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Cherie Currie Vs. Lita Ford: The Runaways Reunion Fizzles

Ex-Runaways Vocalist Cherie Currie Blames Runaways Reunion Blues On Lita Ford; Absolves Joan Jett Of Fault

The Runaways
Well, it looks like the long-awaited Runaways reunion is definitely not going to happen. While doing an interview with Los Angeles rockers The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs on, ex-Runaways singer Cherie Currie confirmed that there will never be a reunion and placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of guitarist Lita Ford. She also said that Ford had blamed the cancellation of the planned reunion on guitarist Joan Jett in the press but that it was actually Ford that sabotaged the whole thing.

During the two hour interview with host Mickey Kravitz, Currie said that the four original members (herself, Ford, Jett and drummer Sandy West) had been approached twice in recent years to reunite and that both times Ford pulled out at the last minute. According to Currie, two and a half years ago Ford instigated a reunion and asked the other members to write letters to Jett, who was the lone holdout. Jett was touched by their enthusiasm and promised to join the ranks once again. A new record deal and boxset with bonus tracks were on the table and a tour was about to be booked when Ford suddenly got cold feet and decided not to participate. Without all four original members, the reunion was a wash.

Within the last couple of months, the four ladies were approached by an outside investor to do a 40-date reunion tour for $3.5 million and all parties reportedly were in. However, Ford allegedly felt that Jett, who was interested in doing the tour, was not enthusiastic enough for her liking and pulled out once again, this time hanging during a conference call with all the band members. Again, the reunion was off.

Now, Currie says she has no interest in ever working with Ford again. She mentioned that drummer Sandy West had been through tough times, having been in and out of jail over the last several years, and desperately needed the money she would have made from the tour. Currie was personally disappointed with Ford for bailing out on her childhood friend in her time of need. She said Ford claimed she had to spend more time with her family, but added that she too had a family and that if she could get away for 40 days, so too could Ford.

When asked who would have filled in on bass, Currie said that she would never work with original bassist Jackie Fox again due to bad blood and that her replacement, Vicki Blue, was a more likely replacement, although she hasn't picked up a bass in over a decade. Blue is however, making a documentary film about the band with full cooperation from all members.

Currie, who was visibly upset by the whole ordeal, ended the emotional interview by saying, "Fuck Lita Ford!"

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