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Bad Ass of the Week … JOAN JETT’s new muse, Carmen Electra

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Carmen Electra is typically thought of as a beefcake pinup. The ladies don’t ten to flock to girls who’ve been on Baywatch or would perform with the Pussycat Dolls. But keep in mind Carmen’s latest gig … as a woman torn between sexual preferences in JOAN JETT’s new video. Just as Cindy Crawford forever changed her image by posing in a lip-lock with k.d. lang, Carmen’s managed to broaden her fan base in the video for A.C.D.C.

She also proved she had good taste when, in an interview for the song, she said she found Joan to be very sexy and she’d have no qualms about getting it on with her. Her hubby Dave Navarro, meanwhile, picked Johnny Depp. I guess the couple that plays together.

She loves rock ’n’ roll

low resolution image Not Enlargeable On May 9, punk rock idol JOAN JETT journeyed to a Red Hook club, The Hook, to tape the video for her new single, "A.C.D.C.," off her forthcoming BLACKHEART RECORDS CD, "SINNER." Carmen Electra — who told us she’s "a longtime Jett fan" — was also at the taping, playing an appropriately kittenish role in the film version of the gender-bending love song.

Listening Post

"SINNER" is JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS' first studio album in more than a decade, and it proves once again that Jett is a woman who can rock as hard as any of her male counterparts.


Years later, artist proves she still loves rock 'n roll

JOAN JETT loves rock 'n roll - her way. Although her career has dipped and peaked several times over the past 30 years, the influential musician refuses to alter her stripped approach. Trends, fads, record-label politics be damned.

"Musically for me, there isn't much of an evolution," the artist says. "I still play three-chord rock 'n roll. That's what I do."

In the 24 years since Jett's stomping signature, "I Love Rock 'n Roll," topped the pop charts for eight weeks, she has become an iconic figure for generations of female rockers. An uncompromising artist with an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded BLACKHEART RECORDS in 1981 after 28 major and minor labels rejected her. She has since amassed eight gold and platinum albums and nine Top 40 hits.


Rinjo Njori's Another Sunny Day in Pop!
from: SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Underground Garage Rock Radio – Listen to Rock Music on Sirius Satellite Radio – Underground Garage

New JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Songs Premiere on Little Steven's Underground Garage.

Portions of JOAN JETT's SINNER, premiered on Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show. The following songs were played, "Everyone Knows", "Turn It Around", "100 Feet Away" and "Bad Time". To preview the songs visit Little Steven's Underground Garage website (for the impatient click here). The songs can be found in 7/10 on the jukebox. SINNER is the first new recording from JOAN JETT since 1999's Fetish.

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS will be one of the headliners on this years installment of the Warped Tour. JOAN JETT also has here own radio show on Little Steven's Sirius Satellite Channel. JOAN JETT was also a recent nominee for PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian.

A.C.D.C. Video

The Rock 106.9 WCCC
JOAN JETT shot the video for her new song A.C.D.C. -- the first single from her upcoming album, SINNER -- last week in New York. CARMEN ELECTRA is also in the video. MTV Online reports that in the clip, Electra and Jett play a would-be couple, but Electra's character can't make up her mind if she'd rather be with a man or a woman. SINNER will be released June 6th, and according to a spokesperson for Jett, the video will be shown during an interview segment with Jett that will air on the music channel Fuse the week of release.

from: Bust

Click to enlarge It's nice when an artist is consistent, and since her beginnings with The RUNAWAYS three decades ago, JOAN JETT has been a touchstone for punk sirens who have followed in her footsteps. SINNER, her band's first U.S. release in more than five years (2003's Jett Rock and 2004's Naked were issued in Japan only), finds Jett's pipes in powerful form. And with long-time producer KENNY LAGUNA in tow, her thundering guitars and sweet reverb-drenched anthems give a swift kick in the groin to the overgentrified state of rock.

