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ISPs must provide user info to Record Labels
from: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (Jan. 21) - Internet providers must agree to requests by the music industry to track down computer users who illegally download music, a federal judge ruled Tuesday in a case that could dramatically increase online pirates' risk of being caught.

The decision by U.S. District Judge John D. Bates upheld the recording industry's power under a 1998 law to compel Internet providers to identify customers that illegally trade music or movies online.

Bates acknowledged that the case was an important test of subpoena powers Congress granted to copyright holders under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


Response to Kenny's statement
from: Linda G

This is in response to Mr. Laguna's statement on the front page of I couldn't agree more with what Mr. Laguna had to say. I am not in the music industry (thank God!), but I do own my own business and it infuriates me that people see nothing wrong with stealing music. I had to voice my opinion and thought I would share it with you.

Linda G

Kenny on downloading, the USA CD, and Pete Townshend

To the "gang":

The furor over the downloading is upsetting to Joan and I.

People do not know what they are talking about.


More about Music Downloads

From dagtoking: I couldn't believe joan's comment in "Ask Joan" about the burning of CD's when so many of her's are out of print and unavailable. how the hell else are we supposed to get them?

Dear Dag...

You can download most of our CD's from the website for only 10 dollars, unless you prefer stealing.


China Club Benefit

The China Club World Hunger Benefit has completely sold out. Thank you for your support of the charity!

Arrest stirring memories in Seattle's rock circles
from: The Miami Herald

Mia Zapata was on her way home from a Seattle bar on July 7, 1993, when she disappeared. The body of the 27-year-old singer for up-and-coming rock band the Gits was found two hours later; according to The Seattle Times, the brutalized corpse was left in the position of a crucifix.

The case remained a mystery, covered on national news programs and a cause celebre for members of such popular acts as Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden -- until Jesus C. Mezquia of Marathon was arrested Friday and charged with Zapata's rape and murder, based on DNA evidence.

"I was almost dumbfounded that something has finally come of it and extremely relieved," singer JOAN JETT said in a phone interview. Singer of such classics as I Love Rock 'n' Roll and Bad Reputation, Jett was active in efforts to raise funds for the search for Zapata's killer and recorded an album, Evil Stig (Gits Live backward), with the surviving members of the band.


Man Arrested In '93 Murder Of Punk Singer Mia Zapata

Among those also spearheading the activism, JOAN JETT and Bikini Kill frontwoman Kathleen Hanna wrote the track "Go Home," a song about a late-night stalker, with Zapata in mind. The song was recorded with the surviving members of the Gits, and a video "dedicated to the memory of Mia Zapata" was shot in England by director Julian Temple, with Jett playing a woman being stalked who turns the tables on her predator.

The song prompted a benefit concert by Jett and the surviving Gits, who called themselves Evil Stig ("Gits Live" backwards). Then-heads of Warner Bros. Records, Mo Ostin and Lenny Waronker, funded the recording of the concert and released the album in 1995.

Partly due to Jett's persistence, Zapata's open murder case was profiled on the television programs "America's Most Wanted" and "Unsolved Mysteries."


Police make arrest in 1993 Mia Zapata slaying
from: Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter

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The 1993 killing of Seattle punk-rock singer Mia Zapata, which baffled police and her fans for nearly a decade, appears to have been solved with the arrest of a man in Miami.

Police say they used DNA evidence to tie Jesus Mezquia, 48, to the slaying.

Mezquia was arrested late Friday. He is a Cuban native who lives in the Florida Keys, where police searched his home Saturday, a law-enforcement source told the P-I. Investigators have no reason to believe Zapata, 27, knew the man -- only that she somehow encountered him on Capitol Hill early July 7, 1993. That's when she was strangled with the cord of her sweatshirt, which bore the name of her band, The Gits. Seattle homicide Lt. Steve Brown said the arrest "resonates how powerful the latest DNA testing truly is at bringing a measure of justice to families who have been so negatively impacted by violent crime."


Ask Joan

...Can you tell us anything about the famous "JOAN JETT Eyelock"...
...How do YOU feel about bootlegs...
...Are you and Kathaleen Hanna considering collaborating on more music...


Info from Kenny on WPJL Benefit

Ticketmaster is selling tickets to the show on January 30 in New York. This show is open to the public.

$35 dollar tickets can be bought or you can get a $150 dollar package with dinner, meet and greet with Joan, and other perks.

All proceeds go to world hunger charity.

Sorry for the confusion. Some of the folks dealing with this show are not as cooperative, wonderful and charitable as the great radio station WPLJ, who are sincerely trying to do God's work.

Kindest Regards,

More info on the WPJL Benefit
from: WPJL

PLJ's Bill Ayres is celebrating his 30th anniversary at WPLJ this weekend. Bill holds the New York radio record for longevity, by hosting his talk show longer than any other NY radio broadcaster!

Bill is also co-founder of "World Hunger Year" and will be presenting a benefit concerts starring JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS on Thursday, January 30th at the China Club.

Tickets are available through Ticketmaster. There are two ticket options:

This Week:

No shows scheduled this week.

Click on the LIVE DATES link for upcoming shows

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