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JOAN JETT, Jon Hamm and Vivian Bang Celebrate 3 Sundance 2018 Premieres #Sundance #BadReputation #Beirut #WhiteRabbit #MoviePremieres
low resolution image Not Enlargeable JOAN JETT, Jon Hamm and Vivian Bang celebrated their 2018 Sundance Film Festival movie premieres at the DIRECTV Lodge presented by AT&T that was located at 660 Main (former Zoom restaurant) in Park City, Utah, last week. This lodge was a major movie party hub with indoor and outdoor film events during the ten-day festival (Jan 18-28).

JOAN JETT (Bad Reputation) had fun at the Craig Pop Up Dining Experience at the DIRECTV Lodge, where she met Craig's LA owner Craig Susser. Joan's new documentary uncovers her behind-the-scenes life as a rock star. The film was praised for providing a lot of insight and old footage that told the story of this rock legend.

JOAN JETT celebrated the premiere of "Bad Reputation" at the DIRECTV Lodge presented by AT&T by enjoying Craig's Pop Up Dining Experience (with Craigs LA Owner Craig Susser, Photo from @CraigsLA Instagram) After seeing Bad Reputation, Screenwriter Laurie Stevens reflected, "I knew almost nothing about JOAN JETT and her background before this. Just her music. She's extremely humble for a rock icon. The film was sad, funny, poignant and very real. At one point, she couldn't hear someone's question, and she herself ran up with the microphone to the person. And she stood there, and answered them. She comes across as very approachable with basically no ego. She just loves music."

Craig's Pop Dining Experience had a delicious menu that included four main entree choices: sesame salmon with brown rice broccoli and ginger sriracha aioli, Meldman's honey truffle chicken with corn pancake and spinach, spaghetti squash primavera or double-cheeseburger and fries. When we were fortunate to meet Craig's LA owner, Craig Susser, he confessed, "It's tough to cook in a kitchen that is 30 degrees, but we're making it work." And yes, they made it more than work.

Jon Hamm (Beirut) also enjoyed Craig's Pop Up Dining Experience, and was celebrating his new movie at the Skate Kitchen party at the DIRECTV Lodge. In Beirut, Jon plays a U.S. diplomat who escapes Lebanon in 1972 after a tragic event at home. He is called back to Beirut ten years later by a CIA Operative, played by Rosamund Pike ("Gone Girl"), to negotiate the life of a friend who was left behind.

And Vivian Bang (White Rabbit) celebrated her premiere at the DIRECTV Lodge in the outdoor pop-up tent. This film is about a struggling Korean artist in Los Angeles, and many people were wearing white rabbit costumes at this party. Grace Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter) was there too celebrating the premiere of "The Long Dumb Road".

White Rabbit Director Daryl Wein provided the big picture behind his Sundance film, "The goal was to explore the nature of identity and what it means to be an artist in this current climate. How do you seek connection and find peace and clarity during these troubling times? I'm so happy that I got to capture Vivian's idiosyncratic and brilliant perspective, and create a film about finding one's place in the world."

With 110 feature-length films at Sundance this year, many filmmakers were grateful to DIRECTV and AT&T for supporting these independent film celebrations. The films represented 29 countries and 47 first-time filmmakers. With 13,468 submissions for this festival alone, it's harder to get a film into Sundance than getting into Harvard.

Look for Bad Reputation, Beirut and White Rabbit in a theater near you. And for more behind-the-scenes coverage of Sundance, follow @LizHKelly.
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