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She hasn’t outgrown punk

NEW YORK (AP) — JOAN JETT may be 45 now, but that doesn’t mean she’s outgrown punk.

"I never subscribed to the idea that punk rock means you have to play fast and scream," Jett told Newsday in Sunday’s editions. "To me, it means being a rebel, being an underdog, being outside and doing it yourself."

With a new album, "SINNER," released on her own BLACKHEART RECORDS label, Jett is reintroducing herself to a generation that probably knows her only as that lady who sang "I Love Rock ’n’ Roll" in the early ’80s.


Black heart, Big Grin
from: Rolling Stone Magazine, August 10th issue

low resolution image Not Enlargeable

JOAN JETT, who rode to the stage on a dirt bike, cracked a rare smile warming up in St. Helens on July 16th. "I love this tour," she said. "It's like some kind of punk-rock carnival."

The A List
from: Entertainment Weekly, August 4th issue

Crunchy riffs? Check. Big servings of sass and grit? Check. Raspy, sexy vocals? Check. No double about it, this is Ms. Jett's best work in years.

JOAN JETT felt comfortable back home in Pittsburgh.

"How yinz guys doing?" Jett said in a spotless Pittsburgh dialect as she faced thousands of P-G Pavilion fans Thursday afternoon. Explaining that she had lived in Pittsburgh as a young girl, Jett proceeded to treat her "hometown" crowd to an electrifying 30-minute set.

Strutting on stage in a black leather bra - showing off abs you could bounce a quarter off of - the 45-year-old Jett commanded attention from the opening note of "Bad Reputation" through her final selection, 1982's biggest song, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll."

Though most of them weren't alive the first time Jett ever sang "put another dime in the jukebox, baby," the Warped Tour fans responded enthusiastically.


I Got My MTV: Channel Turns 25
Station that Changed Face of Music Grows Up


low resolution image Not Enlargeable The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star" kicked things off 25 years ago as the first video ever to be played on the then-novel MTV — or Music Television — cable network. Twenty-five years later, MTV is a pop culture staple.

"I had no doubt that it would be around," said Mark Goodman, one of the original video jockeys.

"The impact was phenomenal," said Nina Blackwood, another original veejay.


JOAN JETT'll show them
Every time she takes the stage, the singer says, she has to prove herself - "because I'm a girl that plays rock-and-roll." She's at the Tweeter this week.


RALEIGH, N.C. - The sun has come out on a rainy Warped Tour afternoon, and JOAN JETT has things to do.

First of all, the ripped, ageless rocker needs her vegan pre-show meal. That'll be a Taco Bell rice-and-bean burrito, please, and there better not be any cheese on that.

Then she has to make her way from her backstage tour bus to the main stage - one of 10 stages - where she and her band, the BLACKHEARTS, will be headlining the traveling carnival, which comes to the Tweeter Center in Camden on Thursday.


from: Anita Maree

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She's back and bad as ever
The original riot grrrl has released SINNER, her first original recording in 12 years. Jett 'never stopped,' she tells Alexandra Gill


VANCOUVER -- JOAN JETT snarls across the stage in a pair of leather pants slung so low on the hips you can see a slick trail of sweat dripping down her gluteal cleft. It's been 25 years since the original riot grrrl cracked the charts with her breakout single I Love Rock n' Roll. Yet here she is -- a headliner on this summer's Vans Warped Tour (the long-running punk and skateboard festival) with a new CD under her belt -- telling the kids that she still "don't give a damn 'bout her bad reputation" and showing them how it's done.

"It's real easy, all you gotta do is go 'Whoa, oh, oh, oh,' " she coaxes the crowd at Vancouver's Thunderbird Stadium, as they chant along to the catchy chorus from a new song on SINNER, her first original studio recording in 12 years.

One girl hanging over the barricades, who looks young enough to be the 48-year-old's daughter, responded with a lewdly suggestive flick of her pierced tongue.


from: The Strange, Seattle Weekly newspaper

JOAN JETT is a Swiss watch, a German train schedule, the Energizer Bunny. In a word: dependable. Jett may have been an inspiration to, and peer of, riot grrrls everywhere (Bikini Kill vet Kathleen Hanna shares four songwriting credits here), but it is unlikely she will ever attempt anything as ambitious as, say, Sleater-Kinney's The Woods. With the exception of "Black Leather," an ill-advised flirtation with rap from her 1986 full-length, Good Music, she hasn't deviated off-course for 31 years, content to turn out high-voltage rock and roll since her adolescent days in the RUNAWAYS.

While Jett has remained an exciting live performer, her last widely distributed U.S. album was 1994's Pure and Simple. Thus, after several lackluster tour- and internet-only releases, SINNER is a welcome return to form. And while it reprises many songs from the 2004 Japanese import Naked, this 14-track set includes a few key cuts unique to the U.S. title. For openers, there's "Riddles," an anti-Bush rant and Linda Perry co-write that nails the essence of what Jett does best: injecting punk rock's rebellious energy into commercial chart pop. Then there's her take-no-prisoners cover of the Sweet's "AC/DC," yet another glorious fit of the gender-fuck she's been peddling since her 1981 revamp of "Crimson and Clover," and the surprisingly positive "Change the World," the best song the early Go-Go's never wrote. SINNER isn't a stone classic à la Jett's early-'80s masterpieces, but it's everything a BLACKHEARTS record should be: edgy, fun, and reliable.

Warped tour thrives on organized chaos

NASHVILLE (Billboard) - Kevin Lyman is spinning plates.

Among the immediate issues the Vans Warped tour founder and producer juggled at a recent underperforming date in Nashville were a crew member's minor medical emergency, an upcoming European on-sale for his Taste of Chaos tour, tracking album sales for his two labels and the magical appearance of a key piece of sound equipment that had been chasing the tour across several cities.

Lyman's production office at Starwood Amphitheatre was packed with tour personnel, transportation coordinators, press, artists and a wealth of other, mostly heavily tattooed, individuals who all seem to function at a high level of organized chaos.


JOAN JETT shows the kids how it's done


Click to enlarge JOAN JETT has always led a punk lifestyle and now she's set to show the kids just how bad she is when she headlines this summer's Warped Tour after releasing "SINNER,'' her first studio album in 10 years.

Today, Jett fans can get a jumpstart on Warped by catching the veteran rocker at the four-day event called Toms River Fest.

Jett, 47, started making music when she was 15. She was the first female rocker to launch her own record label and paved a path for bands like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney and now scouts young bands to help get them started.


Jett’s jukebox, baby
Rock trendsetter rolls back on tour


JOAN JETT continues to love rock ’n’ roll after 30 years of performing.

As the title to her biggest hit declares, JOAN JETT loves rock ’n’ roll. And it’s safe to say that rock ’n’ roll loves her right back.

Jett is the rare rock artist who can claim to be an influence on multiple generations, going all the way back to when she was a teenage guitarist in the RUNAWAYS 30 years ago. The RUNAWAYS’ proto-metal made Jett a feminist icon of ’80s punk, which carried over to early-’90s female grunge bands including the Gits, Hole and Bikini Kill. And now the torch is being passed yet again.


Ready to party with the boys
Jett doesn't fit typical Warped profile, but she's a natural for punk-rock tour


The traveling punk-rock extravaganza known as the Warped Tour has always been a youth-oriented affair.

But even at 47, JOAN JETT is a natural for it.

She has had hit singles ("I Love Rock 'N Roll," "I Hate Myself for Loving You," "Crimson and Clover") and acted in movies ("Light of Day") and on Broadway ("The Rocky Horror Show"). But her music -- with both her'70s band the RUNAWAYS and her current backing group, the BLACKHEARTS -- has always stayed true to the loud, fast and bluntly honest punk-rock credo.


JOAN JETT hits Warp speed
New album 'SINNER' takes on a whole new meaning


Long before the lads of bands like Good Charlotte, Something Corporate or Fallout Boy were even born, the Philadelphia-born JOAN JETT was busy building the foundation of the Southern California punk scene. At 15 she formed the teenage all-girl band The RUNAWAYS.

Signed to a multiple album deal with Mercury Records, The RUNAWAYS dressed like street walkers and blended heavy metal, glam and punk into a sound of their own.

Jett's RUNAWAYS set the template for all the girl rockers who followed in their wake.


WARPED TOUR 2006: Jett plays with fire
If it's not edgy, it's not rock, says the bad girl


low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT rocks hard for 30 minutes each night on this summer's Warped Tour.

JOAN JETT still loves her rock 'n' roll. Even if she's not real keen on what has happened to the phrase.

"Things with a softer edge are getting called 'rock 'n' roll,' " laments Jett, who with her band, the BLACKHEARTS, will perform at Saturday's Vans Warped Tour stop in Detroit. "People use the label 'rocking' or 'rock star' really loosely now. It's become a stylish word that's used when they want to give somebody that edge. Even politicians, they're 'rock stars.' It's really diluted the meaning."

For Jett, whose life as a bona fide rock star began at 15 as a member of the influential group the RUNAWAYS, real rock 'n' roll is what she's been seeing at this summer's Warped Tour, where the 45-year-old vocalist-guitarist is billed among more than six dozen younger bands.


Emo Rules Warped Tour '06, But AFI Draw Biggest Crowd

JOAN JETT is sentimental favorite at festival; attendance down this year.

