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Twisted Forever (Twisted Sister Tribute)

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Twisted Forever
Track Listing:

  • I Wanna Rock (Lit)
  • We're Not Gonna Take It  (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts)
  • Shoot 'Em Down (Motörhead)
  • The Kids Are Back (Nashville Pussy)
  • The Price (Nine Days)
  • Wake Up The Sleeping Giant (Chuck D)
  • Destroyer (Anthrax)
  • Under The Blade (Overkill)
  • The Fire Still Burns (Cradle Of Filth)
  • Don't Let Me Down (Vison Of Disorder)
  • Burn In Hell (The Step Kings)
  • Ride To Live (Fu Manchu)
  • You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll (Sebastian Bach)
  • I Am (I'm Me) (Sevendust)
  • Sin City (Twisted Sister)
Released: 2001.

The release of tribute albums has become quite a marketing spectacle, gathering seemingly unrelated artists to pay respect to a common bond, but there was one band that never truly received its proper veneration: Long Island's TWISTED SISTER. Although many tribute albums are devoted to bands that sold outrageous numbers of records, had vast strings of hits and provided influence to certain aspects of music, Twisted Sister is most deserving, as they paved the way for a number of revolutions in rock culture! Finally, recognizing the band's importance, KOCH Records, in cooperation with production/distribution company Shooting Gallery, Inc., is pleased to release 'Twisted Forever' on August 14th!

The album features many of today's hottest artists (ranging from Lit to Nine Days), rock icons in their own right (including Sebastian Bach & Joan Jett), masters of streetwise aggression (such as Sevendust and Vision Of Disorder), as well as leaders of underground extreme movements (like Cradle Of Filth and Nashville Pussy) - an unlikely motley crew of talent to be inspired by the same band! But as Nine Days vocalist John Hampson testifies: "Twisted Sister has actually been a part of my musical world since I was 7 years old" Even Public Enemy's notorious frontman Chuck D shows his respect: "Angst Anthem music Dee and the boys personify, and obviously some of that rebellion rubbed off on fellow Long Islanders Public Enemy in the game of rap."

Twisted Sister founding member and guitarist JJ French applauds the effort: "All of the artists on this album felt that we made some impact on them. I can honestly say that I am humbled at the work of all of them."

Despite their outrageous costumed guises for which the band became popularized, Twisted Sister actually made extraordinary contributions to rock music as well as pop culture! Screaming out of the NY bar scene in the late 70s, they combined back alley, testosterone driven energy with classic, blues-based rock, creating a formula that not only charged a street-gang mentality among the youth, but also led a campaign of motivation through musical entertainment. And with the onset of the then infant MTV during the early 80s, Twisted Sister's rock anthems expanded to influence freethinking among suburban-area adolescents through entertaining videos depicting Wile E. Coyote situations befalling ultra-conservative parental figures. Singles such as "I Wanna Rock"and "We're Not Gonna Take It" exploded on radio becoming Top 40 commercial hits and granted the band opportunities to embark on worldwide arena tours!

In honor of the band's accomplishments, VH-1 is currently in production of a Twisted Sister 'Behind The Music' special, slated to air in early August. The overwhelming demand for Twisted Sister merchandise and information recently spawned an official website,, and KOCH's tribute album is a solid statement verifying the band's place in rock history! With all the renewed interest towards 80s rock music, can a Twisted Sister reunion tour be far behind? Only time will tell.

In an effort to validate the tribute and bring the band's name into the 21st Century, Twisted Sister has graciously provided its own cover version of the AC/DC classic "Sin City" to close the album. Why? Quoting the immortal words of the ever-charismatic frontman Dee Snider: "You Can't Stop Rock 'N Roll!"

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