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October 2002 News

Page updated on October 31, 2002
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Show Cancelled For Safety Concerns

The JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS show for the Washington, DC Children's Hospital on November 1, 2002 has been canceled by the organizers due to the crisis of the "sniper."

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October, being Breast Cancer Awareness month has helped focus attention on our "It's About Eve" CD that JOAN JETT contributed the track "The Word." Chuck Taylor, Senior Editor at Billboard, penned a great piece in their current issue,(October 19th/page 84), in the Back Beat column on the project!

The Libby Ross Foundation's annual Black Tie event is being held October 19th. Heidi Petrikat, Ina May Wool, Emily Curtis, Gabrielle and Sister Someone will be deck out to impress all with their talent!

BMI will host an "It's About Eve" night on October 23rd at the Living Room featuring Gabrielle, Emily Curtis, Jody Sheeler (Angels in the Round), Andrea Maybaum, Shanna Sharp and Kelli Owens.


Joan in "Uncut: The True Story of Hair"

Joan is interviewed in the A&E documentary "Uncut: The True Story of Hair" which airs on A&E Monday, October 21, 9-11pm (ET/PT).

"By Hook or By Crook" Premier

The award-winning feature, BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, (an Artistic License Films Release), will have its theatrical premiere, in NYC and BOSTON on Friday, October 25th.

New Link added to the Links page

This website by lighting designer Bryan Hartley has some interesting pictures of the staging for a JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS tour.

Photos from the Military Tour

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JOAN JETT, most famous for the hit "I love rock and roll," belts one out for troops of the 438th Air Expeditionary Group during an Armed Forces Entertainment concert as a forward deployed location supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. U.S. Air Force Photo by Staff Sgt. William Greer

Click here to view more photos.

Three albums available for download
from: ICE magazine

Two seminal 1981 albums are back in print thanks to digital distribution. JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS Bad Reputation and I Love Rock ’N Roll are now available for $10 each as downloads. Fans can choose between MP3 files or CD-quality WAV files. Both come complete with print-quality artwork sized for a jewel case. Go to the "audio downloads" section of Also available is 1997's Fit To Be Tied greatest hits compilation.

Two albums available in Limited Edition

"I Love Rock N' Roll" and "Fit To Be Tied" are now available in limited edition carried by Trans World Entertainment in the following stores: Coconuts, Camelot, Sam Goody, Strawberries,Fye,Spec's and Planet Help us out by making sure your local store is carrying these records.

A Message From Kenny

Joan, the BLACKHEARTS and I have returned from visiting our fighting men in the war zone overseas. It was an honor to have been chosen to go.

Our beautiful men and women in the military are living in unthinkably uncomfortable conditions and are risking their lives every day. They are doing a terrific job.

Please do not let one day go by without thinking of their sacrifice; of the wonderful life we have here in the USA, and of democracy everywhere, which they are protecting.

I will write more when I have had some sleep.

We love you all.

JOAN JETT finds that troops in Afghanistan love rock 'n' roll, too
from: Stars and Stripes

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BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan — On Friday night in the middle of a military aircraft hangar, JOAN JETT, one of rock ’n’ roll’s original "bad girls," raised the rafters with songs that would have meant certain death under the now-defunct Taliban regime. Jett and her band, the BLACKHEARTS, wowed two crowds totaling more than 1,000 U.S. servicemembers and military personnel from many of the coalition nations stationed at this base. The performance was a delicious irony: Jett and the BLACKHEARTS represent everything the Taliban stood against — freedom, independence, unconventionality, and even some topics that can’t be discussed in a family newspaper. Even Jett’s attire bore mute testimony to how much things have changed in Afghanistan since the war on terror began. Dressed demurely from the waist down in loose desert BDU pants and black combat boots, Jett sported a tiny, sleeveless black net tank top that highlighted her taut abdomen and back, as well as a blond crew cut that was short enough to pass muster with the strictest of drill sergeants. Speaking to reporters between the Friday concerts, Jett called her presence in the Bagram hangar "very symbolic."

Click here to view other photos of Joan entertaining the troops.

"The Word" video online

Recently Night Gallery Video Productions out of Seattle got behind what is about and offered to pro bono a promo / infomercial video for "The Word" and a video montage of the 14 songs. Please go to the "Eve" site hit enter and you will see it on the upper right hand corner.

Click here to go to the site.

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