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Page updated on December 31, 2005
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As Year Ticks Away, Getting That Limo at the Last Minute

I PLUNGED head first into a shiny black stretch limousine, and sprawled out on the back seat across from a venture capitalist buddy I call the V.C. I slid a JOAN JETT CD into the player, shivering with a winter chill, and peered through the tinted-glass rear window at the brightly lighted dark of night.

"Think we'll have to dodge some more bullets?" I asked.

"Naw, not tonight," the V.C. replied, craning his head away and then adding, as if it was no big deal, "If we do, at least we're in a limo."


O.C. Puts Its Spin on the Ball Drop
Move over, Times Square. Saturday at the fairgrounds a 250-pound orange will descend amid fireworks to mark the new year.


Weird objects plummet from the sky on New Year's Eve.

In Tempe, Ariz., a 200-pound tortilla chip plops into a 15-foot jar of salsa at midnight, putting a Southwestern spin on New York City's famous ball drop in Times Square.

Dillsburg, Pa., rings in the new year with a giant falling pickle. Raleigh, N.C., lowers a 1,250-pound acorn. And other cities usher in Jan. 1 with plunging possums, bologna, stuffed goats, lollipops and illuminated walleye pikes.


How TV shows on DVD suffer from music licensing

Buoyed by the success of the DVD versions of shows such as Family Guy and The Simpsons, TV shows are repackaged for DVD release in increasing numbers these days, and the phenomenon of having entire seasons of our favorite shows available in a convenient format like a boxed set has been blamed in part for the decline in movie theater ticket sales this year. But it's not just a matter of slapping the masters onto a disc, designing some menus, and shipping out the finished product. The Hollywood Reporter reports, appropriately enough, on the impact that copyright considerations and license fees are having on DVD releases of content, new or old.

Thanks to the limitless generosity fiscal acuity of the record labels, coupled with copyright extension after copyright extension, the good folks who handle DVD releases are often faced with a tough choice in the face of demands from copyright holders on old songs: raise the product price to compensate for licensing fees, rescore parts or all of the release, or don't build a DVD at all. The outcomes, then, are American Dreams: Season 1, Extended Music Edition for US$89, or Crime Story without Del Shannon's Runaway in the intro, or no WKRP in Cincinnati boxed set at all.

While the HR story is a good read, it fails to make a couple of important connections. First of all, the licensing fee won't go away, even if the DVD format does. In yet another example of how the entertainment industry is built on the concept of charging us for the same content over and over again, new fees will be waged and then passed on to consumers for the next-gen DVD version, and again when online delivery obsoletes all those discs. Will the final incarnation of the Around the Beatles show be stripped of all Beatles songs, or will I need to hock my spleen to afford it? And let's remember who really profits from the fees levied. Hint: it's rarely the artists and composers. At least one movie studio has itself to blame if their next DVD release is hampered by licensing issues. Have you noticed how copyright terms seem to get extended by a few years every time Mickey Mouse is close to going public domain?


Orange County New Year's Eve

Description: First annual event at Orange County Fairgrounds with food and live entertainment including Sugar Ray, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, Violent Femmes, Berlin, Psychaedlic Furs, English Beat, Bow Wow Wow, Reel Big Fish and Lit. Also features a mechanical bull, wine country area, martini lounge and dance areas.

Additional info: VIP passes include access to private restrooms, restaurants, and a VIP patio adjacent to the main stage.

Price Range: $65, $125 for VIP access

Event Website:

Venue: Orange County Fair & Exposition Center

Godly Boyish

low resolution image Not Enlargeable Two boys (Jasper Bel and Cassidy Field) dream of a life together in heaven in filmmaker Cam Archer's (BOBBYCRUSH) moody, elliptical exploration of the interior lives of teenagers.

DIRECTOR - Cam Archer
PRODUCER - Cam Archer & Djuna Bell
EDITOR - Cam Archer
COMPOSER - Nate Archer
ACTOR - Jasper Bel, Cassidy Field & JOAN JETT
Friday 01.27.06 at 06:30 PM
Tuesday 01.31.06 at 05:35 PM

Party deepens ties of firefighters, Home of Innocents

For Louisville firefighters in the Truck 2 and Engine 5 stations downtown, yesterday's Christmas party for the Home of the Innocents was the culmination of a yearlong bond formed with the children.

From an Easter egg hunt on Waterfront Park's Great Lawn to hanging out in the firehouse and eating chili with the kids, firefighters reach out to the children throughout the year.

"We pride ourselves on being part of the community," said Sgt. Michael Book as he watched children dance and mingle with firefighters at the home, on East Market Street. "And this is our downtown community."


New Year's in the Big Orange
Promoters hope a celebration at O.C. Fairgrounds will one day rival the event in Times Square.


Organizers planning a large-scale New Year's Eve party are expecting thousands to converge on Costa Mesa to ring in 2006. About two weeks remain before the inaugural Orange County New Year's Eve event at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Peter Melton, the event's promotions director, said he anticipates most guests will buy their tickets after Christmas and that the real work of promoting the show has just started.

"It's the frantic time," said Melton, who works for event producer Richard Goodwin Presents.

