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Born To Be Bad

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Born To Be Bad
Track Listing:

Released: 1991

Yesterday's Kids - is a step back into the future, from the 1970's when The Runaways met up with Kim Fowley. This "Paint-the-town-red" musical meat grinder was recorded in California Jungle sunshine and Hollywood smoke.

Is It Day Or Night? - a commentary on sex, drugs, and Armageddon. These shattered chemical souls are forever children of war living in twilight worlds of after-school torture shows.

Let's Party Tonight - calling all warlords and night rockers: Vacate your empty rooms. You all need each other in the sea of leather. Dreams do run wild in the naked city.

All Right Now - destined to be recorded later by Rod Stewart in 1985. Memories of Free were still vivid in the "Daughters Of Babylon" memory bank.

Thunder - tales of the semi-strange new worlds of shame and blame, phone freaks and their extended families, skin tones, diamond legs, exotic shoes, big baby clothes, slave trades, colored pills and airbrush lies. In the year of the Unicorn, the ruined and the reckless were reaching for the stars.

Rock'N'Roll - watching themselves in the dark. Frosty shadows alone on the radio. Lost and lonely inside your ugly walls. Their quiet tears last forever. We watch them live on the storyboard. A Lou Reed song inspired by the group Detroit's arrangement. As in Mitch Ryder, Steve Hunter, Johnny Bee.

American Nights - do you know who drives you wild? Maybe someone tuff and tender. Another item recorded in the sparkling city and ancient tribal land of Hollywood.

California Paradise - he-man goat gets his moment. Girls in heat sheets. Watertight. Is fashion fading on the gangtrain? The early Brian Wilson and John Phillips never lived it; the later Brian and John became absorbed by it. Does that make Chynna, Wendy and Carnie any variation of The Runaways? Note: Micki Steele became a Bangle, Wilson-Phillips an improvement of the Bangles' sound and vision.

I'm A Star - pretty lies. A kiss of pain for women in white.

You Drive Me Wild - shattered screams belong to the lonely and the lost, who seek huge dark machines in a naked nightmare.

Born To Be Bad - was "Zabriskie Point" that long ago? Are you rockin' in the free world? It just means you keep expecting kindness from strangers.

Wild Thing - you already know that The Runaways were the missing link between the Vietnam War and MTV.

Kim Fowley
Somewhere in the Wind
Winter, 1991

Born To Be Bad

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