The beat of the album pumps with fuzzed-out guitars, double-time drums, and Jett's unmistakeable, pitch-perfect roar, softening only for the slower, emotional jams like "Bad Time" and "Watersign." Joining Jett as co-writer is Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna, making SINNER a must-have addition to every riot grrrl's record collection. When Hanna and Jett unleash their sassy na na na na's on "Tube Talkin,'" it's enough to transport you back to your ripped fishnet teenage angst.

But much of SINNER takes pleasure in the flesh, opening with "Naked" and venturing into kinky sex themes on "Fetish" ("Pain turns to pleasure fast/Relax, while I pound your ass") and gender-bending in the Paul Westerberg cover "Androgynous." Like the uncompromising Jett herself, SINNER hearkens back to another time, when rock was simple, sincere, and all sexed-up.

Memorial Day Memories with JOAN JETT
from: SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Underground Garage Rock Radio – Listen to Rock Music on Sirius Satellite Radio – Underground Garage

Tomorrow 3:00 pm ET
Join JOAN JETT as she shares her favorite Memorial Day memories of time spent with members of the U.S. Armed Forces across the world, and right here at home. Celebrate the true spirit of the holiday with Joan.

Rebroadcast: Sun., May 28th @ 7 pm ET. Click Here To Listen

Carmen Electra is JOAN JETT's lover!

"Remember that video where she comes out with a trench coat on and she opens up the trench coat and she's wearing a bikini and then she's rocking out with a guitar? She's hot." That's Carmen Electra as quoted in Britain's The Sun, referring to rocker JOAN JETT.

Electra just finished shooting the video for Jett's new song, "A.C.D.C." in New York last week. She plays a character reportedly can't figure out if she wants to be with men or women.

(Sounds a little like Electra in real life -- after all, she discusses her attraction to women openly each time she's on Howard Stern's show. But don't get your hopes up too high -- Electra has made it clear to Howard that while she fantasizes about kissing women, she admits she "has a problem with the vagina part.")


JOAN JETT will always love rock ‘n’ roll
‘In some ways I still feel like I’m 18’ says the groundbreaking singer


Click to enlarge JOAN JETT has always led a punk lifestyle and now she’s set to show the kids just how bad she is when she headlines this summer’s Warped Tour after releasing "SINNER," her first studio album in 10 years.

Jett, 47, started making music when she was 15. She was the first female rocker to launch her own record label and paved a path for bands like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and Sleater-Kinney and now scouts young bands to help get them started.

Jett talked from her beachside home in Long Beach, N.Y. about the music business, collaborating at Warped Tour and the country’s "scary" state of affairs.


'Wild Thing' author Copeland dies of cancer

Ian Copeland, founder of Frontier Booking International and brother to Police drummer Stewart Copeland, died Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Copeland, 57, had melanoma.

Copeland came to Macon in the 1970s from London to work for Paragon Agency, the booking agency affiliated with Capricorn Records. He later married Connie Walden, now Connie Roberts of Jones County. They had two children, Chandra, 31 and Barbara, 26, and divorced after 12 years of marriage, Roberts said. His agency represented new-wave and alternative acts like JOAN JETT, R.E.M., Squeeze, The Police, The Go-Gos and many others.


Recent Magazine Articles

May 27, 2006 Billboard Magazine check out JOAN JETT's "6 questions" feature.

May 29, 2006 Star [Best & Worst Beach Bodies] Carmen Electra is shown in the dress used in the "A.C.D.C" video shoot on page 5. Joan and the video are mentioned under the picture.

June 2006 Blender [Special 5th Anniversary Issue!] Joan is asked questions in the Burner section "Do You Rock?" on page 50. SINNER reviewed on pages 139-140. Two pictures of Joan are included.

from: Martin Whitfield

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Martin Whitfield took some photos of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS at their May 20, 2006 show in Richardson, TX.

Check them out in the Galleries section!

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Return of a Runaway
JOAN JETT flies back to the present with up-to-date HFStival


low resolution image Not Enlargeable One of the first women guitarists to make a serious mark in rock 'n' roll, JOAN JETT is about to make something of a prodigal return this Memorial Day weekend at the Merriweather Post Pavilion.