CINCINNATI — The Warped Tour ought to consider hooking up with Baskin-Robbins as a sponsor next year. Because when the 12th edition of the longest-running U.S. summer festival touched down at the Riverbend Music Center on Wednesday, it served up 36 flavors — approximately 30 of which were variations of the punk taste of the past few years: emo.

With few exceptions, angsty, tattooed white boys with a lot to scream about ruled the day for the 11,000-plus fans who wandered among the eight stages and endless collection of band merch and sponsor booths. The exceptions were goth punks AFI, who drew the day's biggest crowd with their dramatic dinnertime set, and old-schooler JOAN JETT, who provided one of the few true cross-generational bonding moments for the many families in attendance.


Jett set

For a $30 ticket, concertgoers can check out some 70 bands on eight stages Sunday when the annual Vans Warped Tour comes to the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park.

Chicago bands the Honour Recital, the Dog and Everything, the Translation and the Treaty of Paris beat out 10,000 bands to get to perform on the Tour stop here as winners of the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands competition.

Considered a vital tour to showcase young and upcoming rock and punk artists and a cultivator of the skateboard culture, Warped also will feature AFI, Against Me!, Less Than Jake, Plain White T's, the Academy Is ..., Rise Against, Underoath, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Gym Class Heroes and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS.


Pretty in punk
The rebel rocker of the '80s is coming to the Vans Warped Tour and Attracting a new generation of fans


low resolution image Not Enlargeable Quick, name this punk band: They pounded the club circuit for years and released their first album independently.

They scored a breakthrough single and signed to a major label. They recently played four sold-out dates at small clubs in New York, including CBGB. And now, for the first time, they're one of the star acts at America's premiere punk festival, the Vans Warped Tour, which stops at Nassau Coliseum next Saturday.

The band is, of course, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, a group that's been around since the early 1980s, decades before the Warped Tour even existed. But doesn't Jett's bio sound like that of so many other, younger punk bands? At 45, Jett is at least twice the age of the kids she's playing to (and with) this summer, but in some ways she fits right in.

"I never subscribed to the idea that punk rock means you have to play fast and scream," Jett says, speaking by phone while on the road recently. "To me, it means being a rebel, being an underdog, being outside and doing it yourself."

Continuously making music

With a new album, "SINNER," released on her own BLACKHEART RECORDS label, the time seems right for Jett to reintroduce herself to a generation that probably knows her only as that lady who sang "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" back in the early '80s. But Jett was a fixture on the early punk scene, working with the Germs and members of the Sex Pistols. She was a "woman in rock" long before that term became a catchphrase. And she was an independent artist years before the indie-rock trend.


Warped Tour, First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre; Sun 30


By now, JOAN JETT has seemingly made more comebacks than the miniskirt, but like AC/DC (and to a lesser extent, Cheap Trick), she always seems relevant to what was going on. When the early-’90s alt-rock explosion made ’80s pop tarts passé, Jett easily dodged those bullets. Renewed attention from the riot-grrl generation gave her a fresh shine, and she became one of the few mainstream acts from her time that wasn’t viewed as camp. This is likely why she’s playing at the Warped Tour, and not at a suburban county fair. Jett could have hitched a ride on any number of bandwagons (both hair metal and grunge veered pretty close to her style), but she’s basically stuck to—and succeeded with—the same hard-rocking U.K. glam sound that couldn’t get Suzi Quatro airplay in the States ten years earlier. By the time Jett crash-landed at No. 1 in 1982 with "I Love Rock & Roll," the U.S. was apparently ready.

Her latest, SINNER (Blackheart), doesn’t sound all that different from what she was doing 20 years ago, but that’s more a tribute to her consistency than anything else. When you know what you want and stay focused on it, stagnation is never a problem. The topic of gender-bending and same-sex lust crops up several times, most notably on covers of Sweet’s "AC/DC" and the Replacements’ "Androgynous." And Jett continues to have the most expressive monotone ever heard: When she tells her lover to "relax while I pound your ass" (on "Fetish"), the listener will either shit, go blind or get a hair-raising erection.

JOAN JETT still doesn’t give a damn about her reputation, but she hopes you like her, regardless.

"It’s hard to look at yourself and try to guess what people see," she said from a Vans Warped Tour stop in Pomona, Calif., during a phone interview. "I just see the girl that plays rock ’n’ roll."

Those attending Vans Warped Tour can see the girl who loves rock ’n’ roll rip the riffs and sing her heart out Aug. 4 at Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain. The all-day event features Ms. Jett and her band, The BLACKHEARTS, plus a medley of other punk rock, emo and rock acts including NOFX, Against Me!, Rise Against, The Casualties, Thursday, Saves the Day and ska-scene favorite Less Than Jake.

Ms. Jett — who made her debut in 1976 with The RUNAWAYS — is loving the tour and its artists, many of whom are half her age.


Good Morning America

JOAN JETT will appear on ABC's Good Morning America this Sunday, July 30th, between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Concert Preview: JOAN JETT brings her 'bad reputation' to Warped Tour

PHOENIX -- Some may wonder what JOAN JETT is doing on the Warped Tour.

But the kids down front don't have time to wonder.

They're too busy hanging on her every word, her every move, her every giant, now-we've-got-you chorus.


Pop Making Sense

On Sunday, July 30, the Vans Warped Tour will be making a stop in Tinley Park. Rock veteran JOAN JETT will be the headliner, sporting her trademark eyeliner. Accompanied by her band, the BLACKHEARTS, Jett will be sharing the bill with artists who were not even born when this rocker began her career in the ‘70s with the girl band The RUNAWAYS. While on the Warped Tour, the rock deity is hoping to talk to the fans and convince young women that it is possible to pursue a music career. That’s easy for Joan to say, as she was one of the first women to start her own record label, per her official Web site. After a 10-year period without new material, Jett and the BLACKHEARTS return with the new album SINNER, which has them dealing with political issues. Don’t worry; Jett still loves rock n’ roll and in her latest video, ACDC, vixen Carmen Electra seems to love Jett.

JOAN JETT is coming to Mississippi Nights

Do you want rock 'n roll? You don't have to put another dime in the jukebox to hear JOAN JETT on Oct. 27.

Jett will perform at 8 p.m. at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday. There is a $3.50 service charge per ticket by phone or Internet and a $3.25 per ticket charge through ticket outlets.

Visit for more information.

JOAN JETT Rumbles Back with 'SINNER'

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Day to Day, July 26, 2006 · The hit song "I Love Rock and Roll" by punk rocker JOAN JETT stayed at number one on the Billboard charts for seven weeks back in 1982.

Now decades later, Jett and her band, the BLACKHEARTS, are playing songs from her first album in a decade -- a hard-rocking CD called SINNER -- to a new generation of punk fans.

You’ll hate yourself for not loving her in 2006

For artists with a history more extensive than a six-minute egg, the 1990s were a staggeringly confused time. JOAN JETT crested to the top of the Hot 100 in 1981 with "I Love Rock N Roll," but a little more than a decade later she was attempting a career jump start in a climate where "alternative" artists skittishly avoided words like "rock" and "roll" like a diabetic vampire shuns a crucifix candy cane. Far from being old hat, Jett aligned herself with riot grrrls like L7 and Bikini Kill, who rightly cited her as a key influence.

Her new album, SINNER, ends 10 years of virtual silence, but for an interim compilation and an earlier draft of this album that appeared in Japan two years ago. SINNER ranges from her most graphic material to date ("Relax while I pound your ass," she sings in "Fetish") to her most vulnerable ("Every little bit of me is naked now," from "Naked").

"Vulnerable? Ya think?" wonders Jett after a pause long enough to suggest the cellular carrier dropped the call. "That may be the case. It's hard for me to see what other people see because I'm inside it. 'Naked' is more about introspection, going to a place in your own self where the excuses you give to other people don't fly, 'cause inside you know the truth. I don't find it difficult to write about that stuff. Maybe that's part of growing up."


Ear Candy


low resolution image Not Enlargeable She still looks and sounds mighty fine. SINNER is classic Jett: rock attitude, sing-a-long-songs, echoing background vocals and her prerequisite handclaps. Of course, there’s a cover or two thrown in for good measure, as is expected with Jett. But, it’s the originals that shine. Nothing new, but nothing’s wrong with that. - BK

Vans Warped Tour 2006, Marcus Amphitheatre - Milwaukee, WI


low resolution image Not Enlargeable Want a taste of some hard-core punk rock? The `06 Warped Tour has just rolled out and its third city stop was in Milwaukee, WI. With temperatures soaring to 99 degrees in the sun, thousands of fans came out to experience over eighty punk-rock bands performing on nine stages. Each band would get thirty minutes to pound out their high energy set. Some well known bands like Helmet, Rise Against, and The Casualties showed off their provocative songs and insanely captivating stage presence. Plus it was great to see and hear the British 70's punk rock band Buzzcocks, with their catchy lyrics and vivacious, stage energy.

At 7pm, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS took stage and jettified the crowd with their classic hits including; Bad Reputation, Crimson and Clover, Cherry Bomb, and I Hate Myself For Loving You. With the release of her new album SINNER a week earlier, she introduced and performed the catchy Sweet song A.C.D.C. and her new penned song Change The World. The intoxicating Jett, looking athletically toned and dressed in black leather vest and pants, got the crowd anxious to help out during her smash hit Do You Wanna Touch Me by having them yell back to her "Yeah…Oh Yeah."

