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Cadillac gets plenty of mileage from Jett

When you hear the stories about JOAN JETT and her longtime music partner, KENNY LAGUNA, selling their records - vinyl, baby - from the trunk of a car, that car was a Caddy.

Rock and roll never forgets, and neither does the world's coolest rock chick. Jett and Laguna tell their story in a new Web documentary at mycadillacstory .com: the 23 record-label rejection letters; Laguna's '76 DeVille, their office on wheels; and that cherry bomb of a hit, "I Love Rock and Roll."

There's also an exclusive video for "Change the World," off Jett's fine 2006 album, "SINNER" (Blackheart). The clip, filmed last summer on the boardwalk in her adopted home of Long Beach, opens with the band pulling up in various Caddies. "I just love my Cadillac," she said the other day. She's been driving an STS for a few years now and she is waiting for a Caddy hybrid model.

But you don't have to log on to get your Jett fix. She's also hyping the arrival of "American Chopper" on TLC by singing "Bad Reputation" as the burly-biker Teutul men whiz by. (The TV folks wanted Jett to change some of the lyrics to, "'American Chopper's' on a brand new station," but she refused, Laguna said.)

If that's not enough to cool our Jett love, the soundtrack for a Chase commercial is a rocked-up version of "Love Is All Around," the "Mary Tyler Moore Show" theme. Of course, Jett rocked that one up years ago and much better.
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