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It’s rock and roll

A new year with a brand new chart. Welcome to 2007 and let’s start this year with a bang. For the rest of the year Red fm will be looking at the best singers in their respective genres.

This week, let’s check out the greatest female singers of rock and roll. We have a wide range of girl-powered songs from a few 60s queens, 70s hippie rockers and 90s hard rock acts. Here is a glimpse of what you’ll be hearing on 30 something with Dom this Saturday at 5pm.

Annie Lennox: She has excelled in all fields. At 53, the multi-award-winning singer is truly a rock star. She dominated the rock world with Eurythmics and released sensational singles like Sweet Dreams and Here Comes the Rain Again. I remember her most for her version of No More I Love You’s, which became an international Grammy hit.

Debbie Harry: Former Blondie frontwoman, Debbie Harry was not only one of the hottest bombshells of the 1970s, she was also one of the finest singers. This 53-year-old performer still holds the record for the oldest female singer to reach No.1 in Britain with Maria. Just for that, I think Harry deserves a spot in the 30 greatest women of rock and roll.

Alanis Morissette: She’s eccentric, creative and one of a kind. The minute I heard Ironic, I instantly loved her. She sings with passion, hence the reason why her debut album Jagged Little Pill sold more than 30 million copies. Let’s just hope that she has many more unique songs to rock the music world in years to come.

Karen Carpenter: Although she is no longer alive, Karen, one half of the Carpenters, definitely deserves a place in the 30 greatest women of rock and roll. Her angelic voice was one of the reasons why the Carpenters became leading exponents of the soft rock genre. With classic hits like Close to You and We’ve Only Just Begun, it’s a shame that she passed on so early in life.

JOAN JETT: Rock will be incomplete if Jett isn’t mentioned. She’s got the edge, the looks, the raspy voice and the right amount of anger and when she is jamming with the Sex Pistols, Aerosmith and Queen.

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