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JOAN JETT CNN Transcript
from: CNN

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, she loves rock and roll, she loves to sing, and she loves U.S. soldiers. Believe it or not, JOAN JETT performing in Kandahar for the troops overseas -- Joan, good to see you.

JOAN JETT: Hi, how are you doing?

PHILLIPS: It looks like you still got it, my friend, still a sex symbol and entertaining the troops out there, how are they responding to you?



Up and running for 52 straight hours has left promoter Ron Cates tired, but exhilarated. Last weekend's second annual Smoke on the Water BBQ, Bikes and Blues Festival, he said, was an overwhelming success in spite of the drenching rains preceding the event.

"We expected to see a lot of people," Cates said, "but this went way beyond our expectations."

Because of the downpour early Friday, Cates said the crowds were thinner for the first day of the festival, but still some 7,000 strong.


The roots of rock
How pop stars set trends with their cutting-edge hairdos


"Rock 'n' roll hair, wow," says JOAN JETT on the forthcoming A&E special "Uncut: The True Story of Hair." "It's, like, you know it when you see it."

Rock 'n' roll, and pop and hip-hop, have inspired nearly every trendy haircut (particularly among men) of the past 40 years. Punk, rockabilly, the British Invasion, achy-breaky country music: Just as every style of pop music has its heyday and then its periodic revivals, so do the radical haircuts we've come to associate with them.

Like DJs, in recent years stylists and their most adventurous customers have been sampling everything that came before.


JOAN JETT plays for troops in Afghanistan

BAGRAM, Afghanistan (AP) -- Wearing black boots, camouflage pants and a fishnet top, American rocker JOAN JETT performed Friday for several hundred entertainment-starved soldiers serving at the U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan.

About 500 coalition troops, mostly Americans, watched the first of two concerts scheduled Friday night in an airplane hanger.

Some soldiers, with automatic weapons slung behind their backs, stood atop stacked boxes of MREs -- military meals ready to eat -- to catch a glimpse of Jett. A giant U.S. flag was draped behind the singer while she sang.


Remembering Suzi

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Suzi, the Laguna's dog recently passed away. Suzi lived with the Laguna's and Joan for many years. Fans may remember photos of Suzi and Joan appearing in magazines around the world.

"Don't Surrender"

We have received phone calls from fans asking about "Don't Surrender" being played on WPLJ/NYC. The station played the unreleased version of "Don't Surrender" as part of their 9/11 programming. The spirit in which this song was written has evoked a tremendous response, from stations looking for appropriate material to play on this unforgettable anniversary to The Armed Forces Radio Network looking for just the right song to be heard at this time. We can only suggest that if you want to hear it played on the radio that you call WPLJ or your local station and let them know you too, "Don't Surrender."

Moments . . . at JOAN JETT
from: Omaha World Hearld

COUNCIL BLUFFS - JOAN JETT should cut an exercise video.

The fans at her recent show at Council Bluffs' Westfair Amphitheater certainly got a full body workout.

There was jumping, almost constant, in the pit of people that pushed toward the stage for a closer view of the sexy rock 'n' roll queen.

There was the fist-pumping when she belted out her classic "Do You Want to Touch Me (Oh Yeah)."

There was even dancing. A large, bearded man was twisting and shouting when a woman suddenly slipped in beside him. Before long, the two were dancing hand-in-hand as Jett ripped through her ear-splitting set.

Giving voice to Sept. 11

There wasn't a single mention of Sept. 11 when JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS tore through a 90-minute set at Westfair Amphitheatre Sunday night. That's particularly notable since keyboardist KENNY LAGUNA lives just a few blocks from ground zero, and the New York-based band was directly affected by the attacks.

Rather than make a big patriotic show, then go on to the next concert to harvest some more cash, Jett and Laguna are taking another route to show their support for the military.

In a couple of weeks, the duo, and with any luck all of the BLACKHEARTS, will be headed to Afghanistan to perform for the troops. Jett and Laguna were already there in December and January, among the first artists to go to the combat zone. And they're going to be the first to return.

That says more to me than any song by any artist ever could.

Jett gets 'wild' in Bluffs

Rocker JOAN JETT landed safely at the Westfair Amphitheater Sunday to greet thousands of screaming fans ready to take a trip back to the '80s.

The show began at 7 p.m. with a local band, Lovetap, taking the stage.

The Fonzarellies followed, playing about an hour set that got the fans ready to rock. (Jett could be seen on the side of the stage rocking out during the Fonzies set.)

Fans anxiously awaited during the 45-minute set-up for the featured act. The Who played over the loud speaker, competing with the screams of the crowd. Blankets and lawn chairs encompassed all three hills of Westfair. Glow sticks and necklaces covered the hills like fireflies.

CN8 Press Release Article
from: CN8

Leading the week of CN8’s September 11 coverage, CN8 will re-air its exclusive concert, "The Alliance of Neighbors Benefit Concert," on Sunday, September 8 at 8:00PM. The concert features exclusive performances by Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, The Smithereens, JOAN JETT and more to raise funds for the Alliance of Neighbors of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Funds raised from the taped television event will be used to help aid the over 150 families from Monmouth County affected by the September 11th terrorist attacks. Additional funds will be raised both on-line through and by calling a toll-free number during the CN8 telecast.

from: Niva Bringas

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Click to enlarge Check out all of Niva's photos from JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS recent show in Oshkosh at:

Joan at WNBA

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The Queen of Rock and Roll, JOAN JETT, smiles for the camera while attending a WBNA game.

The Jett Set
from: Lincoln Journal Star

KENNY LAGUNA has about had it with rock stars who are more interested in their bank accounts than music or who want to make some "important" social statement rather than just have fun.

Laguna is more than just a casual sidelines observer. He's been a prime mover on the rock `n' roll scene since he was a teen-ager cranking out bubblegum pop and, for the past 20 years, has been the musical partner of JOAN JETT, who knows more than at little about how to rock.

"This is entertainment, that's all it is,"Laguna said. "If you break through and have a little social commentary, that's great. But you're supposed to be lifting people's spirits. Instead of having juvenile delinquents, edgy people as rock stars, they've replaced that with corporate nerds, guys that are overeducated. They can buy their leather, but they can't rock.

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