Jett was barely a teenager and a student at Randolph Hills Junior High School in nearby Wheaton when she first voiced her intentions to become a rock 'n' roll star. By age 15, she was playing clubs on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood as a member of the groundbreaking all-girl rock group, the RUNAWAYS.

As a solo artist, Jett went on to record nine top-40 hit singles and no fewer than eight gold and platinum albums. Many of today's female rockers cite the 45-year-old musician as a major influence.


Attention Jettheads!

102.1 The Edge in Dallas will be feature a battle of the bands sometime this week either during the 8 pm or 9 pm hour. Listen in at and you can vote for your favorite band.

2006 BLACKHEART RECORDS Remastered Compact Discs

Click to enlarge BLACKHEART RECORDS is proud to announce the remastered re-issues for the following JOAN JETT and the Blackheart titles:

Bad Reputation

I Love Rock N’ Roll

Evil Stig

Fit To Be Tied – Great Hits

Bad Reputation features expanded artwork that holds true to the title’s initial LP release in 1981. Bad Reputation includes the bonus tracks: "Call Me Lightning," "Hanky Panky," "What Can I Do For You?", "You Don't Own Me" and "Bad Reputation" (Live with The Remains of The Ramones). New for the 2006 remastered release is enhanced video material featuring: "Shout," filmed at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ August 7, 1982, "Do You Wanna Touch Me" recorded at The Summit, Houston, TX October 7, 1983 and "Bad Reputation" from Long Island, Brewing Company, Jericho, NY January 20, 1998 with The Remains.


INTERVIEW: JOAN JETT releasing first album in 10 years
from: Billboard

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - JOAN JETT still loves rock 'n' roll, and she'll show her fans just how much this summer when she headlines the Vans Warped tour, which kicks off June 15 in Columbia, MD.

The festival dates coincide with the June 6 release of "SINNER" (BLACKHEART RECORDS), the first new album from JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS in more than 10 years. The first single is the gender-bending raucous rocker "A.C.D.C.," whose video features Carmen Electra.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of BLACKHEART RECORDS, all of Jett's albums -- except for those recorded with her seminal, all-female teenage rock band the RUNAWAYS -- will be reissued with bonus tracks.



You can’t overstate JOAN JETT’s contribution to the role of women in music. A tough, sexy frontwoman, who never let gender get in the way of rocking, the queer singer and guitarist paved the way for the ’90s riot-girl movement.

At a time when major labels did all they could to avoid her, Jett started self-producing her music.

She proved that the term "female rockstar" wasn’t contradiction. Though Jett’s mostly been playing smaller shows, this summer should prove exciting for the 47-year-old idol. Next month, she releases "SINNER," her first album since the 1999 release, "Fetish."


Carmen Electra's Life-Long Crush On JOAN JETT Satisfied

Sexy actress Carmen Electra will portray JOAN JETT's lesbian lover in the singer's upcoming music video, and it's much to Electra's delight, according to a published report. The former Baywatch babe and the rocker filmed the music video for A.C.D.C. last week in New York City.

The ladies portray a potential couple in the video, but Electra's character is having trouble deciding if she wants to be with a man or a woman.

Naked and Androgynous
More than two decades later, JOAN JETT still has a few surprises to reveal
from: Dallas Observer

In case you haven't figured it out after all these years, JOAN JETT is still the "tough girl." When her name is mentioned in print, that phrase always follows, like magic, by rote. In an e-mail interview with the Observer, Jett has her own take on the pigeonhole she first acquired back in 1975, when she formed the RUNAWAYS with the help of lascivious promoter Kim Fowley: "I'm bad at being subtle," she says, "but I'm not that tough."

With a voice like a fat indelible marker, Jett wasn't made for subtlety. And beneath the seeming toughness, there's always been sensitivity--in her hit cover of "Crimson and Clover," which injected a heart into that song's bubblegum center, in the philosophical come-on "Play With Me" and in "Naked," a moving punk ode to emotional exposure from her new album, SINNER. The new album is among her best, perhaps second only to her 1980 solo debut, reviving her reputation for consistently catchy, bone-basic rock after the S&M-inspired misstep of 1999's metallic "Fetish" single, her last studio recording.

