Joan Jett and The Blackhearts Bad Reputation Nation
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Biker's Rock And Roll Sweetheart

Joan Jett started playing the guitar at age thirteen. By 1973 her family had moved to Los Angeles and Joan became a regular at the Rodney Biggenheimer Hollywood Disco. A steady diet of the music of Bowie, Boltin, Sweet and Gary Glitter fed her musical desires and she soon formed the first all-girl hardrock band, The Runaways. Before she was 21 Joan had toured the world and recorded half a dozen albums. Then, in 1979, The Runaways disbanded and Joan went out on her own.

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In 1979, Joan met her current managers, Meryl and Kenny Laguna. Kenny, a music business veteran, took Joan under his wing and their mutual love of a goot-time beat resulted in Joan's first solo album, Bad Reputation. It became and underground success.

With the formation of her new band, The Blackhearts and the release of their album, I Love Rock And Roll Joan's hard work finally paid off. The album went multi-platinum and netted two top ten singles. Her most recent project was her work in the movie Light Of Day starring Michael J. Fox. Joan brought her character to life and the critics loved her.

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With all this new found fame she's still just Joan Jett - a lady, a friend and a fine human being. For example, when she heard that Chuck Zito, and old friend, had gotten into some legal hassles, she and Kenny Laguna came forward to help. When we decided to run a feature on Chuck's bike - guess who showed up for the shooting? Joan is a true friend and a special lady. It's a shame that there are so few out there like her - people who know the meaning of loyalty and friendship. As you can tell, we think the world of Joan. This ain't no plastic chick ... the lady is for real.

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Joan will soon be releasing a new album on CBS Records. Look for it. It's bound to be a smash.

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