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JOAN JETT, BLACKHEARTS to reunite at Pony
from: The Stone Pony

JOAN JETT and BLACKHEARTS have regrouped to play a handful of shows -- the first of which is at the Pony on Sat., April 21.


JOAN JETT will be hitting stages soon, but she's trading in those sweet transvestites for some BLACKHEARTS.


JOAN JETT and BLACKHEARTS have regrouped to play a handful of shows. Jett is at the tail end of a six-month run on Broadway as transvestite Columbia in the The Rocky Horror Show. (She is currently negotiating an extension.)

JOAN JETT Rocky Horror Schedule

JOAN JETT fans should note the following Rocky Horror dates:

April 21 or 22,
April 27, 28 or 29.
May 3rd, 4th 5th 6th
May 17th,18th, 19th and 20th
June 21 through July 1st

Joan MAY not appear in the show on those dates. This does not mean Joan will NOT be at Rocky Horror for all those dates, but she will miss some of them, and until it is determined which, we want to protect the people who want to see Joan on broadway from arriving on a night that she may be absent.

Also, there is a special midnight performance on april 26th (as well as the normal 8pm show) it is for the actors charity. Joan is scheduled to be in that performance.

from: Metal Maidens

What we have here is more or less a five track compilation of JOAN JETT, on which we can hear about ten minutes of 'unfinished business' or unreleased tracks, if you like. The five tracks are a collection of five sports related songs, so the bio tells us. The title track is also the opener of this mini CD. It's a song that certainly will appeal to all the die hard JOAN JETT fans. It's a song that reminds us of the good old days of JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS. "I Left My Heart In San Fransisco" is another unreleased track. It's very poppy for Joan's standards. But she makes it up with a raunchy version of the IGGY POP classic "Real Wild Child", that also appeared on the tribute CD "We Will Fall". "Love Is All Around" is the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, originally done by Sonny Curtiss, which was also to be found on the Greatest Hits album "Fit To Be Tied". When you hear it, you'll recognise it immediately, I think. The CD closes with Joan's version of the American National Anthem "The Star Sprangled Banner". It was recorded on September 5th, 1995. This is not the rebellous version that you might expect from this new frontlady of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But it's an a-capella version, nothing more nothing less. The CD comes with a fold out inlay which contains some nice pictures of Joan and some extensive liner notes of our good friend Kathleen Warnock. You can order this mini CD through Joan's website at: or you can drop a line to: David Snowden Productions, Inc., P.O. Box 24851, Baltimore, MD 21220-0851, USA. Our sincere thanks go out to Mr Snowden for making this review possible. Hopefully more 'unfinished business' will follow in the near future. (8 points out of 10)

from: NY Post

WHEN the cast album of "The Rocky Horror Show" comes out, one of the hit musical's stars, JOAN JETT, won't be on it. Jett, famous for her '80s hit "I Love Rock'n'Roll," burns up the stage as Columbia in the "Rocky Horror" revival at Circle in the Square. But earlier this year, Jett and producer Jordan Roth got into a fight after she found out neither she nor her manager KENNY LAGUNA would be producers on the cast album, which she'd agreed to do only on that basis.

Tony Committee Rules Schaffel, Barbour Not Eligible for Lead Actor Nominations

The committee ruled that Jarrod Emmick, Alice Ripley and Tom Hewitt are the leads in The Rocky Horror Show. Lea DeLaria, Dick Cavett, JOAN JETT and the rest may be nominated as best featured performers.

Tentative Joan Schedule for Rocky Horror

Joan will be in The Rocky Horror Show until at least april 20 but we think she will continue beyond that until at least the tony awards in june and hopefully beyond that. we will annouce it here on when we are sure.

However she will not be there the weekend of May 4 since there is a concert in California that will keep her out from may 3rd until at least may 6th.

Please check the website to see the final schedule as soon as we know it.