But SINNER has its share of Jett firsts, including a surprisingly elegant ballad, "Watersign," and something even further out of character: explicit politics. "I don't like to wear my politics on my sleeve," says Jett, "but I feel we are at a point in history where being quiet is not a responsible or wise choice." Jett's new tracks "Riddles" and "Change the World" aren't exactly Billy Bragg. Pleading for peace and assailing Bush administration programs by name, they're more like the protest songs Joey Ramone occasionally wrote: earnest, angry, hopeful and uncontrived. Jett's usual underlying messages, sexual positivity and self-acceptance, show up on SINNER in her cover of the old Replacements tune "Androgynous," an empathic sketch of a gender-ambiguous couple. "It's a song I've always loved for its uniqueness and truth," says Jett, "not to mention its beautiful melody." Jett's warm take on the song not only hangs a jangly country arrangement on the original piano ditty but also shifts the tone away from Paul Westerberg's tragic edge.


Video Static Music Video News

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Director Greg Olliver of KanDoKid Films on the set of "ACDC"  with JOAN JETT and Carmen Electra.

This clip from the upcoming JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS album SINNER is already stirring up lots of controversy and press due to its depiction of Jett and Electra as would-be lovers. It was shot over two days last week in NYC.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Underground Garage Rock Radio – Listen to Rock Music on Sirius Satellite Radio – Underground Garage

"Everyone Knows"
from the forthcoming release, SINNER (in stores June 6th)

SINNER on Sirius
from: Little Steven's Underground Garage

Episode 215: Root Beer
You just can't get a straight answer anymore can you?
What is the origin of the universe?
Why is New York City nothing but potholes?
How could Exxon make an eight billion dollar profit in the first quarter alone of this year?
And most importantly, why did Buddy Holly wear those big black horn-rimmed glasses?
Well we got the answers baby, to the last question at least.
This week at the Underground Garage party. We'll be joined by The Beatles, The Beau Brummels, Traffic and The Ramones.
New music from Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Vines, Raconteurs, The Buzzcocks, Willy Nile, The Helicopters and Pearl Jam.

Not to mention a world premiere of the new album by JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS.

Find out what Iggy Pop, Dusty Springfield, Stevie Wonder and George Jones have in common.
It's a non stop rock and roll dance party baby this weekend in the Underground Garage.

Presale Tickets Available NOW
from: Bad Reputation Nation

Click to enlarge You can get advance tickets to the JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS shows below by visiting

  • 06/05 Bowery Ballroom NYC
  • 06/06 Southpaw Park Slope Brooklyn, NY
  • 06/07 CBGB's NYC
  • 06/08 North Six Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

Girls Gone Wild

low resolution image Not Enlargeable CARMEN Electra recently revealed that she harbored a secret lesbian crush on rocker JOAN JETT when she was a little girl - so it must have been a dream come true when Electra filmed a cameo in Jett's upoming video, "AC/DC," at Motor City bar on Ludlow Street Wednesday night. Electra, who's happily married to guitarist Dave Navarro, hugged and huddled with Jett after she finished dancing in the clip, reports our spy. Hells Angels tough guy Chuck Zito and a gaggle of rough-and-tumble East Village rock chicks also made the scene.

JOAN JETT puts opinion into her punk

It may be hard to believe, but rock legend JOAN JETT was once passed on by no fewer than 23 record labels.

After the disbanding of the RUNAWAYS, the pioneering all-girl group she founded as a teenager in the late '70s, Jett found herself in a London studio with former Sex Pistols members Steve Jones and Paul Cook. That's when music business vet KENNY LAGUNA became aware of her. "We just fell in love musically," Laguna said recently, en route to a radio gig in Manhattan. He's been her right-hand man ever since, serving as producer, co-writer, arranger and backing musician for her solo career.

Following that initial meeting, Laguna put Jett in the studio, cutting eight tracks in just six days. After all those labels passed, they went the indie route, issuing her debut album on their own label. "It was the whole thing, selling records out of the back of a van," he recalled. Jett would soon take off, notching a string of hits over the next two decades. And those demos? Well, they included such future staples as "Do You Wanna Touch Me?" and the mega-hit "I Love Rock N' Roll," which topped the Billboard charts for 20 weeks.