She also told the sweaty and on-fire crowd that she was going to perform another new song called Fetish and she called this one "the dirtiest song" she ever wrote because of the edgy and erotic lyrics. Then the crowd went wild and fist pumped into the air when the guitar chords jetted into her chart breaking, worldwide hit I Love Rock N' Roll.

Check out JOAN JETT this summer as the Warped Tour makes its way across the U.S. I can guarantee you the hottest and arousing thirty minutes of punk music you will ever experience. Yeah…Oh Yeah!

Warp Tour Show Times

We’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of e-mails asking what time Joan and the boys take the stage each day for the Warped Tour.

The line up time is determined everyday by a random drawing so even we don't know when Joan is going on til that day. However, once the drawing is done, if you have Cingular cell service you can text "warped" to 57351 for daily band schedule.

JOAN JETT and the big punk rock traveling circus
Warped Tour rolls into Riverbend Wednesday


JOAN JETT already sounds like she'll have plenty of stories to tell about how she spent her summer "vacation."

This summer the punk diva is showing the young'uns how its done, headlining the 12-year-old touring punk-fest and mosh pit frenzy known as the Warped Tour that features more than 30 bands.

"I'm having a blast. It's a big punk rock traveling circus," Jett said in a recent interview while on the road with the Warped Tour, which rolls into Riverbend Wednesday.


Jett gets political in album and on tour

Click to enlarge Contribute $1,000 to local candidate and get to meet rocker back stage on Warped Tour.

R ocker JOAN JETT is known for a lot of things: her stint in the RUNAWAYS, low-slung leather garments, a judicious use of black eyeliner and a rebellious stance against gender stereotypes, but thus far she hasn't mixed politics that much with her music.

That's changed with her new album, "SINNER," which shows off Jett's trademark blend of pop hooks and punk energy.

In the song "Riddles," Jett sings, "Don't claim that you represent me because I don't believe a word that you say" and yowls, "Clean skies, baby, healthy forests, no child left behind wake up people!"

But the rocker cautions that she doesn't want to be perceived as harshly partisan, as some groups are seen.


Kevin's Podcast

low resolution image Not Enlargeable The highlight of Salt Lake City for me was meeting JOAN JETT. I've refrained from fanning out at any given point in this entire tour until seated next to the goddess of rock and roll. As with all famous people, she is much tinier and more beautiful in person then you would ever expect. As part of my blogging responsibilities, I record a podcast with Kevin called 'On the bus with Kevin Lyman" which you really should be checking out. Make sure to check this week's installment to hear what Joan has to say about traveling with Warped, female bands, and her early days with the BLACKHEARTS. Trust me, I was there for the recording so I can assure you that it is worth listening to. I was in awe just being in the same room as her and I promise you I rarely geek out. Okay, there was that one time with Tre Cool in San Francisco. And that time last summer when Joey Fatone and Lance Bass were in line behind me at the movies. But that's an entirely different story I will never own up to. And with that, I think I've said too much.

Click here to listen to Kevin’s Podcast

What the Press is Saying:

"Ladies & gentlemen, reaquaint yourselves with JOAN JETT, feminist icon, DIY-rock pioneer and ass-kicking rock goddess. Joan is back with a stellar new cd, "SINNER." (Dan Nailen, Salt Lake Citry Tribune)

"SINNER" is one of the best and most ferocious pop-punk albums of the year! (Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times)

"The legacy's not about to stop...JOAN JETT is still playing by her own rules." (Amber Ray, Metro New York)


Recent Magazine Articles

August 2006 Spin
Page 10 Check These Out The 20 best songs to download this month. JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS "A.C.D.C." She's here, she's still rockin' the leather pants, get used to it. Pages 12-13 Soundcheck picture of Joan, Kenny and Enzo at Southpaw on June 6th.

August 2006 Interview [Summer Music Spectacular]
JOAN JETT by Mary Gaitskill pages 138-142 They may not make rock stars like they used to, but the truth is, they never made 'em like this one. Photographs by Kerry Hallihan.

LIVE at Vans Warped Tour 2006 - The Bakersfield You've Always Wanted!

Click to enlarge Description: JOAN JETT makes her Warped debut, and school's the competition! Damn! My feets are killin' me, Smalls!
Sunday, July 9th, VANS Warped Tour 2006
Selland Arena, Fresno Ca.

The queen has arrived!

Headlining the Fresno Warped Tour stop was ex-RUNAWAYS, and once again present Black Heart, JOAN JETT!

When Jett's set started, I was literally all the way on the other side of the grounds, but once I heard "Bad Reputation" in the distance, I booked it over to take some pics. JOAN JETT, tough as always, tore threw hit after hit like it was nobodys business.

With a cool snarl and black bikini-top, the original punk queen from the NYC, was back to teach the Warped kids how it's done!

Oh yes...she played the song you're thinking of...


Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour has become a trustworthy institution -- a touring punk rock carnival filled with ample doses of flailing fun, political ranting and a chance for fans to meet their heroes at the dozens of band booths on the midway. And thanks to savvy corporate sponsorship, the $30 concert ticket is a true value.

But this time out, more than in years past, howling metal seemingly more suited to Ozzfest is encroaching on the annual summer romp.

At Friday's Warped stop in Pomona at the Los Angeles County Fairplex, the vicious pummel of Florida's Underoath and New Jersey's Thursday drew some of the day's biggest crowds. The latter is supposedly literary-minded "screamo," the former Christian noisemakers, but both just came off as dinosaurs with rabies, with their rhythms clumsy and their wounded-beast screams predictable.



The release of SINNERs marks 25 years since JOAN JETT's break-out single "I Love Rock-N-Roll" soared up the charts, but she was by no means an overnight success. The single and record by the same name came on the heels of the dissolution of her first group, The RUNAWAYS. The band was an all-woman, pre-punk, rock hard group. But isn't that what comes to mind when you think of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS? With her dark eye-liner and leather outfits, she not only gives the impression of but she is one of the rare "women who can really rock."

SINNER is no exception. The voice is a bit more mature. The lyrics are from someone a bit older and wiser and come from a place a little deeper, but the songs still just plain rock out. She hasn't missed a beat and the music hasn't softened, which is probably why she is a headlining act on the current Vans Warped Tour.

Jett demonstrates those mature lyrics right off the bat with the opening track, "Riddles." The song has a political, anti-war, if not anti-Bush, message. From the opening chords and vocals you will recognize it as JOAN JETT; it has a retro sound that is unmistakably hers. The song asks the question why politicians speak in riddles, and includes sound-bytes from news reports between the howls of the guitar and hand-claps.


Jett teaches tour a few things

Click to enlarge The younger fans attending this year's Vans Warped Tour might be excused for thinking the band rocking the main stage accidentally took a wrong turn after shuffling out of the Reverse Day Care tent on their way to get another pair of earplugs.

But once they hear the first chunky notes blasting out of punk rock legend JOAN JETT's low slung guitar, and get a load of the 47-year-old's age-defying washboard abs poking out of her omnipresent skintight leather pants, they'll realize they're the ones who are going to need the earplugs.

Never one to follow trends or adhere to music business rules, three decades into her career as a headliner, Jett has hopped aboard the Warped wagon to teach the kids at the long-running punk rock and extreme sports festival a little something about longevity. She tops a bill that features dozens of acts who weren't even born when she began her career in the mid 1970s as part of the seminal all-girl punk band the RUNAWAYS.


Jett still loves rock 'n' roll

JOAN JETT has been both a heavy-metal pioneer (as a member of one of the first all-female heavy-metal bands, the RUNAWAYS) and a New Wave heroine (with her band, the BLACKHEARTS), but her presence among the mainstage attractions at this year's Warped Tour isn't about nostalgia: At age 47, she has just released one of the best and most ferocious pop-punk albums of the year, "SINNER," on her own BLACKHEART RECORDS.

Jett's familiar mix of driving rhythms, anthemic hooks and that delightfully raspy growl acquires a new urgency on the disc with the political message of "Riddles" and the risque flirting of "Fetish." The album also takes some surprising turns, including a cover of the Replacements' "Androgynous" that's thematically correct but a musical departure.

I spoke with Jett 10 days into Warped, as it made its way toward Chicago's July 30 stop.



Thirty years ago when the RUNAWAYS joined a musical revolution hell-bent on "taking down the establishment," the agenda was clear but the reasoning behind it was not. Now that Jett's out of the closet she's really got something to crow about, though "SINNER" is much more fun than a barrel of socio-political complaints. Both musically and physically untouched by time (she looks hot as hell), Jett and her classic Blackheart lineup dutifully serve up a frolicking crunch-guitar joyride that's as timeless as it is unapologetically leather-sexy. Rather than derailing her own 'be what you are' stance, Jett sticks to what she knows, all black eyeliner and combat boots, and "SINNER" will have you proudly chanting "I Love Rock and Roll" in no time at all.

JOAN JETT, Warped Tour!
from:, Eye Street Chronicles

low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT took the main stage during Van's Warped Tour today in Marysville and she was a sight to behold-- looking gorgeous and edgy as she rocked out with her band to a giant crowd that sang along with every great song.

The obscene heat was hard on everyone but some things just can't be missed -- Joan is one of them.