Jett's Camp: "We Had a Deal"

When reported last week that JOAN JETT, a Rocky Horror Show original cast member, would not participate on the cast album, a spokesperson said: "They [Jett and producers] could not come to terms." However, Jett’s representatives seem to feel that the statement is an oversimplification of the facts. "Terms were made and terms were changed," Jett representative KENNY LAGUNA told

Women In Rock

"I read a piece on L7 the other day, and it didn't mention that they were all women until the last sentence. With the RUNAWAYS, it would have been the first." - JOAN JETT

Joan is NOT on the Rocky Horror Cast Recording

63 % If Joan isn't on it, I'm not buying it.

9% I like it more without her. She isn't really a theatre singer.

28 % I don't care; I just like the show.

The Rocky Horror cast album was recorded without JOAN JETT today. Fans should not make the mistake of purchasing the cast album expecting a JOAN JETT performance.

Any inquiries regarding the Rocky Horror Show cast album should be directed to: Bill Rosenfield at RCA Victor (212)-930-4063 (or) Jordan Roth at Jordan Roth Productions (212)-581-5700.

Inside the Rocky Horror Recording Session
from: Randy Gener

NEW YORK -– Will the producers of The Rocky Horror Show and RCA Victor suffer for not including rock star JOAN JETT in the show’s upcoming cast album?

Fashion and Rocky Horror

Fashion sense and Rocky Horror Show - two things that go together?! Rocker JOAN JETT, Tom Hewitt and Alice Ripley were on hand to debut Rockywear, clothing inspired by the Broadway show now running at Circle in the Square. The Feb. 7 Spa event, hosted by Donovan Leitch, benefited Partnership for the Homeless.

Look Who's Coming To B'way II: Debbie Harry at Rocky Horror Show

Rocker Debbie Harry of Blondie fame (although she's recently done some Off-off-Broadway acting as in Sarah Kane's Crave) caught the Jan. 25 performance of The Rocky Horror Show. She herself was caught backstage with Rent's Daphne Rubin-Vega, who plays Magenta, and fellow rock 'n' roller, JOAN JETT, who plays Columbia.

Going Stag: Amy Ray in Solo Mode
from: Women In Rock

George Eliot once wrote, "There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music."

Eliot may have known a thing or two about drag and going stag, but she obviously never heard the likes of Amy Ray. With her debut solo album, Stag, Amy reaches right through your chest and rocks the hell out of your every inch, sparing no emotion, including fear, grief, and loathing.

Lucky for us music junkies, for an artist like Amy Ray, molding lyrics, riffs, and mood is all in days' work. For those of you who have been long-time Indigo Girls fans, strap-on your seatbelts (or whatever other strapables you have) for an exicting ride through Stag.


Amy Ray Goes It Alone
from: Carla A. DeSantis

While the Indigo Girls have long been a mainstay of folk rock, one member of the acclaimed duo, Amy Ray, has always had the soul of a rocker. On songs like "Go," featured on the Indigo Girls' 1999 album Come On Now Social, it was clear that Ray was ready to embrace her rock roots and stretch out a bit on her own.

Rocky Horror May Finally Be Recording Cast Album

NEW YORK -- The Rocky Horror Show may finally be recording its cast album.

A cast member of the Broadway revival, who asked to remain anonymous, told that the cast has been asked to set aside Monday, March 12, for a recording session.

The cast is being told that the label is RCA Victor, but spokesperson Judy Jacksina said March 1 that no contract has yet been signed with any record label. Editors Note: Joan has NOT yet confirmed that she will be participating in the cast recording of Rocky Horror.

Rocky Horror to Record Cast Album March 12

Looks like producer Jordan Roth is making good on his promise for a Rocky Horror Show cast album. "I know that people don't believe us," Roth told last month. "But the recording is coming." A recording by RCA Victor is scheduled for Monday, March 12 with a release planned for May. Editors Note: Joan has NOT yet confirmed that she will be participating in the cast recording of Rocky Horror.

JOAN JETT's Rocky Road: The runaway star has reinvented herself as the toast of broadway
from: Girlfriends Magazine

When JOAN JETT first hits the stage in The Rocky Horror Show,she's wearing what looks like femme drag on her boyish butch form. Her matching pillbox hat is equally absurd, balanced tenuously on her shaved noggin, as she shuffles through an innocent Broadway dance routine instead of humping a guitar with her fist in the air.
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