Quick News

Carmen Electra — who has been the subject of many a male fantasy — becomes the object of a female one in JOAN JETT's new video, "A.C.D.C."

Shot Tuesday and Wednesday in New York, Electra and Jett play a would-be couple in the Greg Oliver-directed clip — but Electra's character can't decide if she'd rather be with a man or woman. Le Tigre's Kathleen Hanna and actor Chuck Zito also have cameos in the video for "A.C.D.C.," the first single from Jett's June 6 release, SINNER.

Photos from 'ACDC' Video Shoot

low resolution image Not Enlargeable
Actress Carmen Electra was all smiles as she stood next to her childhood crush JOAN JETT on the set of Jett's video in New York for forthcoming single ACDC. The former Baywatch beauty even wore her idol's name across her chest but a white 1950s inspired dress transformed her into an all-American prom queen. SINNER is Jett's first album in twelve years and features songs about politics and current events alongside Jett's usual subject matter -- love, sex, and relationships.

Flashback at Mountain Dew stage


Summerfest's Mountain Dew Rock Stage is taking a mature turn this year with a lineup that includes such '70s and '80s stalwarts as Blue Oyster Cult, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, Robin Trower and Jackyl.

The stage - which is fully titled the Mountain Dew Rock Stage with Miller Lite and 102.9 The Hog - will open with Blue Oyster Cult headlining at 11 p.m. June 29, after the opening night fireworks. A seminal metal band enshrined in Milwaukee history for 1980's infamous "Black and Blue Night" (a concert with Black Sabbath at the old Milwaukee Arena that turned into a mini-riot), Blue Oyster Cult actually began as a collaboration of two future rock critics nearly 40 years ago.

All of the other Rock Stage headliners will perform at 10 p.m. The headliner for July 3 is to be announced.


Vintage TV faces the music

The DVD business is helping keep Hollywood solvent these days, as studios rush to empty their storage rooms and give the boxed-set treatment to even long-forgotten TV shows like "Space 1999" and "Bridget Loves Bernie."

But one mystery is why fans of some hit series of the past few decades -- well-known shows including "WKRP in Cincinnati," "The Wonder Years" and "Beverly Hills, 90210" -- can't find them on store shelves.

The reason: Hollywood doesn't want to pay the piper.


What's Hot - The Third Degree


I was in Pakistan, right on the border of Afghanistan. KENNY LAGUNA (my manager) and I had been flown in on a C-130, and were the first non-combatants to sleep in the war zone. The troops were shocked to see us. There was nothing but a very crude plywood stage. We had 2 guitars and battery amps, and the PA was a haphazard bunch of parts which our marine security detail had stolen from various bases as we made the 53 hour trip "downrange." It was great to see our heroic troops and to raise their spirits a little bit. There was no radar, no electricity, no toilets, and no showers. We couldn't get off the base for four days as all the "equipment" was engaged in combat operations. It was a true privilege. Afghanistan is rough terrain. Our kids are still there. I am dedicated to speaking out so we can get the kids out of this hell hole.

Little Steven is a great character in rock history. He is an integral creative force in the Bruce Springsteen phenomenon, as a member of The E Street Band. I know him from his humanitarian efforts years ago, starting with his activist campaign to create awareness of the injustice of Sun City. KENNY LAGUNA has worked with Darlene Love since the '60s, and Steven was a major supporter of her comeback in the '80s. Darlene was on my label, BLACKHEART RECORDS, and Steven produced the hit Christmas song that Darlene sang for Home Alone with McCauley Culkin, making her the artist with the longest span between charted Billboard hits. Darlene was a featured vocalist on "Sun City." Steven was singularly responsible for making the entertainment industry aware of why performers (including me) had to cancel plans to pick up the big bucks promoters were offering to play in South Africa. Needless to say, all that made Little Steven a hero at BLACKHEART RECORDS. Also, Steven is obviously a guy who cares about rock 'n' roll and I really respect that. When he asked me to be an on-air personality on the Underground Garage, I had a lot of doubts about it, since I am really rather shy. After awhile, I came to love the opportunity to turn people on to great music they might otherwise miss. Working with the great music lovers like Little Steven, Kid Leo, Andrew Loog Oldham, Kim Fowley and the rest of the air staff is a terrific experience.

