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Jett Fighter: How NOT to interview JOAN JETT
from: Riverfront Times

The obvious way to open a story on JOAN JETT's headlining of PrideFest is surely some variation on the old "Is she or isn't she" question, a coy evaluation of Jett's aggressive but ambiguous sexuality. Although Jett doesn't dwell on the subject herself, her sexual orientation is a source of prurient fascination, partly because she's a woman playing rock in a patriarchal society and partly because of a quarter-century's fixation on chains, dog collars and lots of black leather; high-profile collaborations with Riot Grrl/queercore legends such as Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Le Tigre), L7 and Amy Ray; and near-iconic status in the gay and lesbian community. And then, of course, there's the fact that she's headlining PrideFest this year.

Naturally, when Jett grants the RFT a five-minute phone interview, we assume she's amenable to discussing her reasons for performing at the festival, which, as everyone knows, commemorates the origins of the gay-rights movement. Big mistake. "Wow," she says flatly, sounding a little disgusted. "It's a gig. I don't really discriminate. We've been doing these shows for years, and I don't really look at it as any kind of anything. I really don't give it much thought." At this point, a rational person might assume that she'd rather not continue along this line of inquiry, but we bulldoze gamely forward, nattering on about her position as figurehead, the gay-rights cause, blah, blah, blah. Jett retains her composure, but her irritation is palpable: "You have to give me a moment, because it's early in the morning and I just woke up."

Holly, our contact at BLACKHEART RECORDS, who's listening in on another line, jumps to the rescue: "Excuse me, but I don't think the record company really expected this to be tilted completely in that direction. You should probably redirect, because that would be easier for Joan; it's what she's more prepared for."


Joan puts on great show in St. Louis

JOAN JETT has been a rock star for a quarter century, and watching her perform, you can't help but feel the thing that has sustained her all these years is that first and foremost, she's a fan. Her undying passion for the music is the theme of her biggest hit, "I Love Rock 'N Roll" and it's equally plain in the selection of cover songs she's recorded over the years, a fair number of which she included in her 70-minute set in Tower Grove Park on Saturday, where she headlined the day-long PrideFest gala.

Kenny and the "Travelling Bra"
from: BD

As we were waiting outside Rocky, we were informed that the cast was going to some party somewhere... So, i said to Deb "keep your eyes peeled for KENNY LAGUNA" and then *poof* there he was!!! for those of you who do not know who he is, he is currently JOAN JETT's manager, and he used to be in Tommy James and the Shondells!! we told him the bra story, and he jumped at the chance to pose because "i need all the exposure i can get!"......unfortunatly, we couldn't get Joan because she had to go somewhere as soon as they got out of there. Kenny was VERY cool, he asked how long we were going to be in town so he could arrange the photo, but we were leaving the next day...we'll get Joan at some point in time...we're not concerned.

Hugh Downs Interviews JOAN JETT
from: NY Post

JOAN JETT: "From the earliest time I wanted to play guitar I was told, 'Girls can't play rock-n-roll,' and I thought that was a curious statement... I want to be a person who breaks the mold of what women are able to be."

Liner Notes
from: NY Post

JOAN JETT is persona non grata after refusing to do the cast album of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" because management wouldn't meet her demands regarding money and production control.

The album's liner notes, by director Christopher Ashley, make no mention that Jett has ever had any association with the show, but state they cast the ultimate "Dirty-Diva-to-Be, Kristen Lee Kelly" without mentioning that Kelly was Jett's understudy.

Just how completely the producers are treating Jett as a non-person becomes clear when you notice they have included cast-member Kevin Cahoon in the credits, even though he doesn't appear on the recording.


The release of tribute albums has become quite a marketing spectacle, gathering seemingly unrelated artists to pay respect to a common bond, but there was one band that never truly received its proper veneration: Long Island’s TWISTED SISTER. Although many tribute albums are devoted to bands that sold outrageous numbers of records, had vast strings of hits and provided influence to certain aspects of music, Twisted Sister is most deserving, as they paved the way for a number of revolutions in rock culture! Finally, recognizing the band’s importance, KOCH Records, in cooperation with production/distribution company Shooting Gallery, Inc., is pleased to release ‘Twisted Forever’ on August 14th!

Long-Awaited Twisted Sister Tribute Album Released Through KOCH Records On August 14th

As we've reported before, the long awaited tribute album to Long Island glam metal kings Twisted Sister will finally see the light of day. Well, not it's official!!! KOCH Records, in cooperation with production/distribution company Shooting Gallery, Inc., has announced that the album will hit stores on August 14th and have issued the final line-up and track listing.

JOAN JETT Is Still At It: Seasoned vet still rocking

The same week that the big news in mainstream music press is about the soda commercials by Britany Spears and Christina Aguilera, and song that hit the charts is by the blatantly fabricated Eden's Crush, the back pages carried a small footnote. JOAN JETT announced that she's putting the BLACKHEARTS back together and hitting the road.


JOAN JETT's icon status as a pop culture symbol of what women can achieve continues to grow throughout the world. With JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS album on Warners and a RUNAWAYS retrospective on Mercury releases in 1998, Joan also had a role in the film "Boogie Boy" by "Pulp Fiction" alums Craig Hamann and Roger Avary.


The original bad girl of rock & roll, JOAN JETT, blasts through a smoldering set of her greatest hits in her first-ever live release. In this exclusive DVD release, Joan and her incendiary band blaze through all her signatures songs, including Bad Reputation, I Love Rock 'N Roll, and I Hate Myself For Loving You, and put their own brand on tunes such as Crimson and Clover, Real Wild Child, and Roadrunner. Unique bonus features include Joan rockin' at midnight on New Year's Eve, a montage of career-spanning photos from Joan's personal collection, and menus accompanied by unreleased audio tracks. This is your chance to see JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS as never before: Up Close and Powerful!

Track Listing:
Bad Reputation
Cherry Bomb
Light of Day
Crimson and Clover
I Hate Myself for Loving You
Love is All Around
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
Friend to Friend
I Love Rock 'n Roll
Real Wild Child
Everyday People

Real Wild Child
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)

Release scheduled for June, 2001.

Click here to preorder.

2001: A Musical Odyssey - JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS with The Donnas

Beginning in the 1970s with her first band the RUNAWAYS and continuing through her chart-topping days with the BLACKHEARTS, JOAN JETT established a reputation as a hard rocking, guitar-toting rebel with a big sound and an even bigger sneer. Jett influenced a whole generation of riot grrrls, and has never stopped cranking out rock of the highest caliber. If it’s too loud…

JOAN JETT "Live" in Los Angeles

JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS' May 20 appearance at Long Beach was a night of contradictions. It was a night that members of a community came together in celebration of diversity, while a few bad apples marred the event by bringing an unsavory element into the mix. It was a night that a great rock performance was almost lost in the mismanagement of Pride organizers, whose main stage set-up was woefully inadequate.
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