Underground Garage

low resolution image Not Enlargeable SORRY! Got carried away with the wild and wonderful Beatles show in Las Vegas last week so now we can catch up on things—like last week's coolest song in the world from Dirty Pretty Things and this week's from the Living Things.

The Libertines were all the rage in England for 15 minutes, but in 2004 co-leaders Pete Doherty and Carl Barat went their separate ways mostly due to Doherty's open, unapologetic and consistent drug use. Not to mention being jailed for burglarizing Barat's flat.

Doherty went on to form Babyshambles, and Barat put together Dirty Pretty Things with Libertines drummer Gary Powell and second guitarist Anthony Rossamando and former Cooper Temple Clause bassist Didz Hammond. Their debut album is "Waterloo to Anywhere," and our coolest song is "Bang Bang You're Dead."

The band will do a handful of showcase dates in August, but we're going to try and get them back for more shows in the fall.


Warped Tour's beat goes on
Music fans keep coming back to big bang for small bucks


Not long ago festival tours were the future - a way for fans to cheaply see a number of unknown bands, find something they liked and embrace it.

Nine Inch Nails and Pearl Jam broke out in the early '90s on Lollapalooza tours, turning that festival into the gold standard for musical adventure and discovery.

But a decade after its heyday, the national festival is all but dead in most cases.


Rock icon flying high with new album, tour

Of the dozens of artists playing at the Vans Warped Tour Saturday, only one can truly be called an icon.

She started her own record label a decade before feminist icon Ani DiFranco did the same. She co-founded a Los Angeles all-girl rock outfit, The RUNAWAYS, nearly a decade before The Go-Go's hit it big. She produced the only album by influential L.A. punks The Germs, and as a teenager headlined clubs while bands like Talking Heads, Television and Tom Petty opened for her.

Ladies and gentlemen, reacquaint yourselves with JOAN JETT - feminist icon, DIY-rock pioneer and ass-kicking rock goddess.


JOAN JETT stands up for the punk spirit

low resolution image Not Enlargeable The Vans Warped Tour turned to vintage punk rockers for its recent summer tours, including a stint with Billy Idol in 2005, but the traveling musical carnival has brought the genre full circle for the kids who brave the sun each year.

After all, would we have NOFX without Billy Idol? Would there be Bad Religion without the Ramones?

This year's original-generation punk rocker, JOAN JETT, is playing every date of the grueling summer tour. And while her first singles - not to mention her work with The RUNAWAYS - were no doubt big influences in the early days of punk, Jett herself isn't so well acquainted with her contemporary peers.


Vans Warped Tour lines up JOAN JETT

JOAN JETT had never been to the Vans Warped Tour before this year.

"I knew about it but never was able to attend," Jett said by phone from an airplane as it taxied on a Sacramento runway. "But I'm having a blast. It's exactly what I thought it would be. It's like a punk-band circus, full of summer fun."

Jett, the one and only who wrote and recorded "I Love Rock and Roll," said she's comfortable playing the 30-minute set. "We've got a lot of songs that people will recognize. And we play a few new songs. But it's fast and quick and gives me time to check out the other bands on the bill."


Don’t-miss on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour

It goes without saying that JOAN JETT is a must-see at the Warped Tour. She’s this year’s token O.G., and will probably teach a few of the younger bands how it’s done. This, while stealing the hearts and loins of pretty much every young man and lady in attendance. You read right: On her new album SINNER, Jett’s cover of Sweet’s bi-anthem "A.C.D.C." gives lovesick dudes hope. The rest of the platter gives rock fans hope: If Jett can crank out a platter like this so late in her nearly 30-year career and be called upon to headline the Warped Tour, then there’s hope for music, period.

Ticketholders have much to see at this year's Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES --- "Only at the Fair" is an appropriate theme for the 2006 Iowa State Fair Aug. 10 through 20.

Because only at the fair will you get to see 10 days of star-studded entertainment lineups, including notables like James Taylor and country superstars Brad Paisley and Big & Rich. And let's not forget the classic rock sounds of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS.

"We have a strong lineup of award-winning acts," said Lori Chappell, marketing director for the Iowa State Fair. "We're really excited."


JOAN JETT's in for Warped Tour
It's 10 years between albums and, yes, it's been frustrating for her

from: The Province

It doesn't seem like 10 years have passed between Joan Jett's last album and the new SINNER.

"Yeah, I don't think there has been any change," Jett agrees. "I could have recorded this album two years after the last album. I know what you mean."

SINNER is her mix of rock with a punk edge and enough pop sensibility to insure that the album is melodic. Ten years?


Black-leather Jett stars in Vans Warped Tour
She is one of the headlining acts at Thunderbird stadium

from: Vancouver Sun (

If, when you hear the name JOAN JETT, you think black leather, perma-sneer and butt-kicking attitude, the voice on the phone lives up to the image.

Her speaking voice is as feminine as gravel in a blender. And although she initially sounds standoffish, it turns out that Jett is quite the opposite. Even the thought of Britney Spears famously citing Pat Benatar in response to a press conference question about her decision to cover Jett's signature hit I Love Rock 'n' Roll doesn't ruffle the iconic singer-guitarist.

"Usually you cover songs that reflect something about you or something you feel, whatever you know," says Jett. "I didn't know that she loved rock 'n' roll. And then when she made that statement, it confirmed it for me. You can't take it seriously or be hurt by it at all," she adds.


Warped Tour features solid punk bands with a host of odd names

GEORGE -- Van's Warped Tour, now in its 12th year, is a typical tween: bratty enough to be an adolescent but showing sings of maturity that come from age and experience.

The daylong event that celebrates all things punk, packed 100 bands on 10 stages during its 10-hour stint at The Gorge Amphitheatre on Saturday. Typically at Warped, the band names are as colorful as the moussed-up Mohawks and this year was no different. Rappers Dead Celebrity Status, hard-core metal band Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Alaskan pop-punks Dirty Little Monkey took the cake for clever-sounding band names.

The main stage featured the wildly popular Christian band Underoath, ska-flavored Less Than Jake, newcomers Motion City Soundtrack, Aussie trio The Living End, punk jokesters NoFX and plenty of other punks of note. Local group Aiden, which also played on the main stage, performed a fiery 30-minute set. During its set the band announced it will be recording a live DVD at the Showbox in October.


JOAN JETT Gets Warped Perspective

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Hard to believe, but this year marks the 25th anniversary of JOAN JETT teaming with the BLACKHEARTS to declare 'I Love Rock N' Roll.' Certainly makes us feel old, but Jett, who recently released a new album, 'SINNER,' has found a fountain of youth in her headlining spot on this year's Warped tour.

"It's very inspiring to be around all these kids," Jett told AOL Music when Warped rolled into L.A.'s Dodger Stadium last week. "I enjoy watching their shows and becoming a fan. It's a lot of fun."

While she's mostly seen bands on the main stages, where she's been playing, Jett has found a way to branch out to the side stages. "I am borrowing a BMX bike from one of the NOFX guys so I can ride away to the other stages and check stuff out," she said.

Jett, who is a first-timer on Warped but has had bands on her Blackheart label play the tour before, knows she was brought in as an icon. "I think [Warped founder Kevin Lyman] likes to have bands that somehow represent where some of this stuff came from, the punk rock thing. Whatever credit people give you for having anything to do with this, it's very humbling. I just do my work and don't try to analyze it much beyond that."

And she still doesn't give a damn about her bad reputation.

Some things never change.



She's been around for over 25 years: JOAN JETT, who we know loves rock 'n' roll and many wanted to touch her "there." What's changed over all this time? Musically, not a whole lot. She's still rocking with a swaggering punk flavor and attitude. As such, SINNER isn't a surprise to fans, although those who have lost track of her accomplishments over time can head back to Ms. Jett with old expectations fully intact. Politically charged at times and testing all sexual boundaries, SINNER still manages to keep things light and fun.

Positives: JOAN JETT has always been at her best when tackling covers. The adorable "A.C.D.C." by Sweet is the standout track. "Baby Blue" is an obvious ear-catcher, and "Fetish" feels like 100% badassery. The tastefully done "Riddles" follows time-honored punk tradition voicing concerns about the US government without becoming ridiculous.



45 year old rock veteran JOAN JETT has been a major influence for many popular female rockers on this planet such as Courtney Love,Bif Naked,Sahara Hotnights and The Donnas to name a few.

Few artists boast a wider appeal than JOAN JETT,beloved by punks, indie rockers, pop lovers, metal heads and classic rockers - she is a genuine icon with no less than nine Top 40 singles and eight platinum/gold LP's.

Her classic "I love rock'n'roll" album from 1982 sold over 10 million copies around the world and she was only 15 years old when she penned "Cherry bomb" with the pioneers of girl rock The RUNAWAYS!


CD Reviews Music CD Review The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper


JOAN JETT is a Swiss watch, a German train schedule, the Energizer Bunny. In a word: dependable. Jett may have been an inspiration to, and peer of, riot grrrls everywhere (Bikini Kill vet Kathleen Hanna shares four songwriting credits here), but it is unlikely she will ever attempt anything as ambitious as, say, Sleater-Kinney's The Woods. With the exception of "Black Leather," an ill-advised flirtation with rap from her 1986 full-length, Good Music, she hasn't deviated off-course for 31 years, content to turn out high-voltage rock and roll since her adolescent days in the RUNAWAYS.