The Underground Garage exists in the mind of the rock and roll God, and in the hearts and souls of rock and rollers everywhere. The genius of the programming is that The Underground Garage plays music that embodies the true spirit of rock and roll, starting with its inception during the '50s and continuing until tomorrow. The thread of continuity that connects Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, etc. to Green Day, The White Stripes, etc. is what makes The Underground Garage important and a necessary element of music awareness in these times. It is the spirit embodied in the music that brought forward the expressions of angst, anger and alienation in the teenagers from the fifties and led to them breaking down the walls of convention In the sixties, the music solidified a generation that stood up for peace, for equality of race and gender, and approved individuality in the way we dressed, thought, spoke, etc. In the '70s, the punk movement kept alive those values in a new way. And now, today, we need that expression to combat many awful things which are going on in the name of security, religion, nationalism, etc.

JOAN JETT’s new album, SINNER, on BLACKHEART RECORDS, will be out on June 6.

Limited Time Offer


Click to enlarge SPECIAL JOAN JETT Bad Reputation Nation Fans now have a very limited time offer to purchase an Advance copy of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS' upcoming compact disc release, SINNER.

This limited time offer will only be available before SINNER hits the stores tentatively on June 6th. SINNER Advance is for sale at the special Bad Reputation Nation price of $7.00!!! Get yours now before they sell out!!!

Track Listing:
1. Riddles
3. Five
4. Naked
5. Everyone Knows
6. Change The World
7. Androgynous
8. Fetish
9. Watersign
10. Tube Talkin'
11. Turn It Around
12. Baby Blue
13. A Hundred Feet Away
14. Bad Time

(Note: This advance CD does not contain any bonus material or the actual SINNER CD release artwork. This advance only contains the music and a special single sleeve cover and back tray liner.)

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SINNER Album Cover

Click to enlarge SINNER is tentatively set for release on June 6th from BLACKHEART RECORDS.

Track Listing:
1. Riddles
3. Five
4. Naked
5. Everyone Knows
6. Change The World
7. Androgynous
8. Fetish
9. Watersign
10. Tube Talkin’
11. Turn It Around
12. Baby Blue
13. A Hundred Feet Away
14. Bad Time

Summer concerts: The forecast is hot
from: Post-Crescent staff writer

Vans Warped Tour 2006,
June 17th
Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee

If you like punk rock, Vans Warped Tour is a rite of passage. For years it has been a great way to see a lot of quality bands at once for not a lot of money. This year the tour features NOFX, the Germs, Buzzcocks, Sum 41, the Sounds, Saves the Day, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, Helmet and many, many more. ($28)

Man convicted of killing 5-year-old set to die
from: SOURCE

low resolution image Not Enlargeable More photosARLINGTON -- In the cold hours before dawn on a morning in November 1988, Jackie Barron Wilson broke a window of the ground-floor apartment where Maggie Rhodes slept.

As the Roark Elementary kindergartner lay next to her puppy, Wilson pulled her from her bed, which was pushed against the window.

He drove her from the Arlington Village Apartments near Abram Street and Texas 360 to a field near an abandoned road in Grand Prairie, said police, who believe that Maggie was still alive after Wilson sexually assaulted her.


Rockers turn tables
Musicians grab radio microphones, spin their favorites


Rocker Alice Cooper broadcasts nightly in a portable radio studio from wherever he's touring. He also calls on longtime friends in the music business, like Bill Wyman. Bob Dylan speaks on Wednesday morning – and XM Radio is betting that the world will want to listen.

But if Dylan's not your taste, plenty of other rockers are lined up to play music for you. Rock-star-hosted radio shows are the big new trend in radio, on both traditional and satellite stations.

