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Light Of Day

Light Of Day

The siblings Patty and Joe live in an industrial suburb. While Patty's ambition is their rock band "The Barbusters" only, Joe also cares for the family and the upbringing of Patty's young son Benji. Their pious mother reproaches them for their way of life, especially when they quit their jobs and go on tour, taking Benji with them. Includes "Light Of Day," "This Means War," "It's All Coming Down Tonight," "Sweet Emotion" and "Rabbit's Got the Gun"

Directed by: Paul Schrader

Cast: Michael J. Fox (Joe Rasnick), Gena Rowlands (Jeanette Rasnick), Joan Jett (Patti Rasnick), Michael McKean (Bu Montgomery), Thomas G. Waites (Smitty), Cherry Jones (Cindy Montgomery), Michael Dolan (Gene Bodine), Paul J. Harkins (Billy Tatton), Billy L. Sullivan (Benji Rasnick), Jason Miller (Benjamin Rasnick), Tom Irwin (Rev. Ansley), Jerry Gideon (Sean), Cherise Vonae Haugen (Crystad), Michael Rooker (Oogie), Yvette Heyden (Laurie), Del Close (Dr. Natterson), Ray Bradford (Dr. Gould), Jolly Roger (Club Manager), Clarence L. Chavers III (The Motion), Ann Whitney (Older Nurse), Maureen Mueller (Trainee Nurse), Jason Shpley (Cocky Kid), John Rubano (Arguing Man), Barbara E. Robertson (Arguing Woman), Ronald A. Zacharias (Young Worker), Mark Herzog (Sophomore), Erik Leeper (Sophomore), David Pasquesi (Sophomore), Bryan Stillman (Sophomore), Jeff Dieter (Young Man), Linda Reisman (Young Clerk), Lisa Fischer (Woman At Garage Sale), Ray Krawczyk (Car Salesman), Alan Mark Poul (Cashier), Erwin Martin (Foreman), Dan Shriver (Intern), Marleen Paulette (Nurse), Camilla Hawk (Older Woman), Ron Dean (Mourner), P.K. Doyle (Mourner), Barbara Sullivan (Mourner), Karel King (Mourner), Kim Vander Bie (Mourner), Maris Sodetz (Mourner), Laura A. Holzheimer (Bar Waitress), Pam Majeski (Bar Patron), James H. Saft (Bar Patron), Mars Frehley (Barbuster Fan), Sandi Dublo (Barbuster Fan), Lisa Ann Barney (Coed), Amy R. Delorean (Coed), Mark Diamond (The Hunzz), Mark Franco (The Hunzz), Joe Aparo (The Hunzz), Jimi Bell (The Hunnz), Kimberly A. Rittwage (The Motion), J. Howard Calvin (The Motion), Ted Peplowski (The Motion), Craig E. Norman (The Motion), Norman F. Tischler (The Motion), Dennis D. Bunkley (The Motion), John E. Sferra (The Motion), Mark Addison (The Problems), Frank Vale (The Problems), Trent Reznor (The Problems), Jimmie Vaughan (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), Kim Wilson (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), Fran Christina (The Fabulous Thunderbirds), Preston Hubbard (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)

Written by: Paul Schrader Runtime: 107 min

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