While Jett has remained an exciting live performer, her last widely distributed U.S. album was 1994's Pure and Simple. Thus, after several lackluster tour- and internet-only releases, SINNER is a welcome return to form. And while it reprises many songs from the 2004 Japanese import Naked, this 14-track set includes a few key cuts unique to the U.S. title. For openers, there's "Riddles," an anti-Bush rant and Linda Perry co-write that nails the essence of what Jett does best: injecting punk rock's rebellious energy into commercial chart pop. Then there's her take-no-prisoners cover of the Sweet's "AC/DC," yet another glorious fit of the gender-fuck she's been peddling since her 1981 revamp of "Crimson and Clover," and the surprisingly positive "Change the World," the best song the early Go-Go's never wrote. SINNER isn't a stone classic à la Jett's early-'80s masterpieces, but it's everything a BLACKHEARTS record should be: edgy, fun, and reliable.

JOAN JETT headlines Warped Tour, Sat July 15 at Gorge Amphitheatre.

Gritty In Pink Compilation CD

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Just released: Grrrl-fronted band compilation CD at Warped Tour, entitled All-Girl Stage Crew Vol. 2.

Gritty In Pink Compilation CD
Featuring The Exclusive Track

20th Anniversary!

SATURDAY, JULY 20th: David Snowden Promotions, Inc. is proud to announce that today, July 15 is the 20th Anniversary from the day the company was incorporated in 1986!

During the past 20 years, Snowden Promotions, has worked with some big names in the music industry including Ronnie James Dio, White Lion, Y&T, Vixen, LA Guns, Britny Fox, Vinnie Vincent Invasion (Slaughter), Nelson, Tuff (, Mike Tramp, Kelly Bell Band (, Ace Frehley, Icehouse, Linear, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, KISS and many more.

One of the company’s biggest accomplishments has been their work with JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS for the past 17 years!

MUSIC: JOAN JETT rocks Roseau fair
Song stands as Billboard record


ROSEAU, Minn. - The New York Times called her the "godmother" of female musicians with loud guitars and idealistic dreams. Others have called her queen of punk and the last rock star.

JOAN JETT will rock the Roseau County Fair at 8 p.m. Thursday in the grandstands. Tickets are $20.

At 15, Jett formed The RUNAWAYS, the teen rock group that changed the rules of rock 'n' roll for girls. The band recorded five LPs with one - the live album - becoming one of the biggest-selling records in Japan and a U.S. punk/rock classic, which still sells today.


JOAN JETT still loves rock 'n' roll
from: vancourier

Having spent two-thirds of her life in the rock 'n' roll racket, JOAN JETT has charted one of the biggest singles in history, changed the way the music business looks at women and influenced an entire generation of rockers, male and female alike.

"Fun-that's what keeps me going," says the woman who plunked "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" at the top of the Billboard charts for eight weeks in 1982. "It's a blast."

Currently in the midst of the Vans Warped Tour, which brings 70-plus bands to UBC's Thunderbird Stadium Tuesday, Jett is in her element. "I thought it was going to be a rolling punk-rock circus, and that's exactly what it is," she says via cellphone en route from Phoenix to San Diego.


Warped goes wide
Review: This year's tour has a broader range of choices and even something for the parents.


Vans Warped Tour 2006 was a day of choices: punk or emo? Studded belts and liberty spikes or tight T-shirts and brightly colored running shorts? Stage left, stage right, or the slew of side stages in between?

In its stop last week at the Pomona Fairplex – it comes to Ventura today and Los Angeles on Wednesday – the show was set up in a dumbbell shape, with the two main stages on separate sides and the three major side stages smack in the middle. This layout made the outdoor concert seem more like a packed, sweaty night club, as waves of concert-goers attempted to ping-pong between their favorite bands.

Whose genius idea was it to have three simultaneous band meet-and-greet signings in the passageway between the two main stages? Accusations of cutting in line led to several arguments and had people hopping up and down just to see how much farther they would have to go to break through into some open space.


IGN A Day at the Warped Tour

Click to enlarge Eleven enormous image galleries of the biggest bands: Underoath, Helmet, JOAN JETT, Less Than Jake and more!

July 13, 2006 - If you're headed out to the Vans Warped Tour this summer, make sure you pack two things: plenty of sunscreen and an extra face… because yours is gonna get rocked the f*** off.

We got a chance to check out America's longest running tour yesterday in the acrid flats of the Dodger Stadium parking lot, where over 800 musicians and thousands of moshing rowdies came together to pay homage to sweat and loud noises. As always, we documented the experience with hundreds of pictures, crashing the pits to snag images of 11 of the marquee bands. Click here for photos!

IGN JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pics They still love rock n' roll.

Nights with Alice Cooper

TUESDAY - 7/18/2006 - Your oh-so-naughty night jock Alice Cooper is coming to you from his tour in Indiana! Alice tells a great story about Ozzy for This Day in Rock, plays a Cooper's Cover from JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, AND digs up trivia on Led Zeppelin! Then it's Tuesday Bluesday- YAY!- and Alice picks a great song from John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, plus there's a BONUS Cooper's Cover from none other than Motorhead! Don't miss this evening's Tuesday edition of Nights with Alice Cooper, proud to be the best radio between Monday and Wednesday nights!

Go to website for radio stations throughout the United States!

Tonight Show with Joan Leno

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno performance with Joan Jett and The BLACKHEARTS has been moved to Tuesday, September 19.

Jett is still trying to change the world with good vibes and punk rock

From JOAN JETT's perspective, the 2006 Vans Warped Tour is "like a big, traveling block party."

"There's great camaraderie among the bands," the Philadelphia-bred rocker said in a phone interview this week before a show in Ventura, Calif. "It's a festival atmosphere, which is different from a regular tour. It's sort of loose and relaxed. I'm having a great time. I'm really enjoying myself."

As the tour crisscrosses the country, the 47-year-old singer and guitarist is meeting and hanging out with her younger counterparts in the punk world. A slight weariness in her voice from a hectic day on the road couldn't mask her passion for one of the biggest tours of the summer.


JOAN JETT releases first studio album in 12 years

low resolution image Not Enlargeable July 13, 2006 - After 12 years of waiting, fans this summer are finally getting a new studio album from JOAN JETT called "SINNER."

But it's not like Jett intended to see her recording career go on hold like that.

"If we had had our way, it would have been out much earlier," Jett said of the new album. "But there were several things in the way of that. So here we are now."


Warped Tour

July 13, 2006 - If you think applying for a regular job is tough and competitive, just be glad you're not in a band that wants to play the Vans Warped tour, set to begin at noon today at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre.

This year, more than 3,000 acts applied for a slot on the tour, and according to Kevin Lyman, founder and organizer for the tour, that's only counting the ones whose applications came through record labels, management or other authentic avenues of professional representation.

Lyman doesn't like to say no, but it's becoming one part of running this modern rock music and lifestyle tour that gets more common year after year.


Many Are Threatened by Female Rockers, Says JOAN JETT

JOAN JETT insists the world still feels threatened by women who play rock 'n' roll because they are seen as too sexually aggressive. The 47-year-old star continues to tour and claims people struggle to deal with assertive women.

She explains, "I think playing rock 'n' roll implies sexuality. When a girl is playing rock 'n' roll, she's saying, 'I own my own sexuality.' Some people find that threatening."

The rocker dismisses the newest batch of female artists who label themselves as rockers, such as Ashlee Simpson, claiming they are a different breed.

She adds, "People use rock to make someone sound edgy. But with these artists, it's a different kind of sexuality. It's more like, 'You can do what you want to me,' as opposed to, 'This is what I'm going to do to you!'"

August 2006 Alternative Press Magazine

"IDOL WORSHIP" on page 90 LE TIGRE/BIKINI KILL founder Kathleen Hanna holds court with rock icon JOAN JETT on punk, personal struggle and patriotism. Magazine also includes an ad and a review for SINNER.

Worth seeing at the Warped Tour
from: (Los Angeles)

With 50-plus bands scheduled to perform at the Warped Tour, choosing which ones to watch can be a daunting task. These are some worth checking out:

Latest disc: "SINNER" (Blackheart)
The lowdown: Outside of a few festival gigs in recent years, JOAN JETT gigs have been scarce in the Southland. That should change since the former Runaway and tough chick who once sang about her bad reputation just released her first studio album in a decade. Still rocking hard as ever, Jett re-teamed with producer/co-writer KENNY LAGUNA and tackles classic Sweet and Replacements tunes.

"Change The World" Selected for Radio Show Theme Song

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS "Change The World" off their new album SINNER has been selected as the theme song for the radio show Politically Direct hosted by David Bender.  Listen to the show on Air America Radio on Saturday's at 10:00 pm or Sunday's at 2:00 pm.

Jett Plane - Warped Tour 2006 bands put festival into overdrive

Sensory overload ran rampant at this year's Warped Tour. Friday's stop at the infield of the Fairplex racetrack in Pomona had it all: searing heat, the occasional whiff of horse from the nearby stables, thousands of mosh-happy fans, and, everywhere, music coming at you nonstop. Friday's festival stop at the infield of the Fairplex racetrack in Pomona crammed more than 80 bands playing half-hour sets into its eight hours. There's no way to see it all, so attendees must plan out their own custom list of bands to see.

Mine began with Saves the Day, whose set turned out to be one of the day's high points. The New Jersey band reeled off punchy power chords in support of magenta-haired singer Chris Conley's soaring vocals on "Head for the Hills," "At Your Funeral" and "As Your Ghost Takes Flight."

