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Volume 3 Issue 2

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Do You Wanna Touch Me?

A 'best of' compilation has been released in France on Blackheart Records distributed by Scorpio Music (Polygram Distribution) entitled, Do You Wanna Touch Me. The release contains 17 tracks: Do You Wanna Touch Me, Bad Reputation, I Hate Myself For Loving You, Backlash, Little Liar, Tulane, *Torture, *Wonderin, Cherry Bomb, Roadrunner USA, New Orleans, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, *Activity Grrrl, *Gotcha, Everyday People, Time Has Come Today, *Rebel, Rebel.

*First Time Release

This French only release is available in limited quantities through the Official Joan Jett Fan Club for $25 postage paid. To order, send your name, complete address and payment to: Joan Jett Fan Club, P.O. Box 600, Long Beach, NY 11561.

In other Jett news, Kenny Laguna is in the final stages of securing a new recording contract for Joan Jett And The Blackhearts. While Kenny is finalizing a new record deal, Joan is continuing to write and record new material for her next full length album.

The 'odds and sods' package, Flashback is currently in preparation and will be released in the very near future on Blackheart Records. Once released, the compact disc will be offered through the fan club

In the meantime, Joan has answered more of the questions sent in by fan club members. We would like to ask that you keep sending in questions for Joan and the band. Joan does receive and read all mail sent in care of the fan club.

Now, the Queen of Rock N' Roll...

Joan Jett!

Q: Why don't you do autograph sessions anymore at local record stores or rock shops?

A: We will as soon as a new record comes out and we're on a regular touring schedule.

Q: How do you usually spend the holidays - with family and friends or alone?

A: With family and friends or working!

Q: When did you consider yourself to be a success?

A: The first time, just having a band, The Runaways, that was touring and recording. Second time I guess when "I Love Rock N' Roll" was such a big hit and the hits that followed.

Q: What do you do on a 'normal' day at home?

A: Read, ride my bike, or some sort of exercise. I try not to watch too much television, I'm starting to paint; play my guitar, do some reading, and lounging in general.

Q: Do you do any kind of physical training like jogging every morning? How do you stay in shape?

A: I don't do any exercise consistently day after day, but I do ride my bike, jog sometimes and toning.

Q: What is your opinion of Lisa Marie Presley starting a music career?

A: I have no opinion. More power to her.

Q: Is the T-Bird you drive in the "Little Liar" video yours or was it just rented for the video shoot?

A: Not mine--just for the video shoot.

Q: Would you please print some childhood photographs of yourself in the fan club newsletter?

A: I'd like a photo of myself as a child!

Q: When you are on the road, where do you like to eat?

A: You usually don't have much choice. I don't like to eat a big meal before the show, so any decent meal or restaurant has to be late afternoon. Then I don't eat till a couple hours after the show. Usually breakfast food. I like seafood restaurants.

Q: Where do you shop to find your cloths and jewelry?

A: Absolutely anywhere's fair game. Some things are made for me.

Q: What do you sleep in?

A: Use your imagination.

Q: Do you mind if people take pictures of you without asking permission?

A: It's kinda weird because the objective of the photographer is to get you relaxed, guard down. But not asking can have the opposite effect. Also, a lot depends on the situation.

Q: What kind of baseball bat do you use -- size and weight?

A: Wood -- it's hard to remember ounces and inches!

Q: Can you cook? If so, what type of food do you like to prepare?

A: Yes, I'll attempt almost anything I'd eat. Fish, veggies, pasta sauce -- everything with fresh herbs.

Q: If there were another change in the Blackheart line-up, would you consider a female for the position?

A: Always possible.

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