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Jett, Benatar rock on as prototype girls with guitars
from: STLtoday

Twenty years after they revolutionized the roles of women in rock music, Pat Benatar and JOAN JETT recalled the best music of their careers in bright sets Tuesday night at Family Arena in St. Charles.

Jett influenced a generation of punk girls with guitars, and Benatar's pristine yet powerful voice was often imitated but rarely duplicated.

Fiery JOAN JETT Primed for Return Visit to Capital Region
from: The Daily Gazette, Albany, NY

The date still sticks in KENNY LAGUNA’s mind: Feb. 12, 1982

Laguna, record producer, manager, music collaborator and longtime friend of rocker JOAN JETT, had great news for Jett, whose solo career was starting to soar after three years of very hard work.

Music mogul Neil Bogart, who created bubblegum acts such as the Ohio Express and signed KISS, had slated Jett on ABC-TV’s live comedy show, "Fridays" on that date. With her single "I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll" climbing the charts, Bogart figured they could easily sell 600,000 copies simply by Jett appearing on the show.


Jett’s Rocking Plaza Set Gets Crowd of 20,000 on Their Feet
from: The Daily Gazette, Albany, NY

She's a movie actress and she’s performed on Broadway.

She’s a humanitarian and one of the last independents, who does things she wants to do the way she wants to do them.

And make no mistake about it: JOAN JETT still rocks.


It's About Eve
from: It's About Eve

JOAN JETT opens the Music For The Cure: It's About Eve compilation with a terrific rendition of The Beatles' tune "The Word". There's density, drive and experimental sounds that lift this all girl version (27 backing vocalists!) to a special place. This one song is worth the price of admission, but there's lots more on the other thirteen tracks.

Deena Miller, daughter of Rolling Stones' producer Jimmy Miller, is part of the chorus/choir on "The Word" and follows that tune with the title track from her long awaited debut CD, A Thousand Words. Australian Liz Larizza's Wellville band has tunes that are often heard on prime time TV. "How Does It Feel" is a cosmic elegant melody stretched over the band's firm rhythm. There's so much to this anthology it simply cannot be absorbed in one sitting, but the 12 page booklet/liner notes goes far in explaining a bit about each act, and the mission of this project.

Executive Producer Hernando Courtright has had years in A & R as well as management, and owns some of the better "ears" in this industry. The song selection is top notch, heightening Breast Cancer Awareness while simultaneously celebrating "the many female artists that are enthusiastically promoting their music with the release of their own CDs." Heidi Petrikat's title track to her disc, Desperate Lord, seems like a frustrated plea to an unfelt (or perhaps unfeeling) deity, a kind of questioning which goes with the attempt to eradicate a disruptive disease.


Joan on Nightline

Joan will be on Nightline Friday August 16, 2002 (tonight!). This is a tribute show in memory of Elvis.

Jett Offers Out Of Print Albums Online

Veteran rock artist JOAN JETT has taken matters into her own hands and is offering downloads of three out-of-print albums for purchase on her official Web site at In conjunction with E-distribution firm Cool Ears, the site is electronically delivering 1981's "Bad Reputation" and "I Love Rock & Roll," and the 1997 greatest hits package, "Fit To Be Tied," complete with artwork, for $10 each.

"We don't look at the Internet as an alternative to traditional distribution, but rather an enhancement," Jett's manager/producer KENNY LAGUNA said in a statement. "For people who don't like to steal, there is no longer any excuse for downloading unauthorized music."

A new audience has been discovering Jett's music recently thanks to its use in films and on television. "I Love Rock & Roll" was featured in the big screen version of "Charlie's Angels," while "Bad Reputation" was heard in the animated smash "Shrek" and as the theme to the cult television series "Freaks and Geeks."


VH1's 100 Greatest Women
from: Capital Gold/VH1

Want to have a say in one of the most extensive searches in music? Capital Gold has teamed up with VH-1 to find the 100 Greatest Women in music. Vote now and win an Arcam sound system!

