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Blackheart Product Manager, Danny Solazzi (also the lead singer of Blackheart Recording Artist, The Characters), answers some of your questions.

Q: Why wasn't the first version of the "Little Liar" video and the concept video for "I Love You Love" not included on either of the Jett Age video releases?

A: Nobody was happy with the final outcome of either of those versions on video, so we chose not to release them.

Q: Are there any plans for more video or CD releases of rare material from Blackheart in the near future?

A: We plan on putting out a lot of different special releases in the next few years that will be sure to blow your mind! As always we welcome your suggestions. Please write and let us know what you'd like to see and hear!

Q: What is Blackheart Records' position on bootleg audio and video tapes?

A: It's a RIP-OFF!! Anyone selling bootleg and unauthorized recordings is doing it against Joan and Kenny's wishes. We offer many exclusive items through the fan club. Again, we are open to your comments. If you would like to see new items officially released, write us and we will consider all suggestions. If you want a particular bootleg available, let us know that as well.

Q: How were the songs for the Cherry Bomb compact disc chosen?

A: We tried to gather a few songs that were out of print or hard to find and add them to a few unreleased songs to create a disc that would be of interest to both a diehard and casual fan of the band.

Q: Could you give me some information about the rare photos used in the packaging of the 1979 and Cherry Bomb compact discs?

A: The cover shot of 1979 is from the same photo session as the "Crimson & Clover" picture sleeve. The back cover is a picture of Joan from her days in The Runaways. Since the music on 1979 is from a period between The Runaways and The Blackhearts, we thought representing images from both periods worked really well. The shot on the inside liner tray is from 1982.

The cover photo on the Cherry Bomb disc was taken by the beach in New York in 1982. It was shot the same day as the "Do You Wanna Touch" picture sleeve. The back cover of the booklet was taken during the session for the cover of the I Love Rock 'N Roll album. The inside liner tray photo is a picture of Joan from a charity softball game in New Jersey, 1982. The picture on the back of the disc is from 1984. It is a picture of Joan standing in front of the Berlin Wall taken on the way to East Germany.

Q: Is the version of "You Don't Know What You've Got" on 1979, different from the one that appears on the Bad Reputation album?

A: The version on 1979 is the same basic track, but longer. The 1979 version contains different vocals and different overdubs than the one appearing on Bad Reputation. Also the 1979 version does not fade out, it's played until the song ends.

Q: What is the difference between the "Cherry Bomb (Dance Mix)" and the "Bomb's Away" version?

A: The "Dance Mix" is 4:03 long -- it is an extended version of the song. The "Bomb's Away" is just 2:40 in length. This version contains just brief segments of the song. The "Bomb's Away" version has only appeared as the b-side of the promotional only, special red vinyl 12 inch of "Cherry Bomb."

Q: I heard Joan perform a song in concert sometime around 1981. The song was called "Teenage Sex Machine." Is there a studio version of that song available?

A: The song "Teenage Sex Machine" was recorded in 1981. Although a studio version does exist, it is not finished. The song later evolved into "A Hundred Feet Away" that appeared on The Blackhearts' 1983 release Album.

Q: How many different versions of the song "Roadrunner" are there?

A: Forty-eight (48) versions were recorded! The bulk of the song on each version is the same, but in the breakdown section each version was specialized to include local landmarks and roads. In addition to the version on the Good Music disc and the "Roadrunner USA" version on The Hit List disc, there were eleven (11) versions pressed on 7 inch vinyl. These 7 inch vinyl records were for promotional use only and were for the following cities: Anchorage, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Dallas/Ft Worth, Hampton Roads, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and San Diego.

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