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December 2002 News

Page updated on December 31, 2002
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Changes to the setlist

To many who have asked:

We've added "Victim of Circumstance", "A Hundred Feet Away", and "Eye to Eye" to the set list, with more to come, including new ones.


Joan performs with TSO
from: New York Times

Somehow, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, a seasonal rock opera group with a cultish following, has been able to become something of a holiday franchise. Last night, after JOAN JETT finished a set with the group that included a version of "The Little Drummer Boy," she explained that she was not much of a Christmas girl. "I'm not a good bustler," she said.

But this holiday season will be calmer than last year, when Ms. Jett performed at military bases in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Did she feel at home abroad?

"They have this idea that you're in the military," she said. "The Psych Ops guys wanted to take me on a village assessment." But officials would not permit it, disappointing Ms. Jett. "I wanted to see downtown Kandahar," she said. Presumably, not for the bustle.

World Hunger Benefit

Joan and the BLACKHEARTS will be doing a benefit for World Hunger Foundation and radio station WPLJ at The China Club in New York City on Jan. 30. The World Hunger foundation will be offering a meet and greet for $150 that includes open bar, dinner and meeting the band.

Ask Joan

...will you ever put out a live CD or a box set of studio and live recordings spanning your whole career?...
...Why wait for the support of a major label that doesn't seem to ever materialize?...


EVIL STIG now available for download

EVIL STIG is now available for download. JOAN JETT and The Gits members collaborated, creating EVIL STIG, which read backward is Gits Live. EVIL STIG is JOAN JETT singing the music of murdered lead singer Mia Zapata. EVIL STIG, the album includes among other songs:

"Whirlwind" features Joan singing with Mia Zapata's recorded voice.

"Last To Know" was written by Joan and the Gits for this gig.


Q 104.3 in NYC giving away Joan tickets
from: Q 104.3

Q 104.3 - New York's ONLY Classic Rock Station , is giving away tickets to an intimate Jett concert 12-16-02. The only way you can get in to this show is to win, and they have 3 ways for you to get tickets:

Listen to the Radio Chick the week of December 9-13!

Listen to Q1043's VIP JOAN JETT Weekend December 13-15!

or fill out the form at the website below and win tickets!

Click here to fill out the form to win tickets!

First set of ASK JOAN answers are here

...I give you a standing ovation for entertaining the troops but you should visit some Marines...
...Just wondering when you guys may come back to Boston?...
...We are dying for some new tunes...


JOAN JETT stays true to first love: Rock 'n' roll
from: The Daily Record

JOAN JETT wears many hats. After recently appearing in the Broadway revival of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," she is now busy providing the soundtrack for New Jersey filmmaker Rocco Simonelli's new romantic comedy, "The Sweet Life," in which she plays a wacky biker chick.

Her loud, stripped-down rock and snarling persona on '80s hits such as "I Love Rock & Roll" and "Bad Reputation" have made her an icon for female rockers for more than 20 years.

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, featuring Jett on guitar and vocals, her longtime manager, producer and co-songwriter KENNY LAGUNA on keyboards, Doug Cangialosi on guitar, Rob DeLuca on bass and THOMMY PRICE on drums, arrives at the Community Theatre in Morristown on Saturday.


"Love Is All Around"

Dawson's Creek -- Episode # 105 --The Kids Are Alright will be re-aired on December 18, 2002 on the WB Network. JOAN JETT's "Love Is All Around" is featured in this episode.

Joan's sister on EXTRA

Watch Joan's sister Anne tonight on NBC's EXTRA. (7 p.m. in the NY area, it runs later in other areas so check your local listings). She will be selling jewelry.

New website Feature

To the Bad Reputation Nation:

We are initiating a new feature I think is needed here and now.

This is your website. This is my website. You are here because of your love of rock and roll. I will try to make the website your source for an ongoing dialogue direct with ME.

I'd like to clear up a few issues and misconceptions that apparently some fans have been focusing on.

How this turns out will determine whether or not I ever do it again.

Send me your comments, your thoughts, your questions, etc.....

I promise to read them ALL. Speak freely...I will listen.

Although responding to all is impractical, I will answer those I feel to be most appropriate.

Happy Holidays. You have always been the best.


Reminder about the December 7th Cancellation

The December 7th show in Las Vegas was cancelled by the promoter due to problems with the other act, and reasons we are not clear on. We will be sure to reschedule something in Las Vegas as soon as possible.
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