Melton said his company projects 15,000 to 20,000 people will celebrate New Year's Eve at the fairgrounds, and that about 60% of those attending will buy their tickets in the week after Christmas. He said last week that radio promotions have recently started and that about 300 people have enlisted in the "Orange Army" to advertise the event in exchange for free admission.


Joan to appear with TSO

JOAN JETT will appear with good friend, former Blackheart executive and TSO creator Paul O'Neill at the Trans Syberian Orchestra concert at Madison Square Garden Monday, December 19th.

For more information and tour dates, on The Trans-Siberian Orchestra,click here.

Stockton, California, December 30th

Live concert: Thunder Production Company presents, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, with the Greg Kihn Band


The Vacancies: Billy Crooked
What is and What Should Never be of Punk


Don’t be deceived by the onslaught of inferior whining that is currently being freeze-dried, depleted of content, and remanufactured at the big studios across the country. It really doesn’t matter how much water you add when you take it home, it still isn’t REAL PUNK. The idea behind the movement isn’t something that can be bought, no matter how many tattoos you have or how many studded belts and tight pants you wear. Punk was born out of frustration against the very meaning it holds today. The way it was conveyed the equivalency of patching open wounds with duct tape and safety pins for the sake of finishing the set. Though somewhat cleaner than the punk rock gods of the yesteryear, there’s nothing pop about The Vacancies.

If you gave Black Flag the ability to sing melodies, you have an idea of their sound. This is music for breaking beer bottles or raging against the establishment. Their new disk, "A Beat Missing or A Silence Added" (Black Heart Records) is a testament to their ability to remain underground without leaving the head of the pack. It instantly climbed to 91 on the college radio charts, without being the kind of CD you want to share with Mom. The Crier tracked down Billy Crooked, lead singer.

Jess Hopsicker: First of all Billy, how’re you doing?
Billy Crooked: Pretty good, but I caught a cold in Kansas City.


The Eyeliners: Right between the Eyes

There certainly is enough to whine about. Indeed with war, greed and destruction vying for our attention, it is fair to wonder if a little pocket of bliss lingering here and there is not either irrelevant, selfish, or both. This seems to be the philosophy of many of the producers of music we listen to. There must be some cathartic value to the incessantly bad vibes that are being shared on the airwaves of modern rock stations. But I know this: If I were getting my butt shot off in Iraq, I would prefer to believe that I was trying to preserve the right to pursue happiness. I’d want to believe that I was protecting the opportunity for people to get a few ya-yas rather than bla blas.

I’m not suggesting that everything needs to be nicey nice. I do suggest that music, the most powerful tool for inspiration we have, can do more than make us want to jump out the window. Classical music reminds us that life is -or can be- grand. Jazz tells us to sit back and process the mystery. Punk was meant to break down the structures of ignorance and oppression. With anger, to be sure, but also in criminal triumph that involves no crime, or perhaps a few petty ones.

The Eyeliners are Zen-like in their objective to completely demolish the audience. Their weapons: Volume knobs, a hefty dose of talent, and charm that could sell ice sculptures in the Sahara. These three sisters from New Mexico prove that there’s a genetic component to punch and crunch. Laura was such a complete pleasure to talk to that I’d like to give her a stun gun to get rid of me next time.


New Bad Reputation Nation Website
from: JOAN JETT Fan Club

Welcome to the new official JOAN JETT Fan Club website! Update your "Favorites" and "Bookmarks" to - the shiny new renovation of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS' online home.

Jett was one of the first rockers on the 'net, launching her first website back in 1995, and 10 years later is still adding the latest features and applets to the site.

This edition is a virtual version of the Bad Reputation Nation, providing fans with a place to get the latest news, share their thoughts, and an even deeper archive of photos, interviews, and articles from her long career.

Check out the new features, including:

An extended Press Kits section that contains several Press Kits from The BLACKHEARTS large catalog, with RUNAWAYS Press Kits on the way

An extended Videography section with many videos previously unavailable online.

A reorganized Galleries section that now includes a place for "Fan Photos."

The Fan Club Newsletters portion of the Interviews Section has been expanded, and even more will be added in the coming weeks.

The Live Dates page now includes links to several popular Ticket sites, to make it easier for fans to get tickets to shows.

The site has also been redesigned from the ground up.

On the Tourdates page, fans are encouraged to send reviews of their concert experiences to the site to be posted. Check out the new Galleries page, where we encourage fans to send their photos in. Each submission will be given its own gallery on the Fan Photos page.

The new Interviews page, contains interviews from Jett’s entire career. We ask if you have any interviews of Joan or the band to please submit them to us. Each submission will be added, for all fans to share and enjoy.

This is the official site for Jettheads! Please let us know your thoughts on the new site.

Take it out for a test browse, and rock till ya drop!

Butler Theatre Offers a New Take on Shakespeare’s "The Taming of the Shrew"

Butler Theatre offers a new take on a classic Shakespearean comedy when Professor Diane Timmerman directs "The Taming of the Shrew" Nov. 30 through Dec. 11 at the Lilly Studio Theatre.

Show times are 8 p.m. Nov. 30-Dec. 3 and Dec. 7-10, and 2 p.m. Dec. 4 and 11. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for students. They’re available by calling (317) 940-9247 or online at

Timmerman sets her 90-minute adaptation in the 1980s -- a decade of excess that she feels mirrors the setting of this early Shakespeare comedy.

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