Denver has more than its share of the programming. Besides being one of the first cities where Sirius Satellite Radio launched, traditional radio stations here have embraced the shows.


Get ready for it: feel-good hit of the summer

Warped Tour: Now in it’s 12th year, the Vans Warped Tour boasts the country’s most successful cross-country concert festival. The punk and alternative rock festival, which kicks off on June 15th in Maryland, seems to be in rebuilding mode after the spectacular ten year anniversary tour in 2004. Still, this year’s line up proves to be more entertaining than last year’s lackluster lineup, with punk rock royalty such as the Buzzcocks and JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS on board. Also on board this year are the NOFX, Thursday, Saves the Day, Reggie & the Full Effect, Less Than Jake, Motion City Soundtrack, and, oddly enough, State Radio. Although the tour lacks many of the more popular acts and wild card acts (Deftones, Alien Ant Farm) that have played in previous years, Warped Tour still looks to be the most interesting nation-wide touring festival.

from: Asbury Park Press

If summer's coming, then the Warped Tour can't be far behind. Tickets for the Aug. 6 punk-themed Vans Warped Tour at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park are on sale now. This year's tour features Thursday, NOFX, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Motion City Soundtrack, Underoath, Saves The Day, Senses Fail, Hellogoodbye, Against Me, Less Than Jake, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS and others. Tickets are $30.25 and will be sold through Ticketmaster and the Starland Ballroom box office in Sayreville. More information is available by visiting The Starland Ballroom is located on 570 Jernee Mill Road. Ticketmaster numbers are (201) 507-8900, (212) 307-7171 and (609) 520-8383.

Hop in, gang. Dad's taking you on a long, long ride

RV: Comedy. Starring Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines, Joanna "JoJo" Lavesque and Josh Hutcherson. Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. (PG. 98 minutes. At Bay Area theaters.)

"RV" is a horrible movie about horrible people, and just because they call it a comedy doesn't mean we have to play along. The story of a family vacation gone wrong, the film is constructed as a series of comic bits that don't pay off, that are not only not amusing but are often disturbing. Director Barry Sonnenfeld and writer Geoff Rodkey present a poisonous vision of family life without ever quite acknowledging it's poisonous. Perhaps they don't notice.

At the head of this miserable family is Robin Williams as a sweet-natured husband and father of two, with a good job as a business executive, but his position isn't secure. So he's on shaky ground at work, and on shaky ground at home as well, with a dissatisfied wife (Cheryl Hines), a relatively benign son (Josh Hutcherson) and an absolutely vicious daughter (Joanna "JoJo" Lavesque), who'd be the most evil character appearing in a film this week, were it not for the release of "United 93."


Summer concert series announced

SCRANTON – The 2006 Coors Light Concert Series at Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain was announced during a press conference there this afternoon.

Aug. 4 – Vans Warped Tour, including JOAN JETT, NOFX, Anti-Flag, Motion City, Thursday and Soundtrack: noon; tickets, $27 in advance, $30 day of show, now on sale

Summer music preview

For many of us, thoughts of music and hot fun at an outdoor concert are the best remembrances of summers past. Whether your thing is a raucous rock show, a jubilant gospel program, a refreshing jazz set, summer is the season to see fine musical acts.

Festivals sporting big names will stop in the area. May 27 and 28, The HFStival at Merriweather Post Pavilion will feature hip-hop superstar Kanye West, acclaimed garage-rock band the Strokes and legendary punk-rock group JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, among others. For country fans, the WMZQfest on May 13 will bring Gretchen Wilson, Trace Adkins, Mark Willis and others to the Nissan Pavilion. June 2-4, the Capital Jazz Fest at Merriweather will boast some of the best names in smooth jazz, including Kem, Will Downing and Walter Beasley and popular local band Fertile Ground.

The Vans Warped Tour is all about alternative rock and comes to the area twice: first at Merriweather on June 15 and at Nissan Pavilion on Aug. 10. The many acts include the Buzzcocks, Armor For Sleep and Anti Flag.

Whatever your musical taste, you're bound to find something thrilling to see this summer.

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