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Organizers uplifted as 'Bras Across the Strip' works toward miracle

Block by block, some 12,000 bras of every color and style lined Las Vegas Boulevard on Sunday, held aloft from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere.

The inaugural "Bras Across the Strip" passed all expectations: $16,000 was raised, along with breast cancer awareness. About 400 volunteers made it happen, and thousands of gawking tourists walked away wondering whether they had just missed the ultimate topless show.

Click here to read the entire article, and find out how much Joan's bra went for.

American Badass
from: Caught Live Too!

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Though it’s not so hard to find women playing loud, guitar-driven music these days, rock ’n’ roll is still essentially a man’s world. Sure, women are more of a driving force in the pop marketplace than ever before, but women performers seem to be relegated to the quieter, more introspective regions of the commercial landscape. But even if radio won't play them, there are indeed female bands out there who rock hard, most of them inspired by the trailblazing singer with the jet-black hair and surly image.

A true American original, JOAN JETT set the template for women in rock ’n’ roll. As a founding member and leading light of the über-punk, all-girl '70s band The RUNAWAYS, Jett forged the standard to which all electric guitar-wielding females aspire to this day. Jett was the first female American rock ’n’ roller to gain widespread attention, chart-topping hits, and the grudging respect of the male rock ’n’ roll community. Without Jett’s pioneering efforts, the face of rock would surely be different today. The antecedent to groups like L7, The Muffs, The Donnas, The Eyeliners, Bratmobile, the riot grrl movement and more, Jett is still a driving force who insists that she has not slowed down or softened one bit

"Me? Am I softening? Are you kidding? I think some people do let themselves go when they get older because they just get tired. But I haven’t slowed down a bit."


Bras Across the Strip

During the entire Bras Across the Strip campaign, KKLZ has been collecting autographed bras from celebrity guests, and at the Divas Luncheon this past Friday. Now is your chance to bid on these one-of-a-kind true collector's items, and for a great cause!

More photos from the Hoffman Estates gig

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Click here to see more photos from the gig.

Prey For Rock And Roll Website

JOAN JETT is a true American original.

While still in her early teens, Joan, often called "the girl Elvis", founded the seminal all-girl rock group, The RUNAWAYS, whose hits such as "Cherry Bomb" made them an international sensation. She became the first woman in rock to own her own record label, BLACKHEART RECORDS. There, her next group, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS, became a staple in the Top 10 charts and claims the #28 song of all time, "I Love Rock n' Roll", which was number 1 on the Billboard charts for two months after 23 major record labels refused to give her a deal.

Joan starred in the Paul Schrader film Light of Day, with Michael J. Fox, Jason Miller, Gena Rowlands, and Michael McKean. She appeared in Boogie Boy, an independent film by Pulp Fiction alums Craig Hamann and Roger Avary. Her "bad guy" credits include playing an evil immortal in the Highlander television series, and she played a contract killer and reached a pinnacle in action film when she got to fight a martial-arts battle to the death with the legendary Chuck Norris. Joan will appear in the indie film The Sweet Life later this year.


Laguna's advice: Ignore the trends

JOAN JETT producer KENNY LAGUNA advises young musicians to follow their muse instead of worrying about what's on the radio.

Crowd Shows It Loves Jett's Rock 'N Roll

ALBANY -- JOAN JETT brought three chords and the truth to the Empire Plaza on Wednesday for a night of basic, pure rock 'n' roll under a hazy first-quarter moon.

In Albany, even the play on/entrance was impressive. A tape of the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again" blasted away, and just as the blood-curdling scream comes, they pounce onstage and slam the power chords of "Bad Reputation" at break-neck speed, and they were off.

Trading in her trademark black bangs for a short blond 'do, and wearing her uniform of black vinyl halter top and hip-hugger black pants, Jett -- looking remarkably only a few years older rather than the 20 since her early '80s top 40 heyday -- was in fine form, her almost hoarse pipes volleying between a whisper and a scream with ease.


Rock 'N The Valley Craven

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JOAN JETT was also well prepared to turn back the hands of time during a set that was easily the most pleasant surprise of the festival.

She looked great and sounded even better as she and her BLACKHEARTS ripped through a 75-minute set of punk and roll, which, quite frankly, has stood the test of time rather well.

The original riot grrrl and the godmother of girls with guitars opened with "Bad Reputation" and dusted off The Runaway's "Cherry Bomb" before tearing into the title cut from the Light Of Day movie soundtrack as well as "Do You Wanna Touch Me."


"I Love Rock And Roll" Ringtone

Ringtones are songs that play on your cellphone when receiving incoming calls. Depending on your type of phone you may have the ability to download anywhere from 5 to 20 different ringtones.

Click here to view ringtones including "I Love Rock And Roll".

Photos from Hoffman Estates Gig
from: Sandi Daae

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Sandi Daae took some photos at JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS recent show at Hoffman Estates.

Click here to see more photos from the gig.

A Moment For The OX
from: JOAN JETT, Kenny & Meryl Laguna

The sudden death of John Entwistle on the eve of the summer's most significant tour leaves us shocked and saddened.

There is no way to express what Pete Townshend, Roger Daltry, the OX, Bill Curbishley and all the members of the Who Organization have meant to us, both as leaders of the Rock and Roll Culture, and as personal friends who helped us when we first began to make JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS music.

To our friends on the Who/Robert Plant Tour : We Love You and Send You the Best Energy.

JOAN JETT, Kenny and Meryl Laguna

More photos from Hoffman Estates
from: Niva Bringas

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Niva Bringas took some photos of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS at their recent show at Hoffman Estates.

Click here to see more of Niva's photos from the gig.

Operation Enduring Freedom

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(From left) Rock star JOAN JETT and her manager KENNY LAGUNA, formerly of Tommy James and the Shondells rocked service members deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (Camp Stronghold Freedom, Uzbekistan) Army Photo by Spc. Steven L. McGowan, 10th Mountain Division Public Affairs

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