Chicago's Plain White T's delivered their unfashionably direct power-pop on one of the venue's smaller stages, presenting a crisp set featuring "Breakdown," "All That We Needed," and not one, but two sentimental love songs, "Fireworks" and "Hey There Delilah," the latter performed solo by singer Tim Higgenson.


Jett Plane - The transcendental JOAN JETT experience

There are not too many reasons left in this life for me to pile into a small sedan with a group of friends and drive for six long, hot hours to Fresno. But when JOAN JETT, the Queen of Awesomeness, beckoned last summer, the correct response was to brave the cramped, sweaty foray into the Central Valley and head for the Fresno County Fair.

My love for JOAN JETT traces back to 1993, when I first heard "You Don't Know What You've Got." It was heartbreaking. At the time, I was living with a girl who couldn't stand to hear my name anymore, and the song was one of many breakup anthems we'd share. Five years later, another girl, another city, another JOAN JETT song: "Why Can't We Be Happy?"

It appeared that JOAN JETT had a slew of relationship problems, and man, could I relate. "Don't Abuse Me," "Let Me Go," "Had Enough"--they were the concise and detailed stories of my own life; simple, honest songs that I could have written myself. They were also poignant reminders that I was neither simple nor honest enough to do so, and all this coming from a woman whose biggest hit merely stated that she loved rock and roll.


What do we really recall from the past nine years?

There are lots of lists, honors, bests, and all that kind of stuff as the WNBA's 10th anniversary season nears the All-Star Game. My editor said, "How about a top-10 favorite moments list?" and then I was mentally going through the standard things that I think most WNBA followers would include.

Except … I wanted my list to be from a true sports fan's heart. Meaning this: What do I really remember vividly from the last nine seasons? What images come to mind, off the top of my head? What honestly left an impression?

Ever watch those "I Love the (fill-in-the-decade)" shows on VH1? You see the "celebrities" saying things such as, "OK, well, the Wonder Twins were part of the 'Superfriends,' and they would say, 'Wonder Twin powers, activate!' And then …"


Vans Warped Tour 2006, Marcus Amphitheatre - Milwaukee, WI - June 17, 2006


low resolution image Not Enlargeable Want a taste of some hard-core punk rock? The `06 Warped Tour has just rolled out and its third city stop was in Milwaukee, WI. With temperatures soaring to 99 degrees in the sun, thousands of fans came out to experience over eighty punk-rock bands performing on nine stages. Each band would get thirty minutes to pound out their high energy set. Some well known bands like Helmet, Rise Against, and The Casualties showed off their provocative songs and insanely captivating stage presence. Plus it was great to see and hear the British 70's punk rock band Buzzcocks, with their catchy lyrics and vivacious, stage energy.

At 7pm, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS took stage and jettified the crowd with their classic hits including; Bad Reputation, Crimson and Clover, Cherry Bomb, and I Hate Myself For Loving You. With the release of her new album SINNER a week earlier, she introduced and performed the catchy Sweet song A.C.D.C. and her new penned song Change The World. The intoxicating Jett, looking athletically toned and dressed in black leather vest and pants, got the crowd anxious to help out during her smash hit Do You Wanna Touch Me by having them yell back to her "Yeah…Oh Yeah."

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTSShe also told the sweaty and on-fire crowd that she was going to perform another new song called Fetish and she called this one "the dirtiest song" she ever wrote because of the edgy and erotic lyrics. Then the crowd went wild and fist pumped into the air when the guitar chords jetted into her chart breaking, worldwide hit I Love Rock N' Roll.

Check out JOAN JETT this summer as the Warped Tour makes its way across the U.S. I can guarantee you the hottest and arousing thirty minutes of punk music you will ever experience. Yeah…Oh Yeah!

Jett-propelled rock
Back on tour, the singer-guitarist says music needs more female bands


It's been more than 30 years since JOAN JETT joined the RUNAWAYS. At that time, the Los Angeles-based, all-girl rock band -- cobbled together in part via Monkees-style auditions -- was considered something of a rock 'n' roll novelty for its pretty, teenage members who were barely schooled on their instruments.

Now, Jett is a seasoned, skilled musician with several hits to her name, but, as the cliché goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

"How have things changed?" Jett's famously raspy voice rises an octave or two at the question.

"It's been more than 25 years since the RUNAWAYS (broke up) and there still aren't any mainstream rock 'n' roll girls," says Jett, 47, on the phone from Nashville, where she's about to play a set at the Vans Warped Tour. The tour arrives Thursday at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre near Marysville.


She's Still Got It

At age 15, JOAN JETT wrote "Cherry Bomb" for the RUNAWAYS' debut album. More than a few years later, JOAN JETT is still around, producing records, acting, hosting a radio show and putting out great records, like SINNER. With this album, as well as her headlining slot on the 2006 Warped Tour, she is presenting herself to another generation, and endearing herself to everyone all over again.

Sometimes Politics, Sometimes Sex, Always Rock And Roll
SINNER is, in many ways, classic JOAN JETT. It's an album of solid rock songs, without a thought of genre or pretension. It's the way her music has always been. But at the same time, this album is never stale. Simply put, it proves that rock and roll can be timeless, as long as the right people are doing it.

The album opens with "Riddles", and Jett gets the political song out of the way in the first track. With her cry of "Wake up, people," it's a jab at the current administration, and the idea that they don't really care about America, but that people don't seem to notice what's going on. The track closes with some confusing quotes from Ashcroft, and a stumbling soundbite from W. With the close of that track, Jett has made her political stance known, and that leaves the rest of the album to simply rock.

JOAN JETT has always refused to discuss her personal life in public, but many songs here dance around one of the topics she won't discuss. Many of the songs deal with sexuality and gender, including the album's two covers. They are a very fun take on the classic glam song "A.C.D.C" by Sweet, and a mildly twangy cover of the Replacements' "Androgynous". Both were excellent choices for covers, whether or not she wanted to play around with sexuality and gender bending themes. With original songs, she continues exploring these ideas with the songs "Everyone Knows", "Fetish", and "Baby Blue".


JOAN JETT shows how age doesn't dull a good rocker

Long before Ashlee Simpson dyed her hair jet black and tried to convince the world she could rock, JOAN JETT was trotting the globe with her black locks and proving that women could rock just like men.

Now in her mid-40s, Jett's not trying to retire to the old folks' music circuit yet. She hopped on the mainstage of this year's Vans Warped Tour to prove to the kids of Simpson's generation that women have been rocking like men for a while now.

"It makes me excited about the music scene again," Jett says. "To see all these vibrant bands."

While she's old enough to be the mother to the 20-something bands that the Warped Tour is crawling with, that's hardly Jett's role.


Marin still loves Jett's rock 'n' roll

JOAN JETT played before a record-breaking crowd at the Marin County Fair

The line to get into the Marin County Fair to see JOAN JETT on Monday night stretched so far I couldn't see the end of it. With a handful of other people, I was standing backstage with the iconic female rocker, who was more interested in watching the ducks paddling around on the Civic Center Lagoon than in the record crowd that was streaming onto the fairgrounds for her show.

In the midst of a surprising comeback with "SINNER," her first album of new songs in 12 years, the 47-year-old hard-rock heroine broke off from the high-profile Warped Tour to appear in Marin for this one show at the fairgrounds.

Evidently, judging from her fascination with the ducks, she and her four-piece band don't get to see a lot of wildlife on the Warped Tour, unless you count the flocks of young fans who turn out in full punk plumage to pay homage to one of their idols.

As Jett and her band, the BLACKHEARTS, did a meet and greet with a handful of insiders before the show, a heavyset young woman wearing a T-shirt from a tattoo parlor confided to me, "JOAN JETT was seminal to my development as a dyke, and as a rocker."



low resolution image Not Enlargeable This is taken word for word from her website: "JOAN JETT has been called godmother to female musicians with loud guitars and idealistic dreams by The New York Times, as well as the queen of punk, the original riot grrrl, and the last rock star". We love JOAN JETT. This was her second show at Summerfest in three years and had just played in Milwaukee a few weeks before. You'd think the fatigue of playing the same place or the crowd's fickle desire to see something new would dampen the vibe. No way. She has become a favorite at the festival and is known as a professional through and through. A guaranteed great show.

It was packed, it was hot, and playing on the same night as NIN did nothing to stop this true rocker. She sings, she really plays the guitar, writes, composes and knows how to show you a good time. This aspect of live shows is missing form the over-dubbed playbacks of other female artists. When the mold broke, Joan arrived. Her sheer attitude about living life and having a great time doing it is infectous. Looking at the crowd of gen-x punks and young ones just coming of age proves that sheer talent sells. That and a great bod. Watching her bounce around, revving the audience on singing 'I Love Rock N' Roll' makes you a true believer that rock-no-roll is good for you.


Venerable punks, bratty screamo upstarts — bring your eyeliner!


Warped Tour. What’s the big whoop?
Featuring more than 100 bands spread out over 9 stages, the Warped Tour is now in its twelfth year. It’s become the nation’s longest-running touring festival, despite a tendency toward some bizarre onstage pairings (Eminem and Pennywise? Black Eyed Peas and Suicidal Tendencies?) that prove the Tour’s punk core might be best left undiluted. To wit, this year’s bill scraps genre-jumbling mash-ups for punk history lessons: Buzzcocks and JOAN JETT join (bleeding) heartthrobs Thursday and The Academy Is … as headliners.