Capital Gold was asked by the music channel VH-1 to help in its quest to find its 100 Greatest Females. VH-1 knows that Capital Gold is the home of the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s and that our fans know their music and know their female artists!

Tell us who you want to vote for and you could win a state of the art Arcam stereo system. One lucky winner will be chosen after voting has finished. This awesome piece of audio equipment will make your favourite female and your favourite radio station sound even better!

"Fit To Be Tied" now available for download

Fans can now purchase JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS "Fit To Be Tied" CD in the Audio Downloads section of the website. Also available there are "Bad Reputation" and "I Love Rock 'N Roll".

Review of Junefest
from: Caught Live Too!

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JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS played a hot 14 song set in the sun that featured concert favorites as well as a few surprises. The BLACKHEARTS started with "BAD REPUTATION" and "CHERRY BOMB" to kick off the afternoon. The Bruce Springsteen written "LIGHT OF DAY", from the movie of the same name, lead into "DO YOU WANT TO TOUCH ME THERE". Joan played "YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT AFTER ALL", the theme from the Mary Tyler Moore Show which she re-recorded for TV Land. "THE SWEET LIFE" was played for the first time live this day. The hits "I LOVE ROCK 'N ROLL", "CRIMSON & CLOVER" and "I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU" were played, then Joan ended the show with "SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE", the theme song of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which she performed on Broadway. Site Launch

Fans of The RUNAWAYS will have a new official resource for news, photos, interviews and information of all sorts about the ground-breaking all-girl rock band on Friday, August 2, when launches.

Along with current news from the Runaway alumnae, the site will offer audio interviews from the band's short but fabulous run (in RealPlayer format); rare and unique photos; and video interviews, starting with a Q&A with RUNAWAYS vocalist Cherie Currie.

Designed by Chrys Stylle and Danna Taylor whose other websites include Lita Ford's former website, Nuclear, Former Great White member Tony Montana, and several other music industry sites, will also offer official licensed RUNAWAYS merchandise, including re-releases of the original albums, clothing, and gift/collectible items.


JOAN JETT concert includes fireworks

Evel Knievel Week's grand finale concert -- featuring JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS -- begins at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 3, at the Butte Civic Center. Besides Jett and company, Evel Knievel and his celebrity friends are expected to rock the civic center for one of the summer's main music events in Butte. The opening act is by the Butte Rats. A 22-minute fireworks display follows the concert, about 11:15 p.m. Tickets $20 in advance, $22 at the door; for more information, call 497-6400 or 1-800-555-8989.

JOAN JETT... Don't Take Her For Granted!
(JOAN JETT Live Review, July 26, 2002)


One of the first records, and yes, I mean "record" as in vinyl, those 12 inch black flat plastic things that you put on a record player, was JOAN JETT's "I Love Rock N' Roll". So when I was given the opportunity to not only see her in concert, but hang out backstage before the show I was more than happy to jump at it.

Let me back up a bit first. We were supposed to interview Joan's partner, producer, manager, keyboard player, etc., etc., etc., KENNY LAGUNA for "The Big Show" on 101.9 "The Box". I set it up and was in charge of getting everyone on the same page. Well, to make a long story short, wires got crossed and it didn't happen... in fact their publicist was kept on hold for around 15 minutes and finally gave up. I was called away on a client call so I wasn't in the building, but when I returned and found out I was mortified!

Laguna has a resume that dates back to the 60's. He's been an integral part of Joan's and many other's careers, and we couldn't pull off the simplest of tasks! That's modern radio for you, we don't have enough staff to wipe our own ass anymore! So after this debacle and my pathetic groveling, I was amazed to have been offered a spot on the guest list.


Butte Becomes the axis of Evel

All that's left now, he said, is to welcome the crowd of visitors, which he estimated at between 30,000 to 50,000 people. `` I think that would be a reasonable estimate for a first year,'' he said of what organizers plan to be an annual event. `` We've been getting telephone calls and visitors at the museum non-stop the last week and the Butte Civic Center is getting 150 to 200 calls a day about the (JOAN JETT) concert on Saturday.''
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