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Page updated on March 31, 2003
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Rio Grande: How do the people behind the Rio Theatre keep their unpredictable happenings so hip? They just ask: 'What would JOAN JETT do?'

If you're JOAN JETT--which is, admittedly, statistically unlikely--you get what you want. When you're getting ready to kick off your tour at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, and what you want is a little privacy in your green room, you will be delighted to learn that the folks at the Rio will simply build you a private bathroom. It's still there, upstairs in the green room, affectionately referred to as "The JOAN JETT Bathroom."

Owner Lawrence Bedford thinks it was worth every penny.

"Joan put us up there," he says, referring to the Rio's post-Jett status in the booking world. "Once you have JOAN JETT on your résumé ... it's an entryway into everything else that's been going on here."

Says publicist in chief Jesse Rose DeRooy, "We often ask ourselves, what would JOAN JETT do?"

Probably not as much as the Rio, but she still rocks.

Important Info About The Stone Pony Show

Hey everybody,

Do not buy Stone Pony tickets for a week.

The club jumped the gun, and this date is not confirmed. We are still routing, and the support is likely to be Maya Price.


Independent Eye

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Independent Eye, Maryland Public Television's annual showcase of independent films and videos, launches an exciting ninth season on Saturday, April 26, 2003 at 11pm.

This 6-week series highlights the best of the "indie" film movement and features experimental videos, documentaries, animations, dramas, and comedies. Each work pushes boundaries, defies commercial expectations, and transcends the mainstream of independent filmmaking.

International rock star JOAN JETT returns to host this year's series. Ms. Jett is a strong supporter of the independent artist movement and founder of the first commercially successful, woman-owned, independent rock and roll record label, BLACKHEART RECORDS. She is a native of Maryland.

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