On a scale of Woodstock to Woodstock ’99, where does the vibe fall?
You won’t find any patchouli-scented drum circles, but there is a spirit of togetherness. "It’s not even about what bands are playing," says The Academy Is … lead singer William Beckett, who used to attend the tour as a disgruntled Gap employee and Thursday fanatic. "It’s about being part of something that’s mixing all these cultures and musical styles in one festival." JOAN JETT says she’s "envisioning this great rock & roll, punk rock circus vibe."

But is it, like, really punk?
"Absolutely," says Jett, who believes the festival is an extension of her days going to clubs and checking out bands with the RUNAWAYS, one of the first all-girl punk bands, in the ’70s. "That’s how I would discover music," says Jett.


Jett, Laguna keep rockin' 25 years later
Marin County Fair date for the BLACKHEARTS


In the crazy world of rock n' roll, "loyalty" is often up there with "celibacy," "three-piece suits" and the phrase, "Sure, we'll open for Barry Manilow."

Tell that to KENNY LAGUNA. For 25 years, he's been at JOAN JETT's side as co-writer, manager, keyboardist and co-founder of BLACKHEART RECORDS.

That's a lot of tours, a lot of shows, and a lot of buses. But Laguna, a former member of "Tommy James and the Shondells," wouldn't change the course of history one note.


JOAN JETT at Warped speed

SHE WAS a Runaway at 15, so it should come as no surprise that JOAN JETT recently ran off to join the circus for the summer.

"It was really a convergence of opportunities, all coinciding at the right time," she said over the phone from her New York City home. "The new CD will have just come out, it is the 25th anniversary of BLACKHEART RECORDS, our little indie label, and though I'd never thought about doing it before, I've been extremely aware of the Warped Tour since its inception.

"So when Kevin (Lyman, the tour's founder) approached me with the idea of doing some Warped Tour dates this summer, I got very excited. I've never been with a traveling circus before."


91X A.C.D.C.

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Let 91X in San Diego know how much you liked hearing JOAN JETT's A.C.D.C on their radio station.

If you want to make a punk rock request go to or Request Line: 858-570-1919

JOAN JETT teaches the boys a few lessons on this year’s Warped Tour

Click to enlarge It’s funny how time changes things.

For example, when JOAN JETT first clawed her way into the spotlight as the sneering singer-guitarist in teenage leather queens the RUNAWAYS, the idea of a gigantic, corporate-sponsored music festival proudly flying the punk banner would have seemed as utterly ludicrous as five girls playing hard-as-bricks rock ’n’ roll. First of all, there simply weren’t enough bands in 1976 to fill out that kind of lineup. And who would have gone, anyway? A bunch of junkies and anarchistic street trash? What company would want their name associated with a gathering like that?

Now, 30 years later, Jett is headlining just such a festival: the 12th annual Vans Warped Tour, the most durable package tour of the summer. And she’s still playing rock ’n’ roll you can build a house out of.

"I feel like I fit in, but I don’t analyze it," she says somewhat tenuously, over the phone during one of the tour’s rare days off. It seems slightly absurd that she would talk so sheepishly about her position on the tour. Why wouldn’t she fit in? After all, this is a culture she helped give birth to. Her credentials are impeccable: She produced the first Germs album; she hung out with the Ramones; she taught Sid Vicious how to dress. Most significantly, she stomped out the gender lines etched into the history of pop. In rock, women of consequence had always been either delicate songbirds or bluesy belters. Jett, however, was something else: A female musician with, ahem, balls. She could shout, spit and bring down the hammer of the gods as hard as any guy could, and she would do so as if it were no big deal. If punk was an egalitarian revolution, then Jett was surely an important figure. So shouldn’t she be able to storm into an event that’s often referred to as "punk rock summer camp" and immediately feel at home? Not only feel like she’s at home, but like she built the friggin’ place with her own bare hands? "I don’t feel that so much, the influence. I go there as a music fan. I don’t really think about my place in it too much."

KENNY LAGUNA, Jett’s longtime manager and songwriting partner, puts it a little more immodestly: "This is where she belongs — she’s one of the Elvis Presleys of punk rock."



A few of my old classmates struggled through a karaoke version of "I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll" at my high school reunion last weekend. I didn’t mind their singing too much, but I’m sad that "I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll" and "Crimson and Clover" are the only JOAN JETT songs that most folks remember.

Jett, who’s the same age that I am, is one of the toughest rock chicks in history. And though she’s now well into middle age, Jett’s not willing to conform. Her new album, "SINNER," is proof of that.

The album rocks as hard as anything Jett ever recorded, and that’s pretty hard. There isn’t much variety in tempo, but that’s OK – you wouldn’t have wanted The Ramones to have performed a sweet version of "Fire and Rain," would you? Jett’s still singing about sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll with an extra helping of sexual confusion, please.

It won’t be long before middle-aged men and women everywhere renew their crushes on Jett. I'll bet a few younger folks do, too, because Jett's still tough, gruff and buff.

iTunes Celebrity Playlists - JOAN JETT

"Ball & Chain" Social Distortion (Track 1): "For the underdog in us all."

"Cretin Hop" The Ramones (Track 2): "Almost every early Ramones song could be on this list. I was lucky enough to tour with the Ramones in the late '70s and it was an unbelievable experience, especially for a fan."

"Rebel Girl" Bikini Kill (Track 3): "Kick-*ss female energy."


Warped Tour a hit in new digs

Click to enlarge Don't worry about the Vans Warped Tour selling out. The all-day punk-rock fest survived its move down 83rd Avenue from the Peoria Sports Complex to Cricket Pavilion with its integrity intact on July 4.

In fact, nobody seemed to mind the new digs - from the bands who praised the better backstage area to the fans who could move freely
and enjoy more misting systems.

There were a few complaints, however, ranging from the minor (not close enough to an In-N-Out Burger) to the major (the asphalt parking lot at Cricket was more dangerous for crowd surfing than the outfield at Peoria Stadium).


Recent Magazine Articles

06:05:06-06:09:06 Discussions features JOAN JETT on the cover and includes SINNER overview.

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When things are looking a little down there´s always something that comes along and brightens your whole day up! In this case it´s ´SINNER´ the new album from JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS. This is one wicked album and shows JOAN JETT at her best. The Rock N Roll played on here are some of the best tunes I´ve heard in ages. Joan´s voice is just a pleasure to hear and certainly compliments the excellent music. Just listening to the opening number ´Riddles´ is worth the price of this album alone. The album from there just gets better with ´Five´, ´Change The World´, ´Bad Time´ and Tube Talkin´ which is by far the best track on here. Production is of high standard and captures everything that makes this album so great. The Bonus video was of course a pleasure to watch and the album lyrics are added in to the bonus features. I´ve been listening to JOAN JETT for over two decades and she just gets better - This album confirms it for me. Buy this now as you probably wont hear a Rock N Roll album this good for a long while! (Blackheart) 10/10

JOAN JETT in the Vans Warped Tour

JOAN JETT’s Hollywood days with the pre-punk all-girl band the RUNAWAYS are the stuff of legend, but it’s the classic "I Love Rock ’n’ Roll" which cemented her sound in the public ear. On Wednesday, July 12th, at 11 a.m., Jett will tear up the Dodger Stadium parking lot with the Vans Warped Tour. The tour also features NOFX, Hellogoodbye, Helmet, Rise Against, and Less Than Jake. The ever-busy Jett was a real challenge to nail down, but we tracked her down to Nashville, where on a hot, sticky day, we found out if she still loves rock ’n’ roll.

How do you feel about your large contingent of gay fans?
I think it’s great. Gay, straight, whatever: I don’t really see a difference. I don’t really look at sexuality that way.

How was it working with Michael J. Fox? You received such wonderful press for Light of Day—do you plan on acting again soon?
No plans right now, but I’ve done a few things on film and TV. Michael was awesome—very down to Earth for such a big star. He was tremendous, and gave me lots of pointers. I can’t say enough good things about him.


230 things we love about America

So, it's been 230 years today since July 4, 1776. And here are 230 things we love about America. It's not an inclusive list, by the way, nor is it arranged in order of importance, even to us. Yours may vary. In fact, it should — and that's the point. Happy Fourth!

Making the list at #63: JOAN JETT

Also included on the list: Elvis, The First Amendment, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Johnny Carson, Speven Spielberg, Marilyn Monroe, The Alamo, The Brooklyn Bridge, Babe Ruth, Groucho Marx, Super Bowl Sunday, Batman, Superman and more!

JOAN JETT TV Appearance
From: TV Guide

Click to enlarge 7th Inning Stretch - Premise: Singer Pat DeNizio of "The Smithereens" rediscovers baseball and reconnects with friends in music while recovering from a life-threatening condition. Bruce Springsteen, Gene Simmons, Don Mattingly and Cal Ripken appear.

Cast: B.B. King, Bruce Springsteen, Cal Ripken, David Wells, Don Mattingly, Gene Simmons, George Thorogood, JOAN JETT, Julio Franco, Ted Nugent, Tony Gwynn Wed, July 12    10:00 PM    ESPN2 Thu, July 13    12:00 AM    ESPN2


Even though she last topped the charts more than 20 years ago, JOAN JETT has resisted the lure of pure nostalgia. Instead, she has embraced the punkier side of the poppy punk music she created in the early 1980s.

