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KENNY LAGUNA onstage with Cherie Currie

Like her ex-bandmate JOAN JETT, Currie never fails to put on the quintessential balls-out show, but I couldn't' help feeling this night had a "New Oldies' vibe about it, but all thought and analysis was blasted and erased by Cherie's set closing trademark "Cherry Bomb"..God-Damn she's STILL a Wild Girl, as her able Shore-based backing gang gave new urgency to "THE Anthem" of a billion lost little girls and boys, while Currie spat out and caressed the Ch-ch-cherrry" lyrics like, yes, she was singing it for the first time. With her centerfold looks glistening through the smoke under the lights, the still-legendary Currie {and Mitchell} showed they'll never sit for just being tagged former superstars..

Click here read the entire article and to see photos of the show.

Rocker JOAN JETT sings for troops

JOAN JETT mobilized almost as fast as the troops.

The feisty rocker spent almost two weeks in mid-October playing for U.S. troops deploying for the war against terrorism.

Her tour was not as publicized as the visible Concert for New York City, or the USO tour about to be launched by Wayne Newton, but is an example of the extraordinary and swift response from the music community to the events of Sept. 11.


Jett on Rockrgrl Cover

Last summer we polled our readers and asked who you most wanted to see on the cover of ROCKRGRL. JOAN JETT won by a landslide. In this special issue, the New York rocker talks about her gear, her hair, and what makes her one music's most enduring icons.

Jett shows she's still a trailblazing rock star
from: Arizona Daily Star

Drenched in leather and sweat, and dripping sex appeal, JOAN JETT ruled her crowd Saturday night at the Backstage like a rock 'n' roll dominatrix.

Love rock 'n roll?

JOAN JETT loves rock 'n' roll. Well, she used to, at least. Nowadays, she's perplexed by it, curious as to what it has become. Or, where it has gone.

Asked what she thinks about today's rock 'n' roll, Jett says bluntly, "What rock 'n' roll?"

St. Joan
When it comes to rock and roll, Jett is an icon

from: Caught Live Too!

Trying to summarize JOAN JETT's contributions to rock and roll, former Rolling Stone editor and renowned rock writer Dave Marsh probably came as close to a suitable distillation as anyone. "JOAN JETT is the female Chuck Berry," he wrote with admirable concision. While that is hardly the definitive assessment of Jett's place in rock and roll history, it strikes at the heart of the matter: JOAN JETT is, at the very least, an icon, if not already a legend.

"All I can say is that I only hope that my music will last," a smoky-voiced, soft-spoken Jett says via phone from her Long Island home. She's 25 years into a career that began with the now-legendary all-girl rock combo the RUNAWAYS, and she came into her own with the release in 1981 of her first solo record, Bad Reputation. So it's puzzling to hear her express any sort of self-doubt. But the always unpredictable Jett sees things a bit differently.

"There isn't a day that goes by that I don't take a moment to thank the universe for what I have," Jett says thoughtfully. "I always try and keep in touch with -- and be thankful for -- the good fortune I have had in being able to do what I love to do for a living: my work, if you can call it that."


Rock, marketing and legendeering; Is it possible that JOAN JETT is the last rock and roller?

"There are some people that if they don’t know, you can’ tell ‘em" – Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was a genius. Hell, that statement alone proves how much of a genius he was, with words as well as that glorious goddamn coronet. He sure as shit summed things up neatly in just a few words when he laid down that riff above, and I’m not so sure that, at the time, anybody took it as much more than good ol’ Satch babbling off another mystical, strange quip. "Yeah, yeah Satcmoh, now play us another tune." What a cryin’ shame, because when you dig around those thirteen words, you find a pretty derned good lesson in dealing with this life we all try and live.

Armstrong could have been talking about anyone or anything, but right now – bear with me ‘cuz this is my gig here – I’d like to think he was, in some weird cosmic fashion, prattling on about none other than JOAN JETT.


More Photos from performances for Deployed Troops

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