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It's About Eve (Compilation)

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It's About Eve
Track Listing:

  • The Word  (Joan Jett and The Gits)
  • A Million Voices (Deena Miller)
  • How Does It Feel (Wellville)
  • Desperate Lord (Heidi Petrikat)
  • If I Did Not Have You (Lava Baby)
  • Princess (Andrea Maybaum)
  • To Be A Girl (Sister Someone)
  • Ode To Mother (Nancy Magarill)
  • Boxer Hill (Julia Greenberg)
  • Just The Same (Emily Curtis)
  • Last Train To Baltimore (Elisa Peimer)
  • Angels In The Attic (Debra Davis)
  • Fall Or Fly (Edie Carey)
  • Moon Over 97th Street (Ina May Wool)
Released: 2002.

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"It's About Eve" is dedicated to the support and promotion of Breast Cancer Awareness to young women through the music of independent female artists. The project found its beginnings two years ago, in the loss of a beloved family member at a young age to breast cancer. We think that music is the perfect vehicle to promote Breast Cancer Awareness and to bring a better understanding of the pervasiveness of this disease to young women. Sorting out myth from fact is critical. There is no immediate cure, all women are at risk, and early detection is vital to survival. This project honors all women who have lost the fight to breast cancer and all those who have survived it. This CD is not-for-profit, with 100% of the net proceeds going to charities that benefit research and outreach programs. The other side of the project celebrates the many independent female artists that are enthusiastically promoting their music with the release of their own CDs. The thirteen songs featured on the album were chosen to serve as the best examples of the quality of their music for music lovers who might want to capitalize on the discovery and buy their full-length albums. With the purchase of this CD you will not only be giving the gift of breast cancer awareness to young women but will be rewarded with the discovery of some great music and some amazing artists that we would love you to support.

Enjoy the music, thank you for your purchase and please spread the word about this compilation!

--Hernando Courtright
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