Headlining Sunday on the Mountain Dew Rock Stage, Jett and the BLACKHEARTS pumped renewed vigor into old songs like "Bad Reputation" and "Cherry Bomb" and introduced the thrashing sounds of "Five" and the political leanings of "Change the World" from their new album, "SINNER."

At 46, Jett still has voice with more gritty power than most punk vocalists half her age. And while the tight performance of her four-piece band would have been more fun in a small, dark punk-rock club, Jett's bounding energy and persistent playing with the audience kept the front bleachers bouncing.

from: Ken Phillips Publicity Group, Inc.

"The legacy's not about to stop...JOAN JETT is still playing by her own rules." (Amber Ray, Metro New York)

"JOAN JETT will show that she truly has earned her 'bad reputation' when she takes the stage on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour." (Jaan Uhelszki, Guitar World)

"SINNER’s a winner, full of tracks brimming with sass, grit and totally ambrosial power-pop harmonies. A-." (Tom Sinclair, Entertainment Weekly)



Click to enlarge The 411: JOAN JETT’s SINNER is a throwback to her early 80’s work, yet manages to sound vibrant and even relevant at times. When Jett rocks and wails, the album hits on all cylinders, but when she tries something different, things just come off ear-piercingly bad. Thankfully, most of the album is straight ahead, gender-be-damned rock that could please fans of modern bands like Jet and The Donnas. In other words, people who still love rock ‘n’ roll.

Let’s do the time warp again…

My Story

Is it sacrilege to say that I don't like "I Love Rock ‘n' Roll"? Well, if it is, I'll see you in hell. At least The Beatles will be there, too. It's not that I don't like JOAN JETT's attitude. I just find the song too simplistic and, well, stupid. Not to mention dated. How long has it been since a dime got you any plays on a jukebox? Fuck, a dollar will barely get you a song these days. But I digress.

I'm not a huge JOAN JETT fan, but I understand her place in rock history. But does having a well-known novelty song and a place in rock history guarantee her relevance today?

Their Story


From Warped to Bonnaroo and back: Two concert staples, two very different experiences

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Ahh, Warped Tour. Try as you might, it seems as though you can never quite guess what it’s going to be like each year. Some years are better than others – great bands, decent crowds, nice weather. Some years are just the opposite – less than stellar bands, annoying people and rain. (Although it seems inevitable that there are always condom balloons floating around during someone’s set.)

I’d have to say that Nashville’s Starwood Amphitheatre hosted one of the better years for Warped Tour this year. There were some really great bands on the bill and I was looking forward to not having to endure hearing bands like AFI, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Simple Plan this time around.


Our intrepid reporters set out to experience the Vans Warped Tour


2:30 p.m. JOAN JETT bounds on stage, looking like a vampire aerobics instructor with her SPF-150 skin, red bra, steely abs and low-slung leather pants. Backed by the BLACKHEARTS, Jett seems oddly unenergetic during the hits, for which she overcompensates with gratuitous profanity ("I don't give a fuck about my bad reputation," "I'm the fuck you've been waiting for"). She puts more of a charge into her raunchy new numbers ("Fetish," "A.C.D.C."). During "I Hate Myself for Loving You," a genial goateed guy asks who's on stage. When he hears "JOAN JETT," he initially dismisses it, as if he's thinking "I know whose song it is, but who's up there playing it?" Suddenly, he makes the connection and exclaims, "JOAN JETT? Really?" and starts weaving toward the front row. Even the youngest spectators, to whom her name likely means little, obviously appreciate Jett's sleazy, lusty vibe.

Eternal Youth

There was a voicemail on my phone this morning from my dad giving detailed instructions on how to complete my loan consolidation forms. His voice sounds so far away and being out here on the road the last thing I'm thinking about is consolidating loans. I forget that this coming September I will stand in front of a classroom as a teacher and no longer the pit reporter that finds nothing wrong with wearing the same pair of dirty jeans and foul chucks every day. But there's still a lot of this tour left and I'm putting off any idea of growing up as much as i can.

That's the beauty of this tour-there's a dimension of it that never has to grow up. Thousands of people return to it year after year despite who is playing; just because of what it is. The bands that have exploded on the tour might turn out to be huge or by next year we won't remember their names. I bet most people don't know that No Doubt, Black Eyed Peas, and Eminem have all played Warped Tour since it's birth. Raleigh's Hot Topic guest pit reporter, Robin, turned forty one today and I'm pretty sure at her age she's way cooler then I'll ever be.

Yesterday in Charleston I noted a man that had to be in his 60's, perhaps older, who was wearing no shirt and Hawaiin board shorts with the biggest smile i've ever seen on his face. He was singing along and rocking back and forth.


Warped Tour
Keep A Breast Foundation


Click to enlarge The main draw of the Warped Tour has always been music but behind all of the bands on stage there are just as many people devoting their summer to different causes. And while many of you may be curious as to where William from The Academy Is shops or who Travis from Gym Class Heroes is talking to backstage, those really aren't the things that make the world go round. If you walk into the Girlz Garage you'll see Erica Leite standing behind several plaster casts of the female upper body. That vision alone is enough to make many people stop in their tracks to inquire. Erica works for the Keep A Breast Foundation, which is a non-profit organization who's goal while out on the tour is to raise awareness about breast cancer in young woman and educate everyone about early detection. As Erica says, "We are out here to show young girls that they need to be informed, that they don't need to feel embarrassed, to be comfortable with their bodies and know them." Erica is here to answer your questions and as she says "No question is dumb." The Keep A Breast Foundation is a beautiful fusion of scenes resulting in art with a purpose. The organization creates plaster casts of the female torso, and then the casts are painted by various artists, survivors, or other volunteers willing to donate their time. The end product is a beautiful one-of a kind piece of art that is auctioned off for charity. Erica resides in San Diego where she first began doing body casts for her own personal art shows. In a scene where everyone knows each other, people kept telling her she needed to get in touch with Shaney Jo Darden who co-founded Keep A Breast with Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig. Erica was stoked to be able to find a purpose behind her casts and immediately began volunteering her artistic efforts for Keep A Breast.

While out on the road, Erica is planning to do casts on several female volunteers (Meg and Dia tonight) and later in the tour JOAN JETT. Tyler from Valient Thorr is painting a cast and Erica hopes to get Travis from Gym Class Heroes involved because he's a fantastic artist. Many bands, including The Buzzcocks, Rise Against, and Paramore, have already donated their time by autographing a cast which will be auctioned off and proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

In her booth, Erica is also having people share their own stories in her "This is My Story" journal. You can read all about Erica's own adventures in "Erica's Boobie Buzz" which will be available by the 1st of July at As Erica's telling me about the different connections she's made with people through their stories she can't help but tear up as we talk. It's amazing to me to see someone so dedicated to a cause and when I ask her why it is she does all of I'm expecting a personal heartfelt experience but instead her simple answer is-"I felt that I didn't do enough good." I'm pretty sure Erica is one of my new heros, so make sure to stop by and check her out in The Girlz Garage for the rest of the tour. You can watch Erica paint a cast (did I mention she's a fantastic artist, the photos below are proof) or just talk to her.


Jett's Back in Black

Click to enlarge Scanning her packed concert crowd in Palm Springs a few weeks ago, veteran rocker JOAN JETT gulped and did a head-spinning double take. There in the mostly youthful audience was the last person she'd expected to see -- 63-year-old pop producer Kim Fowley, who was sporting a vintage JOAN JETT T-shirt beneath his elegant dinner jacket.

In 1975, Fowley had shrewdly assembled Jett's sultry teen-chick combo the RUNAWAYS, a move former front woman Cherie Currie still views as exploitative and creepy (judging by her slam of Fowley in the recent "Mayor of Sunset Strip" documentary on Rodney Bingenheimer). Far from being horrified, however, Jett found herself feeling nostalgic, even pleasantly surprised.

Fowley -- who'd shepherded Jett's first RUNAWAYS anthem, "Cherry Bomb" (with its jail bait chorus of "Hello Daddy, hello Mom/ I'm your ch-ch-cherry bomb") -- hadn't seen his old protege since the band's acrimonious breakup in 1979. He'd decided to offer a tentative olive branch, Jett explains, "once he was aware that I didn't harbor those same feelings. I had a different experience in the RUNAWAYS, that's all I can say."


from: Cleveland Scene

CD -- SINNER: JOAN JETT's best album in years plays with gender (covers of Sweet's "AC/DC" and the Replacements' "Androgynous"), leather ("Fetish"), and politics ("Riddles"). In more than 25 years, the proto-riot-grrrl icon hasn't change a lick, riff, or sneer. Jett's still the toughest female rocker out there, despite many challengers (including Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna, who guests on one of SINNER's tracks). Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

Politically Direct

Every week, David Bender brings you the latest from the leaders on the left inside Washington, DC and across the country.

Sponsored by People For the American Way, Politically Direct gets directly to the heart of the latest and most controversial issues.

JOAN JETT will be on David Bender’s Politically Direct show this Sunday, July 2, at 2 PM. The show also airs Saturday night (July 1) at 10 PM.

Listen for Joan to make an appearance on Rachael Maddow’s Morning Show on Monday, July 3, at 7:30 AM as David Bender fills in for Rachael.

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