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Released: 2004, Japan.

Making this CD was quite an odyssey. Now that we've reached our destination, I believe we have made the best Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' CD ever. Of course, I always think that when we finish, but sometimes I'm right, like this time.

Naked is being released exclusively in Japan, well ahead of every other country. We do this because Japan is the first country that recognized Joan Jett as a real talent, when she was only 15 years old. We do this also as a tribute to our Japanese record partner, JVC, who has stood by our little indie label, Blackheart Records, for many years, and through all kinds of adversity. Thanks, JVC.

After working on the recording for so long, we realized we had before us a work with many textures, recorded in several countries and many cities. "Naked," the song, was a product of our dalliance in Seattle, when Joan produced some sides with Bikini Kill, helped keep The Gits legacy alive with Evil Stig, and put out Metal Church on her label.

We made "Bad Time" with our good friend, pop legend Joey Levine, in the same studio where Joey creates Dr. Pepper commercials. Joan and the band made a rockin' track of it, and Joey and I begged to have our "monster mix" on the record also, hence the two versions.

"Fetish" is an amazing tribute to wildness. Joan is the same rebellious, raging, rock and roll lunatic she was when I met her as a young teenage ex-Runaway so many years ago. Punk Riot Grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna helped arrange the vocals.

"Androgynous," written by The Replacements' Paul Westerberg, is, as Joan says, for those who like to blur those lines.

"Science Fiction" is a song Joan Jett sang in her hit Broadway show, The Rocky Horror Show, only the Blackhearts rock it harder than they did it on Broadway.

Our friend, Linda Perry, became the hottest songwriter on the planet last year, but still had time to reach out to Joan so they could write a song together. "Right In The Middle" is the fantastic result of that collaboration. Thanks, Linda.

"Turn It Around" is the kind of Joan Jett song that made The Runaways famous.

Probably the best writer with rock bands ever is Jim Vallance. We had a ball writing with him in his high tech recording set up in Vancouver. We'll never forget his generosity, when he let us use his amazing studio, The Armoury, to record the tracks I produced with magnate Bob Rock. The Vancouver rock community adopted Joan. One of the results of this time is "Everyone Knows," a defiant shout at those who can't accept non-conformity.

"Baby Blue," the one Joan and Kathleen wrote about a girl who stretches her boundaries, is one I produced with super legend Teddy Templeman, who turned out to be as perverted as the girls.

We did "Kiss On The Lips" with Kathleen and our former guitar player, Tony Bruno, a most talented producer, writer, musician, who writes some of the biggest hits in Europe, and who directs Enrique Iglesias' music. This song is wacky and psychedelic, and oops!!! another suggestive lyric.

"Watersign" is a soft sensitive love song, but there is a hidden meaning you may get if you are into the flow. Emiko, of JVC wanted me to hold it off Jett Rock, the greatest hits package we put out last year, and now I wish I'd listened to her, so it would be brand new, but we can't put this CD out without this beautiful part of the mosaic that encompasses Naked. So for those of you who have Jett Rock, you can enjoy it again, knowing what it's about now.

If Joan Jett is the queen of punk, Kathleen is surely the crown princess. "Tube Talkin'" is a throwback to the girl groups like the Shangri La's, but with the snotty pout that Joan Jett and Kathleen Hanna do better than anyone on the planet. The Tube could be the subway in London where the babes are yackin', or perhaps the TV, where we're watchin' them blab!?!

"Season Of The Witch" is the product of melding the eclectic musical perspectives of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Teddy Templeman and me.

"Can't Live Without You" is a favorite of mine, and it's about a more classic love than some of our other sentiments. It's one of our collaborations with Jim Vallance.

"Five" is a Joan/Kathleen take on the interviews they endure.

I hope you all enjoy this.

Kindest regards,
Kenny Laguna

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