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"Ladies & gentlemen, reaquaint yourselves with JOAN JETT, feminist icon, DIY-rock pioneer and ass-kicking rock goddess. Joan is back with a stellar new cd, "SINNER." - Dan Nailen, Salt Lake Citry Tribune

"SINNER" is one of the best and most ferocious pop-punk albums of the year! - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times

"She's amazing. Not only is her set rad, she's really cool. For someone like JOAN JETT to be out here, she's on a BMX bike and she’s going around saying 'hi' to everybody, and I saw her playing baseball the other day -- she's totally down-to-earth and cool and ready to hang out. She's punker than anybody out here." - Tim McIlrath of Rise Against

"The legacy's not about to stop...JOAN JETT is still playing by her own rules." Amber Ray, Metro New York

"JOAN JETT will show that she truly has earned her 'bad reputation' when she takes the stage on the 2006 Vans Warped Tour." - Jaan Uhelszki, Guitar World

"SINNER’s a winner, full of tracks brimming with sass, grit and totally ambrosial power-pop harmonies. A-." - Tom Sinclair, Entertainment Weekly

"A.C.D.C. is a perfect rock diamond in the rough. One of the many gems from the full-length SINNER." - Chuck Taylor, Billboard

"Jett has never sounded more vital and stands proud as more of a heroine than ever!" - Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times

"As the BADASS INSPIRATION TO COUNTLESS punks and hard rcokers, JOAN JETT will always be an icon. SINNER comes across with always endearing results,especially "A.C.D.C." and "Androgynous." Both fit her live a glove - black leather, of course." - Barry Walters/Rolling Stone

"With the music industry churning out cookie-cutter pop-stars and the outside world broiling in social intolerance, Jett’s new cd arrives not a moment too soon. 3 out of 4 stars!" - Elysa Gardner, USA Today

"JOAN JETT’s best album in years. Jett’s still the toughest female rocker outh there, despite many challengers." - Michael Gallucci/The Cleveland Scene

"SINNER hearkens back to another time, when rock was simple, sincere and all sexed-up." - Sara Graham, Bust Magazine

"Over two decades later, JOAN JETT still has a few surprises to reveal...The album, SINNER, is among her best yet." - Andrew Marcus, Dallas Observer

"JOAN JETT’s career has taken her from jailbait proto-punk to Iron-curtain-smashing arena rock to national sex symbol." - Evelyn McDonnell, Miami Herald

"Look out Pink, move over, Sleater-Kinney. Jett propels the flight with super-infectious tunes and anthemic, sing-along ready lyrics, pointing fingers and rallying her troops." - Philadelphia Daily News

"Her voice is remarkably young. There is nothing everyday about her: she is the hard-rock Dorian Gray." - Sia Michel, New York Times

"JOAN JETT loves rock 'n' roll - her way.  Trends, fads and record-label politics be damned." - Rashod D. Ollison, Baltimore Sun

"In legendary rock star fashion, the woman always looks matter what she's doing." - Jaan Uhelszki, Women Who Rock

"SINNER rips!" - Mikael Wood, Village Voice

"On SINNER, JOAN JETT comes out fighting with insanely catchy tunes that make Courtney Love look like Hilary Duff." - Annie Zaleski/Alternative Press

JOAN JETT is a Swiss watch, A German Train schedule, the Energizer Bunny. In a word: dependable. "SINNER" has what Jett does best: injecting punk rock's rebeliious energy into commercial chart pop. - Kurt B. Reighley/The Stranger

She's back and bad as ever!!!! - Alexandra Gill/The Globe and Mail
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