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Michael Alt is no longer maintaining this discography, it is here for historical reasons only.

Welcome to the online version of the Joan Jett / Runaways discography. This listing is a project now almost three years in the making and is still being revised as new items become available or as missing information is supplied. The idea of compiling a discography belonged to Michelle Campana who at the time was putting out a Joan fanzine. Her idea was to invite subscribers to send in their lists and she was going to compile them. Shortly thereafter the fanzine folded, and all that was published was a list submitted by John Zapolski (his was the most comprehensive list submitted). I had received a mailing from John at one time and recognized the printed list as his so I contacted him about compiling my list with his as the start of this discography. He didn't have the time to get involved directly but gave me his okay and also supplied me with his Runaways list. Between the two of us we compiled what I considered a pretty thorough list (it has more than tripled since then). Many of you probably saw a portion of this listing (US releases only) in the Goldmine magazine which featured Joan on the cover (August 1994). My only request of people receiving copies of this list is that I would appreciate any additional information that they may be able to add to the listing or any corrections of information contained in the listing. By requesting this help from fellow Joan fans and collectors I have been able to keep this list up to date and have filled in a lot of missing information. Many individuals have helped in this way but I would like to especially thank (in no particular order) Casey Gerard, Christi Felice, Ute Beginn, Debbie Jordan and David Costagliola. - Michael Alt

The listings are split into a number of sections and within a given section items are sorted first by date, then title, country, label and number. This is why the 7 inch Crimson & Clover single is listed before I Love Rock-n-Roll even though I Love Rock-n-Roll was released first. In some cases the record number as it appears on the sleeve is different than that found on the record itself. In these instances I try to use the number found on the record when it is available to me.

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