private concert with JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS in Seattle’s WAMU theater. JOAN JETT is best known for the hit "I Love Rock N’ Roll."

RUNAWAYS head to the bigscreen
Linsons join the Jett set


low resolution image Not Enlargeable The '70s teenage band the RUNAWAYS has a new gig. Producers Art and John Linson will be bringing their rough and tumble coming-of-age story to the bigscreen in "Neon Angels."

Floria Sigismondi, who directed videos for David Bowie, the White Stripes and Marilyn Manson, will write and direct the drama about girls brought together by Kim Fowley, creating a band that would set the stage for girl groups like the Go-Go's and the Bangles.

The Linsons secured music rights and deals that allow them to tell the stories of members JOAN JETT, Cherie Currie and the late Sandy West. An unpublished memoir written by lead singer Curie will be used as a resource for a drama that intends to bare all the drugs, sex and heartache experienced by girls who struggled to be viewed as musicians, not sex kittens with guitars.


Henry Rollins Show - May 18th

Tune in May 18th to "The Henry Rollins Show" on IFC featuring an exclusive interview with JOAN JETT. Henry and Joan sit down to discuss her new album, her outspoken lyrics and the birth of BLACKHEART RECORDS. "The Henry Rollins Show" is a weekly independent talk show hosted by Henry, featuring high integrity guests, topics and uncensored musical performances. The show airs every Friday night on IFC at 11pm Eastern, 8pm Pacific.

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Set to Rock 2007 Los Angeles LGBT Pride Celebration

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS are set to rock the Washington Mutual Main Stage of the 2007 Los Angeles Pride Celebration for a 75-minute full band concert on Saturday, June 9, 2007 in West Hollywood.

After headlining the Warped Tour, and releasing a brand new album SINNER with the smash hit song A.C.D.C., Los Angeles Pride welcomes the famed punk-rock-icon back to her Los Angeles music roots. This concert will mark her first appearance with the Christopher Street West Pride organization.

A genuine rock star, Jett has pushed the limits in her lyrics and sound, and smashed gender barriers in rock music. With no less than nine Top 40 hit singles and eight Platinum and Gold LP’s, few artists boast a wider appeal than JOAN JETT whose trailblazing music extends beyond the diverse boarders of the LGBT community.

The 2007 LA Pride Parade and Celebration will be June 8-10 in West Hollywood. Please visit the LA Pride website ( for more information. Our Agenda: Love. Equality. Pride.

A non-profit organization, Christopher Street West, is a leading partner in the advancement of rights and equality of the LGBT community. Led by professionally driven, volunteer based board members, Christopher Street West produces one of the largest Pride Celebrations in the United States with an expanding global presence reaching millions of people every year.

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